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  1. My buddy is LE and they sent the team one a few years ago. It was basically the Valor with a rail. can't recall the model They ran it hard (Marksmanship team), no failures. He was pig hunting with me last week and shot a beast of one with it!
  2. oh yeah, forgot about those.. more than an STI though I am sure they are very well done.. My Valor has ran flawlessly since day 1 with all sorts of ammo.. The Discretion will be used for silence reviews.. took it out Wednesday and it ran great, shot some pigs with it and 250g hardcase
  3. I have custom rifles, so, I get it.. If at some point I feel it is holding me back or my needs/requirements dicate that I need (want ??) a full custom I will go that route. I just got a Dan Wesson Discretion threaded barrel 45 in too. Already have a Valor. DW makes nice guns. they should do a 2011
  4. Mine has the sight island barrel. I live in Austin and work for an IT solutions company.. got myself and my boss one in as part of data center overhaul.. I have been using a Wilson Combat Spec Ops 9, great gun and zero issues, had it for years.. but the STI is easier to shoot faster and hitting small steel plates at 25 yards is easy.. was out this morning with a buddy and he was banging 2" steel at 25 yards and was grinning.. If I was going to do a full custom I would get Aaron Hayes of Hayes Custom Guns to build it for me, known him for years. Having said that, I am confident that STI will take care of me if I have an issue. I have been all through their shops on numerous occasions and spoke with the guys building the guns. They all seem genuinely motivated to build great guns. The production manager came from Nighthawk and is driving to deliver consistency and tight tolerances. Hadn't shot a match in several years and haven't been shooting pistols at ALL the last few years. Pretty much use suppressors for all of my my shooting, long rang, a lot of hog hunting with suppressed ARs and thermal, deer, etc.. First match last weekend, I was trying to shoot accurately over fast.. one practice session of a few boxes and off to the match. The pistol stage I found a spot where I felt confident I could hit all the steel and went to work.
  5. Got a DVC limitted about a month ago and have put about 1k rounds through it.. Zero issues running all sorts of ammo when I first got it. I bought a case of Speer Lawman 147 and shot my first match in several years on Saturday. It is such an awesome pistol. Love it! Feels like you are cheating with it
  6. Wilson Combat 8" 9mm Flawless performance, very accurate.
  7. I have one, close to 1K rounds, all kinds of ammo ZERO issues and love the hell out of it, mine has the 9" barrel and I run it suppressed most of the time. Killed a few hogs with the 135g Hornady Critical Duy and I trust it enough it is beside my bed.
  8. Been thinking of a 9mm AR for sometime, and being a fan of and owning several other WCs I couldn't take it when I first saw this one.. I might SBR it, not sure yet.. https://tacticalgunreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Wilson-Combat-AR9-01.jpg[/img] https://tacticalgunreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Wilson-Combat-AR9-02.jpg[/img] https://tacticalgunreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Wilson-Combat-AR9-04.jpg[/img] https://tacticalgunreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Wilson-Combat-AR9.jpg[/img]
  9. The only one I trust with my life is an Aimpoint T1 I like the MRO a lot but I just haven't abused them as much as Aimpoint... The rest are fine for fun but I have seen cheap red dots crap out..
  10. JP LMOS and their silent captured spring with an 18" rifle gas and adjustable GB with brake of your choice is a thing of beauty.
  11. I love my Wilson single stage TTUs, I order them at 3lbs. I tried a lot of triggers and haven't found anything I like better
  12. I don't stress over it, I buy uppers from good manufactures What will cause bad groups in my experience is loose fitting barrels.
  13. That looks pretty nice, missed them at SHOT I am going to check into them
  14. I hope to have an 8" Wilson Combat pistol that runs Glock mags in shortly and it will be then SBRd I trust them and JP to not release them unless they run...
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