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  1. What an excellent thread. So many different variables for everyone who gets involved in shooting. I started a bit later in life then I would have liked, ( mid 50’s). At first thought it was a great and inexpensive way to have fun shooting. (Boy was I wrong about the $$, shooting open now and getting ready to reload and considering an infinity gun in the near future, lol). So much for cheap!!..But the competitive juices really started to flow and at my age, I still have the ability to compete with some of the younger shooter, and am drivin by that. So in a way, it keeps me young as most of the crew that are the regular shooters are younger. Have always been super competitive and as I’ve gotten older, clearly harder to do but it’s what drives me. Love when this “senior” beats the young bucks, lol. Doesn’t hurt that it’s a total blast to shoot matches. Definitely some of the most fun of any hobby I’ve been involved with. At my age, much like sarge mentioned, don’t care to shoot in really crappy weather, mainly storms and 100+ degrees here in the Texas summers, so I pick my battles. That said, keeping my expectations in check based on my level of participation is sometimes a challenge. What has helped me so far stay in the game is having a buddy or two that I shoot with to keep me motivated. Like others have always enjoyed golf but that had gotten so frustrating, shooting and golf seem to have so many parallels. Funny because my shooting buddy is an ex pro golfer and with his help, I’ve become such a better golfer (and shooter) that now I have two “hobbies”. Hard enough with just one. I’m only in my full second year of shooting and really hope I make it to the 5 year mark.
  2. She’s a beauty, congrats on the gun.
  3. I went from DPP Pro, to SRO, and now the Romeo3 maxXL. I have had multiple DPP’s that went back, not a big fan, SRO went back once and just sent my XL back. I have a few buddies who also sent the XL back as well due the dot stopped working, that said It’s been my favorite to date. Mine went back not because it never worked but the up/down buttons fell off during a match. I think you’ll find that most if not all optics are prone to go down eventually. The brightness of the SRO and even even more so the XL are very bright and prefer those over the DPP in a big way. My XL was the only one that didn’t go down under 1000 rounds, at least the dot continued to work. Once I got my SRO back it’s been good with a few thousand rounds and no issue but went to the XL when they were first launched. My DPP & SRO was for my CO gun and the XL is run on my open gun.
  4. I just did a class in which I went through around 700-725 rounds without a cleaning and at the very end of the day the gun had it’s first malfunction of a failure to eject a round. By the way that’s the first real malfunction I’ve had with the gun since the disco was replaced from my first outing with the gun. Got home to clean and it was pretty gunked up. Personally, I like my 2011 to run smooth so I clean pretty much after any match or range session which typically are 300-400 rounds. I’ll also add that not once did I take apart my MBX mags to clean the springs during that day and they had no issues at all.
  5. I received my gun mid/late Jan and now have over 2000 rounds through it and it has run like a champ. Me and a buddy both received the Honcho with the new silver PVD coating (I think we may have been the first with the new coating) and for me that was the issues that affected the disconnector, PT promptly overnighted us a new one that was fluted and it solved the problem we initially had. It appears the new coating has been the culprit of any issues of our guns, my slide racker screws keep coming loose and Brian did some testing at his shop and discovered the issue (coating) and my slide is being sent back to fix up, turnaround will be quick. For me, these have been really minor issues and all attributed to the coating and not the gun itself. My gun has been flawless in it’s mechanical function, have competed in a 12 stage major and 4 local USPSA matches and haven’t had one issue or slightest malfunction with the gun. I’m extremely happy with my Honcho and Brian has been great to work with.
  6. My guess is out of the honcho (seems to need hotter Ammo) is probably the issue for me with the Everglades. I believe most running the honcho and doing their own reloads suggest to load hotter Ammo for it.
  7. Quick note on the Everglades 124 9 major. Did some chrono with it shooting the PT Honcho and it didn’t make major factor. Best it did was 163. Have first major of the year coming up this week and thankfully my Black Dot Ammo had no problem. Pretty surprising but glad I chrono’d, assumed factory Ammo wouldn’t have a problem.
  8. My reading power is on my left eye, right handed shooter with right eye dominate. The front site for me is blurry. I wear two different contacts with different magnification and can change to strong magnification on my right eye if I want to see the front dot with better clarity. Tried that for a while however, going to a red dot for me was the way to go, no longer struggle with the issue at all, highly recommend that if you haven’t tried it.
  9. I’ve shot over 2000 rounds through it and zero issue so far. I shoot the everglades and black dot ammo through my Honcho and the everglades is a softer shooting ammo because it’s a tad hotter than the black dot. (The comp on the honcho likes hotter ammo). I was concerned that it might be to short but so far no issues. I’ll continue to order the Everglades ammo.
  10. Let me clear the air a little and speak to my issues. This is Paul by the way, who has been referenced a few times in this thread. My initial issue was the problem (which has been mentioned in earlier post for this thread ) was around the disco, with the new coating it was very tight so debris got stuck and affected the trigger. After we contacted PT, they immediately sent us (overnight) new disco that corrected the problem. My other issue I had was self induced. While putting the gun back together (the lower) I had got my safety stuck and couldn’t remove it due to it getting hung up on the sear spring. The center leg of the sear spring was wedged between the sear and the disconnecter and I couldn’t move the safety at all I had sent the gun back to PT and they quickly turned it around once they fixed it. (1 DAY), Again that issue was self induced. Also a separate issue, while lightly sanding the front strap (extra aggressive) I inadvertently rubbed some of red anodized paint off of my red magwell, really was bummed out about that as it was essentially brand new. Without any prompting, Brian had replaced with a new one with our me even asking them to fix that, which was a really nice surprise and I thought really good customer service. Today (Sat.) had a match with the gun and it ran flawless and I really enjoyed shooting it. The gun shoots very flat and ran great. Overall my experience has been very positive, and they were quick to correct any issues and even problems that were caused by me and not the gun. So that has been my experience so far with the gun, loving the Honco and they have addressed all my issues with a willingness to make things right for me. That’s been much appreciated.
  11. Yep, exactly and it was minuscule shaving. They use EGW ball disonnector that is very tight, due to the "balled" end to it, so PT is sending us a fluted disconnector that hopefully will do the trick.
  12. So put about 400 rounds down range. I do not have rough hands, so take that for whatever it's worth. I have built some toughness on my palm from shooting a glock 34 with the talon granular and I grip the heck out of it, do tons of dry fire with that and the loc bogie grips that was on my shadow 2. With that said, the area that is the most sensitive is my fingers on my strong hand. The Palm is is ok but the fingers are pretty tender at the moment but shouldn't really be an issue as I get used to it. I think if I ran 1000 rounds today my hands would probably be raw meat today, lol. On a more disappointing note, we both shot our honcho's today, mine was it's first time out, he shot his yesterday and today. We both had issues in which the trigger stopped working because the disconnector they use got a little shaving from the round wedge down in it. Mine worked it's way out quickly so I had twice that I pulled the trigger and the hammer didn't fall. His stopped working completely after about 150 rounds. We took them and cleaned them up, he had to remove the disconnector to clean it and we found a tiny little shaving that wouldn't allow the disconnector to come back up. We called PT and they think it could be the new coating could be part of the issue. They will get back to us hopefully soon with a solution. I think they have another type of disconnector that isn't nearly as tight fitting. Both of us plan on shooting more tomorrow, we both have a match Sat. and want the gun to be good to go. Outside of that, the guns fit and finish are very nice, the slide is like butter, even compared to the Chaos. Trigger is sick and it shoots very well and is incredibly accurate. Hopefully this is just a little hiccup and doesn't become an issue. I'll update as it breaks in more.
  13. My buddy got his Honco yesterday, (mine’s arriving today) but we got out this morning to zero and run a little. He’s a big fan of Atlas and has owned a couple Chaos guns and the titan when he shot limited. We both loved the Honcho, super accurate and as others mentioned handles recoil a little better than most. We both have the aggressive grip and it is very aggressive, made the Atlas feel smooth, he has the Cheely aggressive grip on the Chaos. The Honcho does not move much at all in recoil we were shooting 9 major loaded to 10.1 which was pretty hot. Had to take her optic of the Chaos but you can see below the difference, lines were drawn at the top of the recoil arch and with the barrel. He’s a big fan of the Chaos but was already talking about selling it, lol.
  14. Went with the aggressive grip texture. I’ll let you know my thoughts hopefully in the next couple days.
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