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  1. Thanks ... just what I'm looking for: https://www.extremeshooters.com/services
  2. Trigger and frame undercutting, perhaps replacing entire grip assembly with something else.
  3. I'm not comfortable taking a Dremel to my STI. Can folks recommend reputable companies that provide STI frame mod and gunsmithing services? I've been trying to find something on the Internet, but no luck. Thank you.
  4. Transport, I guess. Cleaning? Definitely. But mostly....Tacticool.
  5. Latest update from STI on the Sight Tracker Barrel Short story: They will not be producing a sight tracker barrel and in fact are discontinuing any present sight tracker barrels they offer with their handguns (I think there's only one now that comes with it). Long story: There will not be an option for the sight tracker in an future options with the Wick 3 TTI/STI pistol, they made a few prototypes for Taran Butler who has used them, but ... they decided not to move foreward with it. The information on The Firearm Blog video, filmed several months ago, is incorrect. I just spoke with STI and had a great conversation.
  6. They posted the lower prices a week after I had ordered my first batch. Oh, well.
  7. You guys helped me sort this out in my mind. I'm leaving them as is! In fact, after the advice of yesterday, I just ordered some more 140mm mags from STI and we'll call it a day.
  8. That sounds like great advice. Thanks. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  9. OK, thank you, sounds like it is not really too worth for me since I'm getting 21 rounds in them as they are right now. With my Glocks I get 6 extra rounds in my otherwise 17 round mags!
  10. Hi Sarge, thanks, how many rounds do you get in your 140mm tubes with the TTI extension and 11 coil springs? That chart just confuses the crap out of me, but am I reading it right that with a 140mm tube and 7mm basepad and an 11 coil spring your capacity is 24 rounds?
  11. OK, so I should buy the 13 coil spring and the follower from TTI along with the 7mm extension, if I understand you correctly? Thanks.
  12. No, sorry, I should have said that I'm not involved in any shooting sport or competition, just looking to get max capacity out of my STI mags.
  13. OK, I have my new STI handguns and I purchased several 140mm magazines from STI, they all work great, but I'd like to ad some Taran Tactical extensions to them and .... dang ... I'm confused and/or stupid and probably both, but I can't make heads or tails of TTI's instructions. I have Glocks and when I buy TTI extensions for them, the ones that hold the most extra rounds come with extra-power springs, but in this case, as best as I can tell, if I buy the largest extension for the 140mm mags they do not supply extra power springs. I'm using 9mm by the way. The mags I have now hold 21 rounds, and if I add TTI 7mm extensions, I am having a hard time figuring out how many extra rounds I will get and if I need to buy extra power springs, and if so, what exactly. The TTI chart confuses me. Thanks for any help.
  14. And....lookie what I found! They are now love on Taran's site...your's for the low-low price of $3899.00 ... https://tarantacticalinnovations.com/john-wick-3-sti-combat-master/ Product Description John Wick STI Combat Master: STI Combat Master Details, -5.4 Inch Match Grade Bull Barrel -FDE/Bronze BLC coated Barrel -Combat Master Slide Cuts -Extreme Engineering Fire Control Group -Fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight -New Extended Slide Release -New extended Mag release -1.75-2.5 LBS trigger pull -Stainless Steel Guide Rod -Grip job -Tactical STI magazine -Includes four 22 round magazines.
  15. Thanks for the input, PB, and JMike. Yes, this is my first 9mm 1911 style handgun.
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