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  1. I think at Area 3 last year the had a bullet puller that was not the hammer. Made it a lot easier. Might ask Feegee M. or Tony W. what it was.
  2. Not that specific guide rod. I have the Springer Precision Tungsten guide rod for my X5. Makes a world of difference. I think the Springer one is slightly different & heavier.
  3. Try the Midway “notify me when in stock” option. You have to be super quick on it though, like immediately when you get the email.
  4. I wouldn’t go 3 moa. The 6 moa is more versatile, especially in high sun. The 6 moa can turn down to as small as I would ever need to go on distance targets, distant head shots on some of the classifiers.
  5. In Max’s IG Live Dry Fire session on Friday, he said more (200-300) of the Sig optics will be available in a few weeks. After that he said they should been easier to get, smoother/more frequent distribution. I know it wasn’t one if your OP choices but you might look at Akai Custom parts. They have a couple different mounts to choose from & seem to be able to easily make modifications as needed. They really helped me out when I was trying to match (feel & weight) my back up open gun to my match gun. Love their thumb rests & magwells too.
  6. I wonder what the breakdown of the test questions are, new vs ones that haven’t changed. I’ve ran into ROs who don’t have a clue as to any of the newer rules. They’ve been shooting for 10-20-30 years & tell stories like “back in the day you couldn’t do this...”. It’s pretty frustrating to educated them while trying to shoot a stage. Maybe a 25% of rules that haven’t changed in 5 years. 50% of common rules that seem to draw conflict. And the last 25% of rules that have changed in the last 2 years.
  7. Springer Precision has the mount for the Max Romeo 3. Best Red Dot Ever.
  8. I have some WAC I need to use up & been looking for a carry optic load for practice rounds. How hot would you say this loaf is at 5.6-5.8 gr? Hotter than Winchester White Box. Trying to see if it’s worth trying to use up the powder. Thanks.
  9. The base level: a well ran match. Adequate number of ROs familiar with the rules, props that work consistently - all day long, a functional timeline, good communication, plenty of safe tables & bathroom stops. Potential Extra-Curricular Match features *Match Shirts - vendors & sponsors get more bang for their buck with these since competitors will wear them to other matches. *Competitor Lunches - doesn’t have to be included but have items available for purchase, chips, drinks, sandwiches, fruit, maybe a food truck or Boy Scout group to handle this. *Drinking Water on the Bays - bottles of water are a must, especially 85° and above temps. Jugs of water get nasty. No one carries around cups either. *Prize Table (Random or Order of Finish) - gift certificates & deep discount cards are good. Some fly in & it’s hard to get everything in suitcase. *Cash Payback - good idea for top spots *Random Gun Drawings - at least one for staff & then others as well *Match Ammo Service - if you are running a chrono, this should be mandatory. *Onsite RV/Camping, match hotel discounts, local restaurant info - have the info available, this is just good community business.
  10. *have brand new shoes *in the summer, fail to pre-hydrate the day before *fail to change your red dot battery
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