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  1. And what did they prove by giving it up besides reducing the numbers and insuring the end of the division. Oh well some can except change and some can’t. By the way I drove 6 hours round trip today to shoot an ICORE match had a great time. ✌
  2. It was already dying before the change.
  3. Change is good and if it helps revive revolver a little that is good. If it doesn’t we are still where we are at. Like I said earlier in the posts I shoot open in USPSA with my revolver and I do it because I can and I like it. Never at a major but at locals. Keeps me in practice for ICORE.
  4. Shoot ICORE they have a place for the 6 shot and you only compete against 6 shot. You can shoot major in ICORE but it doesn’t get you anything except maybe a few funny looks.
  5. revoman

    929 Info

    http://pinnaclehighperformance.com/ Does excellent work give Mark a call.
  6. revoman

    929 Info

    A friend of mine picked one up for $750 in Kansas used
  7. Local matches here are just for fun and practice. If people are so worried about their finish at a local match I would hate to see how they feel after a sectional or nationals. They would come up with another excuse why they got beat.
  8. I usually shoot 2 revolvers at a local match one in open and the other in revolver. I never seem to double the work of others as all I need to do is just switch revolvers. I even have time to RO or run the pad. We also have shooters who shoot limited and PPC on the same squad as me and we all seem to make it work without having others work harder. Sounds to me like the shooter is the problem. If so don't let them shoot 2 guns or send them to another squad.
  9. Well at least you wouldn’t have to worry about picking up brass with cap and ball. Actually pre-loaded cylinders on your belt and you would definitely need to use some suspenders
  10. Shoot a moon clipped revolver and get it all back every time. Just had to throw this in here.
  11. As long as it doesn’t get worse you should be okay
  12. There should be some marks like scratches but it shouldn’t be gouging.
  13. 38 Short Colt, Bayou 160 grain, sized .358, VV N320 3.0 grains, seated 1.180 10 yds. off bench S&W 627 V-Comp, iron sights eight rounds Who says bullet jump in cylinder affects accuracy I might have jerked the trigger on the high one and low one.
  14. Is the mark or scratch on the back where the center pin in the extractor slides an actual gouge in the metal? as I can see some metal hanging right where the pin starts to enguage the frame, Or is there so much crude that it is just crude and can be wiped off?
  15. That went away and they are trying to bring it back. That is why Mike Homm is testing ammo to see which they will accept. If you have any ammo that you think would make power factor email Mike on the Icore web page.
  16. There are some 158grain +p 38 special out there that runs about 900 FPS for about 142 pf. If you are going to shoot 130 grain you will need to look for something at 950 fps.
  17. Are you from Kentucky? Now that is funny
  18. Mike Homm is on the board of ICORE and is currently testing factory Ammo to see if any would make power factor. Mike is currently working on this to try and help those who do not reload. If you happen to find 158 grain at minimum of 760 that would put you at 120 pf and that is also determined by barrel length.
  19. I have loaded my Starline 38 short colt probably over 20 times. Every once and a while I will get a split case. At that rate I should never have to buy again.
  20. Have you ever had a problem ejecting spent rounds? I see no use in injecting spent rounds.
  21. I will text Mike today and find out he made the reservations. PM me your cell number and I will text you the address
  22. Looks like excellent stages as always at Green Valley, Hats off to Patrica and her crew and if this is just a regional can't wait until the IRC is put on by Green Valley in 2023. Dean Gomez ICORE# LKS16
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