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  1. I do the exact same as mveto, I have leaned a bit more to the Henning base pads vs the TTI but that’s just me.
  2. @echotango, actually read the thread recently, good stuff, just wish there were more out there with experience w/ the Honcho but seems so far, everyone has been very happy with it.
  3. Well I’ve started my “purge” of guns sitting in my safe to fund my open purchase. Once I sell my JP PCC I’ll be on my way to open with the purchase of a PT Honcho, I was leaning to the Atlas but I think I’m gonna give the honcho a try. Hear really good things about it, anyone have experience with it?
  4. Try Benstoegerproshop.com
  5. Mine is being sent back to Trijicon on Monday. Dot keeps going out while shooting. I have probably 500 rounds through it.
  6. Add me to the list with SRO problems. I have less than 1000 rounds, and it continues to go off. Shooting a match this past week and it just disappeared during a stage. Thought it might be the battery so made a change and first shot in the next stage when out again. Got home and made sure it was secure, took to the range the next day and it worked. However, I called Trijicon on Friday and they send send it back and they would send a new one. Told them I would this Monday, had a match today (Sat) and again, first stage, first shot, gone, no dot.Going back on Monday. Not real happy about it but the CS is 10x better than Leopold who quoted 4-6 weeks. Trijicon sent me a RA form and said as soon as they get the old one, a new one will be on the way. Mine was the 5 Moa.
  7. I wish there was a way to watch these squads, (other then being there in person, lol). Very interested to see Stoeger, Vogel, against JJ. Well Coley as well. That’s a hell of a squad in limited
  8. Anyone know who’s in the super squads for CO/Limited in Nationals? Practice score doesn’t list it yet.
  9. Scary what he might accomplish over the next few years when he actually reaches his peak performance. He could be the Michael Jordon/Tiger Woods in which he just dominates the sport and everyone else competes for 2nd. Certainly was the case this year, hard to see that changing. Pretty dominating.
  10. Had CZC do the slide cuts and plate system w/ DDP but now have the SRO. Had 11lb but started get light strikes. I shoot factory ammo, typically 124g or 147. Went to the 13 lb and no issues. Personally I like how the 124/147 returns to zero, not chasing the “flat” shooting gun but that’s just me.
  11. I would call them and ask them to turn it around in a week. That’s what I did and basically wouldn’t accept the 4-6 week answer. Especially in your situation, I would ask to speak to someone other than the CS rep who picks up the phone, get a manager who can make that decision. They turned mine pretty quick once I raised a little Hell (nicely)
  12. I shoot some at a couple matches when I was shooing my g34. Around 500-600 rounds from what I remember, no issues at all. It was actually pretty hot, Chrono’d it at a match and it was around 955, otherwise it was fine.
  13. PGGUNS

    Which Shadow 2

    Yep did all that you mentioned. Got extra springs so don’t have to wait around to order next time.
  14. Yep, pretty much what I did. Went a little heavier on the hammer spring to 13 lb.
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