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  1. Interesting tidbit: the “wrists below belt” is not the same as “relaxed at sides”. High waisted pants for the win!
  2. Ask your builder what they believe the benefit is. That can be very telling. Is it something they specialize in? Have you tried one of their guns with the holes? I have one with V6 holes and love it. USPSA & SC, no 3 gun. The 2 sets of holes on the side are angled to help hold the muzzle down. The gases are pushed up & out The angle of the holes matter quite a bit. Can’t just drill holes & up the price of the gun. I shot a friend’s gun with popple holes (different maker) & it blows the gases back in your face. Hated that experience. Made me hold my breath every time I pulled the trigger. Plus I thought it had more muzzle flip.
  3. Topic was affordable guns. Usually top shooters pick dependable guns. Custom guns are set to a customers preferences. Even stock guns like an STI DVC will have different after market changes according to the preferences of the buyer. Magwell style & weight, thumb rest, kind/style of dot, recoil spring, the way a trigger is set. These things are true as well for non-open guns. Same gun, but not the same preferences.
  4. KellyB

    Thumb rest

    I prefer the Akai thumb rest. The angle feels more natural. Plus the texture of the thumb rest area is nice, good leverage on hot days with sweaty hands.
  5. What about a Dan Bedell custom gun? I heard they were more affordable than some of the other big brands. Pretty sure a Bedell is what Max won open with.
  6. Good advice about the mental game & the gear you use.
  7. Sound advice. Nothing worse than an RO/CRO on a power trip or hatred towards a division you are shooting. And then top it off with not up to date with the current rules.
  8. 1. I think each gun has its own sweet spot of pf. For chrono sake it’s best to be 170 & up. You never know when environmental conditions will knock you down a few pf at the chrono table. I like about 171-172 for mine. Over 175 is too hot IMO. 2. Dot movement depends on the dot mechanics also. Typically if you can get it to go straight up & snap back to on target quickly, that is ideal. Some say they have a shimmy shimmy to the left/right. I do not. 3. Spring: ask gun maker what lb & brand. Work from there. Depends on size of gun also. Welcome to the dark side.
  9. Colorful duct tape is helpful in the sea of cardboard boxes.
  10. I recently picked up on a tip of using factory ammo boxes to ship ammo in. I get them at the local range. Also, Glad Press & Seal to wrap the boxes. This saves my plastic ammo boxes from getting broken in shipment. Me trying to find a way to keep track of them at the range & get all those plastic boxes home in luggage. And the press & seal keeps the water out & boxes intact. A friend’s ammo shipment was obvious it got wet. Double tape your outside cardboard box, edges, corners. i haven’t shipped very many times but have had delays. The pay x dollars & it will arrive on a certain day isn’t always accurate... better give yourself a few extra days. Like whatever they say plus 3 days.
  11. Trying new powder today. Good info to consider.
  12. I am about to try HS6 instead of WAC. Good comments here.
  13. I like my LabRadar but it’s not very user friendly.
  14. When flying to a competition with gear, I found this video to be helpful. The changes I made are: On top of the gun case, tape a ziplock bag to slide the declaration card into. Makes it easy to see/find so TSA doesn’t have to dig through your stuff. Take the holster off the belt. Wrap it in something to protect it (open holster) & ziplock bag it. This will help to not lose any screws. Do not put holster or gun belt in carry on. Certain TSA have called them gun parts. You can’t argue your way out of it. No gun related items in carry on. Tools, mags, the little Glock keychain, mag brush, etc. TSA can be subjective about what they call a gun part. Save yourself the trouble. Ammo up to 11 lbs. Get factory ammo cardboard boxes to carry/ship ammo to a long distance match. Keeping up with plastic ammo boxes is a hassle. Ziplock bag the boxes to keep moisture out. Recently, our luggage sat on the luggage tram during a down pour rain & we found everything inside the suitcase was soaked upon arrival. Ziplock bags & packing cubes are very helpful. Stay under the weight limits, 50 lbs.
  15. I like this. I wonder how rule would apply after the “Make Ready” command was given.
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