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  1. All of them *except* for the DVC Limited Island.
  2. I just received my G-Code holster for my STI 2011s and it fits perfectly with three of my 2011s, but ... not the DVC Limited Island 9mm, the handgun simply will not fit into the holster, the slide/frame is too wide. What holsters are you guys using for your DVC Limited with the Island Barrel? Thanks.
  3. I'm not new to timed drills, I have all that covered. And yes, I'm a huge believer in timed drills. For me, and I'm convinced most others, the only way to improve is to let the timer tell the truth. It never lies or deceives.
  4. Oh, my, no... let me clarify! I was holding the firearm ready to shoot! I wish I could draw in .40! I was just wanting to see how quickly I could get off an entire magazine, nothing more than that. Purely just to see how great the trigger works.
  5. I know, I have no excuse not to. My gun club has all kinds of opportunity. The steel plates may be where I start. The guys are very welcoming and none of them looks to be setting any land-speed records anytime soon, so I'll probably fit right in. Thanks for the encouragementt.
  6. I don't compete, I don't play gun games. I just shoot.
  7. UPDATE: Great day at the range. Which is my favorite? Wow, tough call. The Limited and the Combat Master are definitely on top. Great groups from various distances. Bench rested they shot 1" or less, when I did my job. On steel? A fun time was had by all, banging away at the target.
  8. I gave up on it several seasons ago...just got bored with it. Feels like they are just treading water.
  9. Well...had some fun seeing just how fast I could shoot 21 rounds, all on steel targets from 10 yards. Result? 3.12 seconds, slowest split was .14 with a couple .11 splits! The STI triggers are superb. Photo proof. https://imgur.com/a/OucZeQN
  10. Might be ... wait for it ... pressing it a bit. You could always stow them in the side case. All the ones in the pics are 140mm.
  11. The truck is all packed and loaded up with everything for a great day at the range, featuring my STI collection. https://i.imgur.com/t2WEW9P.jpg https://i.imgur.com/o4ISewa.jpg Here's a link to the case.
  12. I'm new to ultrasonic cleaners and have settled on Lucas Oil's Extreme Bore Solvent and Ultrasonic for my cleaning solutions. Question: How many times can it be reused? If you have any other advice, tips, tricks, suggestions...I'm all ears!
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