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  1. Hennig

    Maria Gushchina limited edition

    Im not saying its THE ugliest Shadow 2 Ive ever seen, but its up there. The tribal stuff is such a weird late 90s tattoo vibe.
  2. Hennig

    Urban Grey Finish

    Polycoat is pretty rubbish to start with, but the Urbans seem to cop it way worse.
  3. Hennig

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    I’d have to disagree with you there. I have the same racker and it fits the box with minimumal modification.
  4. Hennig

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    They can definitely do a "blind" dovetail... maybe he wants to be able to swap sides? Interesting that they didnt tape the rails when they coated it - the TSO has such tight tolerances I've taped the ones Ive coated.
  5. Hennig

    New Czechmate Comp

    Estimated cost?
  6. Hennig

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Whats with all the new TSOs coming with the old TS style trigger guard now?
  7. Hennig

    P320 X5 Thread

    So no news on IPSC Production approval? Was the consensus that until a new model with no magwell was released, it wouldn't make the list?
  8. Hennig

    New Shadow 2 with new cuts inside

    Bah, they had 2018 SKU Urban Greys at my LGS but I couldnt talk myself into it haha.
  9. Hennig

    New Shadow 2 with new cuts inside

    Bah, just picked up a brand new S2 (2017 manufacture though), and its the older frame design. What a shame.
  10. Hennig

    Stupid Question - Shadow 2 Barrel Compatibilty

    Hmm, Im tempted to do it for science. But also don't want to ruin anything so it probably wont happen. Thanks for the help guys!
  11. Real quick one fellas. Buddy of mine has a S2 with a cooked barrel. Apart from the length difference, is there any mechanical reason a CZ75 barrel wouldn't work in the interim (I have TS barrels etc here). I haven't had his barrel here, but from the pics I can see there were some changes to the geometry of the peanut - dealbreaker? Thanks guys.
  12. Hennig

    What holster for a TS?

    I have a modified SP-01 insert on mine, buddy as the Czechmate insert on his TS and it's perfect. I think it's a great holster, I started with a Racemaster because I love the versatility of the inserts, and the Alpha-X is a big improvement on the mounting and adjustment system.
  13. Hennig

    What holster for a TS?

  14. Hennig

    Grips for CZ Custom magwell

    Lokgrips for sure.
  15. Hennig

    Extraction issue on CTS .40

    Who would coat the extractor....