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  1. GoShoot.com has them and ships fast. I ordered it late Friday and received it Tuesday. Had a problem on the website but called and they were very helpful.
  2. I installed a HiperFire Competition trigger into mine and my wife's M&P 15-22's over 8 years ago. Put the heaviest hammer spring and you will get just under 2 lb. triggers that are completely reliable. Since they came out with the eclipse buy it. I installed it in a PCC and it is even better. They back their product and they support the sport. You won't regret it ever. Quality is worth a little extra. Buy a set of anti rotation pins from KNS Precision and the pins won't move
  3. It was very popular with Small bore rifle silhouette shooters. It was basically a step below Eley Black box. Very good quality ammo.
  4. The last 18 cases through mine and my wife's rifles and pistols has all been CCI Mini Mag 40gr. It works all of the time in all of our guns. If a gun has an issue it's always because It needs cleaned. We rarely have misfires. It just works.
  5. the weight of the stock isn't nearly as important as the fit.You need to be able to register the gun the same each time so that you get a consistent placement of your cheek. The weight of the part closest to your shoulder affects the inertial movement the least. By changing to an tube style butt stock you have to use the boat anchor of an adapter from sig anyway.....it steals much of you weight savings.
  6. Would anyone happen to have a promo code for Smoke Composites ? Thanks
  7. I have shot my Glocks forever. I'll always have them, But My X5 Legion is the softest shooting lightest recoil and best out of the box trigger for a striker fired gun that I have shot.
  8. Read Lanny's Stuff years ago. Mental management is the only part of the game that you will never stop learning if you want. I haven't trained with him but I know a pretty good shooter who has and he was really impressed with Lanny Bassham.
  9. if it is in no way prohibited by the rules or law, then it must be legal.
  10. Thanks Jack, I think the only problem is when people spin the switch to hard.....abuse leads to failure, so don't abuse your equipment
  11. Just purchased a pair from Brian about a month ago. They work great and just like advertised. Then I noticed a crack in the frame...so I emailed them and two minutes later received a reply just to ship the back and they would replace them. 1 Minute later Chris called to get my address so they could ship the new pair and a return label for the old pair.....So I wouldn't have to wait. This company's service and care for the customer is freakin awesome, and their glasses work just as advertised too !!!! www.HuntersHDGold.com
  12. They do sell knobs but not for the click switch. Thanks
  13. Does anyone know who sells the knobs for the click switch type control knob? Thanks for the info.
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