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  1. Ugh...I just caved and put in an order. Hopefully I can get a second upper sometime later that will let me play with the suppressor and a short barrel... I just wish I had made this decision over the weekend to be higher in the queue.
  2. I really wanted to get one of these, but the pinned and welded comp is killing it for me. Really want a shorter barrel I can run my suppressor on, but I totally understand the appeal of a non nfa length setup for competition. I just wish I could spin my can on it. Honestly, I wish I could get both a full length barrel and an sbr barrel for fun! I guess I'll just have to be patient and see what other options they make available when this goes into "full" production.
  3. I anticipate the delay on the action is nothing compared to the delay until these are released...
  4. Wow, that DVC tactical version didn't stay around very long, did it?! I looked at them when they came out last year and never figured they would have been discontinued already! That said, I guess I wasn't really hung up on the DVC version...and in retrospect, it WAS the regular tactical I had been seeing with the HOST cut... Bummer they won't cowitness with a DPP, since I already have one, but I suppose I could always get an RMR instead... But if I get the sig, it would save a fair bit of cash over the STI...then maybe I could add at least the romeo sight to the x5. I can suppress the p226, and leave the x5 unsuppressed, but at least it will have an optic on it, which would sepparate it a bit from my STI with the standard iron sights, and the new gun that would have the threaded barrel. Yay! An option that doesn't involve me selling any guns! I guess if someone told me the STI suppressed as well as the p226, it would make it a tougher decision...
  5. Hello! I was interested in picking up a new pistol to celebrate a suppressor coming out of NFA jail. I was planning on trying out a red dot for this combo, too. I already have an STI DVC 3 gun, and I like shooting that so much, my other 9mm guns aren't getting much use. I think I'd enjoy a suppressed and optic wearing pistol, though, as this would be sufficiently different from what I typically shoot to justify another purchase. I have been considering picking up an STI DVC tactical HOST, since it would share mags with my DVC 3 gun, and would have identical controls. I already have a Deltapoint to put on it. It would be nice that it would share mags with my 3 gun... I have also been considering a sig p226 SAO legion rx - I'd just need to add the threaded bbl. I do love the SAO trigger, and that the red dot is co-witnessed with the red dot on the sig Either way, I've been considering trading in my sig p320 x5 for this...but conceivably, I could keep that and add a threaded barrel, and wait for the new romeo sight that looks to have a rear sight with it...but I don't think the striker fired p320 will be as quiet as the other options, and it might be awefully front heavy, given it's already a long pistol. So I have a few questions about these options. First, since I am doing this for the purpose of having a suppressor host - how does the STI offering compare to the sig p226 while suppressed? I have heard great things about the p226 suppressed, and that it is a rather quiet 9mm host. I am suspecting this is due to the fact the sig is a hammer fired gun...in which case I'd suspect the STI would be equally quiet, but I'm not sure...Anyone have first hand experience between these options? Second, will the sights be able to co-witness with the factory sights on the STI? It looks like the HOST mounting plates raise the sight up a bit, and I was worried I would need to replace the sights with even taller ones...and I'd really prefer not to do that. I'd also love to see a pic of a DPP on your STI tactical! Thanks in advance!
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