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  1. ^^^^This^^^^^. I agree completely with rob’s comments and has been my experience as well.

    Problems with Shadow 2

    Yes, passes the plunk test.

    Problems with Shadow 2

    So I guess the consensus is that it’s likely an ammo issue. Is there anything from the gun standpoint that I should look for?
  4. Man that seems like another lifetime ago. Back then I had to little ones under 2, now we’re about to become empty Nestor’s. I was still years away from even thinking about shooting a gun. Lol
  5. A guy had one in a local match this past weekend and he had problems of the gun not going into battery. Seems par for the course for a new sig to have some problems out of the gate. I like the idea and hopefully it’s a winner.

    Problems with Shadow 2

    I’ll try to change my order to just the regular size. Thanks for the heads up.

    Problems with Shadow 2

    Well I hope that’s all it is, love shooting the S2 and hopefully it’s not the gun.

    Problems with Shadow 2

    This is what I have been using. https://angelfireammo.com/9mm-147gr-fmj-3-gun-ammo-can-of-500/. I placed in order today for Fiocch 124g truncated cone FMJ so hopefully this will feed better.

    Problems with Shadow 2

    Belus - unfortunately I didn’t recover any of the ammo. In inch going back and re-creating what I remember seeing, it was closer to maybe 1/2 inch, not a inch, that is quite a bit. George16 - OAL is 28.70mm Igolfat18 - I have not. One of the top local shooters is sponsored by Angel fire and shoots both an sp 01 and S2 so I was assuming it was good to go. I’ll start doing this going forward.
  10. PGGUNS

    Problems with Shadow 2

    Hi All, I pick up a S2 a few months back and have had 3 malfunctions happen randomly during matches. I am not exactly sure what they were because I didn't stop in the middle of a match to diagnose, I was more concerned with getting the gun working very quickly. Each instance, I would tap/rack but that didn't work, the slide last night was slightly out of battery by maybe an inch, and it wouldn't move until I got the mag out. So every time I have to rip the magazine out, rack the slide and get another mag in, like you would with a double feed or failure to extract. Each instance it was a relatively new mag (3 different mags). I currently run the gun with a 11 lb recoil spring and 11.5lb hammer spring. All the ammo has been Angelfire 147g target ammo. The malfunctions have happened roughly at 1000 round mark for the 1st one, 1800 rounds on the second, and last night had another at around 2300 round mark.. I am not sure what is happening but very disappointed, love shooting this gun but I don't have a lot of patience with a problematic gun. I'm going to try different ammo but wanted to ask and see if there are other issues I should be looking for. I thought maybe the mags might be the problem, but 3 different ones make that unlikely. Also 2 mags are CZ, 1 is mec gar. So probably the gun or ammo. I did eyeball the extractor and it looks good, no burrs or anything like that and fairly clean. I keep the gun pretty clean and lubed. I hope it's ammo but wanted to ask and see what else I should be looking for. thanks
  11. Good thread, I am struggling with the same thing. Easy to do in slow fire but once I get moving quickly it’s been very difficult for me to have the proper focus. It’s when I kick into high gear is when I only see the sights on target, not the ignition and rise of my dot. This has been very difficult for me to do at this point (B level shooter).
  12. I was curious to those who have this in the Shadow 2. What kind of round count should I expect before some type of failure? Had some “veteran” S2 users tell be to be careful with this as they tend not to last very long. I was interested to hear from those who have these and what kind of reliability you’ve had with them. I do have a backup from CGW but wanted to have an idea of what to expect from these. Thx
  13. Just call CZ customs. I don’t see why not, it’s the same weight as the Shadow 2 and they cut that to CO.
  14. These are great to use. Keep an ice cooler that is slightly melted so there is a pool of cool water and saturate the towel. Wear around your neck. It will keep you cool along with hydrating. These were life savers for summer baseball in Texas. https://www.amazon.com/Frogg-Toggs-Chilly-Cooling-Towel/dp/B06XQBRD29
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