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  1. Had to find something to match the Urban Grey frame, so went with a Mojito/Tungsten/Dark Cobalt camo for his optics slide, and a Polar Blue/Tungsten/Dark Cobalt combo for the Prod slide.
  2. Finished this one yesterday, woodland camo-ish TSO frame.
  3. No way in hell will that fit the ipsc box, the CZUB magwell barely fits.
  4. Another TS in 3-tone bronze. slide cuts, docked frame, TSO rear site, zigracker dovetail cut.
  5. This Shadow 2 has Cobalt Kinetics Slate on the frame, and a super dark Cobalt blend on the slide, with Graphite Black accessories.
  6. I coated my spare optics cut slide in Topoflage camo for something different.
  7. Certainly holds up better than polycoat, so that’s a plus
  8. Highland Green on the frame, Cobalt on the slide and accessories.
  9. Positive - I’m over in Australia There just isn’t a huge amount of photos of randomly colored Shadow 2s so I thought this might be some good inspiration.
  10. . Some loud, some subtle - the joys of it all. Hope you like this motley collection. If you want to see a pile more junk, check me out on Instragram @ipscerakote. Dont worry, Im not trying to drum up work (this is just a side hobby), its just too much hard work to pics here haha.
  11. Gotta say, this site is hard work for dumping photos onto, but Ive coated a pile of Shadow 2s since the IPSC rule change allowing refinishing, so figured you guys might like to see em.
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