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  1. Went with the aggressive grip texture. I’ll let you know my thoughts hopefully in the next couple days.
  2. It’s being shipped out to me tomorrow but it looks like it’s all one piece, I’ll let you know if its not. Pretty sure the breakdown of the Honcho you have to take the two screws out to remove the racker and plate, unlike some others where you can just pull the racker from the gun. 99% sure it’s all one piece.
  3. With any luck I can get it and break it in on Friday and I have a match on Sat. Scheduled so hopefully I can run it then.
  4. Unfortunately no. About 2 weeks later they had a sale where you buy a honcho and get a free barrel.
  5. Here it is. It was just posted on IG on the PT page, but this is mine shipping out tomorrow. Yippee!!

    Shield Arms

    Update from my post above. After the initial 350 rounds with no issues I began to have problems with the S15 that my gun would not lock back at all after the last round. Ran probably another 300 rounds and it would never lock back after the last round. I could rack the slide with the empty mag and it would not lock back at all. Called shield arms and they sent me a new follow along with a 10lb power spring. I also went a head and purchased their aluminum slide catch. I had heard reports of the polymer one wearing, however mine had no wear when I checked it. Ran another 350 rounds yesterday and ran great. All total, I’m about 1000 rounds into the mag, other than the not locking back, it has functioned well otherwise. At this point pretty happy with it now that it’s functioning the way it’s intended. I’m gonna be placing another order for more but I will also buy the $2.98 power spring for each mag for cheap insurance.
  7. My Order was Oct 26th. Quoted 10 weeks. Thanksgiving and Christmas falling in the middle of week I knew would through a wrench into the timing, then throw in problems with the coating shop and it’s delayed a bit. Just keeping my fingers crossed it arrives next week.
  8. haha I hear ya. I was shooting the Shadow 2 in CO’s and at first thought I’d miss it. My buddy let me use his Chaos for a classifier match last week which is what prompted this thread. I don’t miss the S2 the least bit. Lol
  9. Mine was due 1st week of Jan so not happy but not happy but Sh^t happens. They have had problems at the coating shop but I was told yesterday that they should be getting the first batch or two of guns back and should be shipping out first of next week, or maybe even today. Was told I should get mine the first half of next week and super excited about that so keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. PGGUNS

    I call it my P365X

    I like the gun but the grip is so frikin skinning it’s difficult to hold well with my support hand. Once I run the gun doing something like a bill drill it’s tough to stay accurate as I’d like. I really wish they would make a grip module with a wider grip. That’s probably the biggest reason I personally prefer the 43x over the XL. Now with the 15 round option the 43x is pretty sweet. XL is a nice shooter though, like it much more the the 365.
  11. Moving in the right direction, I like them. I hope this begins a trend.
  12. Agree with you completely, I actually sold mine to help fund my open gun.
  13. I bought the PT Honcho in 9 major. Should have received it a couple weeks ago but they are running behind a good bit and supposed to get it hopefully by the end of the month. It’s been difficult waiting especially since it’s passed the time I expected it. (Kind of like Christmas came and went and no present ). Worse now that I actually shot a match this past weekend and had a glimpse of the fun in open. I shot a pretty sweet Atlas Chaos with their Cheely grip that was just fantastic. Really hope the Honcho lives up to what what people who shoot it have been saying, so really excited to get it. Shoot a major in Feb so hoping to have some practice time prior to that match.
  14. A few months back I posted a question about if I should move to open. (“Should I stay or should I go”)Pretty unanimous to do so. Well I get it now. It’ almost impossible to describe if you haven’t shot an open match. Shot my first one yesterday and OMG it was so frikin fun. Really hard to describe but couple things I noticed is that you really don’t hear how loud the gun is at all (I was shooting 9 major). Shooting the gun is amazing, it’s so fun, hardly any recoil and it allows you to go so much faster. Coming for CO’s, the open dot hardly moves and I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have major scoring. So thanks to all of you who responded to my post. It’s like a totally different sport now. Although I am still waiting on my gun to arrive, (was supposed to get here first of the year but is delayed ), so I ended up borrowing my buddies Atlas Chaos. (Which was fantastic by the way) Fully bitten by the open bug now, can’t see going back to anything else.
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