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  1. KellyB

    Akai 9mm Major

    Thanks for the info. Confirms what I’ve been thinking about to try the AA7.
  2. KellyB

    Akai 9mm Major

    I use WAC & not had any issues. 6.9g at 1.161. Gun doesn’t seem to like HS6 at all. Thinking of trying the AA7.
  3. KellyB

    Technique in Visualization

    Really good tips here. Need to try the smile idea. I tend to subconsciously tense up my neck/shoulders & clench my jaw right before the beeper goes off. I’m thinking “stage plan, stage plan”. Apparently it makes me so stiff, I don’t flow well through the stage.
  4. KellyB

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    It’s great to know there will be updates coming as the stages are developed. Stages on computer don’t always work out in reality. Looking at the schedule matrix, I was wondering where Chrono fits in. A certain time? As the squad ends with stage 6?
  5. KellyB

    Practice session round count

    ^this is what I’ve noticed helps me get more out of practice sessions. Being ready to practice & focus on what I’m there to do. Everything else is on pause. Warm up, limber up, a mag or so check my gun, grip, holster, draw, etc... & then get to what I’m there to practice on. A caution to long practice times is mental fatigue. You can nit pick yourself into frustration if you go too long. I try to work on about 2-3 things per session while maintaining good form.
  6. This would be a nice option. I regularly use PD once fired brass, only a few shady pieces here & there. Better than any other options.
  7. KellyB

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    Looking at google earth of the Universal Shooting Academy, doesn’t look like there is any room for parking. Is it a situation of parking roadside & carrying all the gear to the long bay area?
  8. KellyB

    What kind of bullets are you feeding your PCC?

    White box Winchester with my JP. Haven’t noticed anything that made me want otherwise. Pretty accurate out to 50 yards, still getting hits at 80...the 100 yard mark is a little tough but those are probably operator errors.
  9. I’ve been using the Lucas extreme. Has a neat applicator tip to get in the tight places. Seems to do very well in hot & cold weather.
  10. KellyB

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    I want to know this as well. And if so, what are the hours?
  11. Run! Run very far away! It will make your hair gray & cause wrinkles! You will question your sanity at times. Run!!!
  12. KellyB

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    Wow! Good to know. Rain boots going on the packing list. Cool pic! Looks like a fun time.
  13. KellyB

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    I keep hearing about how Nationals has a tradition of it raining. Looking to those who are experience with the FrostProof weather. How deep does the mud get? Are there places/cover to get out of the rain? Rain gear suggestions, like big ponchos or umbrellas, extra shoes, cover for gear bags? [emoji299]️[emoji939][emoji299]️[emoji939][emoji299]️[emoji939][emoji299]️
  14. KellyB

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    Anyone know the timeline for match info? Ex: Shooting stage matrix, match hotels, info on shipping ammo, etc.
  15. KellyB

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    I appreciate the info here. Looking to get an new open gun soon. Sounds like Atlas is highly recommended. As with buying any product, customer service is key. If the product you are buying is not a backed by a decent person & stands behind their product promptly, that says quite a bit about how little they value the customers.