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  1. Awesome info guys, thanks. I’ve been checking out the classifieds here but you have to be quick. The good deals don’t seam to even last a day before their gone. I’d defiantly rather buy from here or a local competitor. Thanks again for the advice. I’ll give it a once over, hopefully she’s a shooter.
  2. Awesome advice guys, I'll look up some articles on safety/firing pin function test. This week I'll go down with some cash and lean on them to let me test fire it that day. Are there any specifics issues you would look out for on a STI when inspecting on the bench or test firing? Thanks again.
  3. Thanks everyone for your input, it's really interesting to see what everyone's progression was. For now I think I'm going to just look for a good deal on something and really try and practice my fundamentals like some have suggested, rather than try and find that holy grail perfect gun.
  4. Possibly looking to get into a 2011. Found a used STI Tactical 5.0 9mm in a local gun shop. It looks to be in good shape, operates smooth, trigger feels good. Barrel looks good to the naked eye buy I'm not a gun smith. Price is 1500 out the door with two STI mags. Seams like a good price but they have no history on it, no known round count, no reason why it was traded in..... What is your opinion with buy a used STI with no history? Didn't ask if I could shoot it or ask about what happens if the gun doesn't run right the day I buy it. If I go in there with cash in had I think he will be more open to those questions, possibly. A used STI worries me that I am buying someone else problem child but it does seam like a good deal. Let me her your thoughts.
  5. I really love your quote, "I don’t care what gun I shoot, I focus on the fundamentals. " I agree 100% that it's has more to do with the shooter than the gun. With that said, why aren't we all shooting Hi-Points. Can a high end SVI be justified over a mild Glock. Since you have owned Glock, CZ and 2011 what would you shoot for a limited gun and why?
  6. Since you have owned both, what is your opinion on a Para vs SVI. Do you shoot any better with the SVI, what is your over experience between them?
  7. How are your 2011s reliability? Would you mind elaborating more on your 2011/1911 and your experience with tuning, maintenance, problems......
  8. Definitely 3GN or steel challenge. USPSA randomly but nothing serious.
  9. Hi everyone, instead of asking the question that everyone ask, "what gun should I buy", I'd rather ask if everyone could share their experience with buying hand guns for competition use. Here is mine, I have bought, sold and tested quite a few guns over the past few years and haven't been able to find one that really rings the bell for me. My first "compitition" gun I tried was a custom 2011, super smooth beautiful gun. I don't remember all the specs on it. I liked shooting it but I didn't get the amazing warm fuzzy feeling. Bought a TSO because I found one brand new from a private party for 1400. How could you pass that up. Shot it for a short time and realized that the weight up front really bothered me but man was it sexy and it was the best feeling gun I've ever picked up. I went shooting with a friend that had a few Glocks. Of course I stuck up my nose cause of the guns I have been shooting recently. He finally said you should really shoot my 17. So I shot it, then I ate crow because I was just as accurate with it as I was my TSO. What a terrible feeling I had in my stomach, shot a few more Glocks and ended up buying a 17L. Shot it pretty good, gun was cheep but I could never get a good connection with it. Every time I pulled it out of the box I felt like I was shooting an ugly brick, never felt nice in the hand. So, my experience is that I shoot everything from a 2011 to a Glock the same, I don't know if that means I suck or I am amazing, probably the former. I feel like the only way to become amazing is to stick with one platform and shoot every second your awake. Now my problem, I have no gun right now because a guy a work begged me for my 17L. I actually ended up making money on it and never really loved it anyways. Just last week I was able to shoot a friends Shadow 2, first double single I've ever shot. Loved the feel fit and finish. Shot it good, I was impressed. So now I'm in the market again, a lot of people have told me to go big or go home, if your into competitive shooting you will eventually spend the money on a really nice rig and setup. With that said I don't really mind spending around 2K on a gun, I've already got 2800 into my JP. I really feel like I need to pick a platform and stick to it so I can hone my skills, if there is an option out there that is under the 2k mark I would much rather do that and spend more money on ammo. Here's my thoughts: 2011-I shoot them good but they don't feel great in my hand. I could get a full custom gun that will probably feel like a glove but I don't want to spend 3-6k on a gun and magazines. Also concerned with reliability and having to work on it all the time. I would rather spend more time/money on shooting and ammo. I feel like I am missing something though, they seam to be the dominating force in most divisions they are used in. CZ-I love the feel of these guns, they fit so well in my hand. I would say the SP-01 fits the best then followed by Shadow 2, TSO then TS. I shoot them well but not that much better a Glock or 2011. From my experience and from what I have read they are very reliable and only need minor maintenance/tuning. Also, way cheaper than a 2011. Glock-Super reliable, cheap, shoot them well but don't feel that great in the hand. Not sexy at all. Great bank for your buck. I am going to shoot 3 gun and steel challenge with it. Most likely in a limited type division, I don't have any desire to do open. I thought about getting a Shadow 2 so I can dabble in USPSA production then switch it to SAO just for fun in steel challenge in 3 gun. If you guy have any recommendations or opinions I would love to hear them but most of all I would love to hear your story of how you got started and what you ended up with now. Anything you would do differently from the start. Thanks everyone, can't wait to hear your experience.
  10. Does anyone have any recommendations for a 2011 gunsmith that really knows these guns? I'm hoping to find one in the Colorado Springs or Denver area. I did a search and only came up with one name, Steve Moore.
  11. Ok, thanks. Hopefully I can get my hands on one before then. If not I would love to take a look.
  12. Good to know. Thanks for the advice. Would you go limited custom or elite limited?
  13. Hi everyone, I really want to drop 2 grand on this gun and order one from my local gun shop but can't pull the trigger cause I haven't even put my hands on one. Does anyone have one in Colorado (Denver area)? I would love to meet up and take a look at it and get your opinion. I was also looking at the limited custom and elite limited. Thanks so much in advance.
  14. Hi everyone. This is my first post here. I am looking to get into the CZ world. Every shop I have talked to in Colorado is sold out of the Tactical Sport orange. Does anyone have one locally(Denver area)? I have scene a couple online but I can't buy a gun without at least putting my hands on one first. If possible I would love to meet up with someone to take a peak at one and get some feedback on their experience with CZ. It seams like the CZ world is great to get into. Thank you to anyone in advance.
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