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  1. Nvmd found answer deep in a search.
  2. Grams followers and grams 4mm basepad or Dawson snl or TTI 3 out of 4 of my mags needed grinding on to fit the mag gauge.
  3. Well I took the comp off and I think it's shooting better but idk. I'll check tomorrow with a different comp.
  4. I have about 2 small nicks in a baffle of my rifle's compensator (from a bad batch of MG55s). Can this affect accuracy enough for me to notice? Say 0.5 MOA or greater. Just curious since the muzzle end and comp itself can get very carbon crusted and it doesn't affect accuracy.
  5. Okay thanks everyone. I have a rcbs (?) gauge I've been using and the old ammo doesn't pass 100% but I didn't think much of it since a few factory brands didn't pass 100% too. I've left my die at the current 1/4 turn past kissing bottom for now. I ran 30 rounds through my new barrel and it was fine. Should I have to worry about headspace issues with my other rifles now though?
  6. I'm using a 550B and all Dillon dies. Trimmed deburred mixed brass To be brief since I'm on my phone - I got a new barrel (Nordic wylde) and tried using pervious reloads in it. In 40 rounds I had 2 failure to fire due to the bolt not being completely locked up, and it was very hard to remove the rounds. Also for basically all of my reloads it's hard to remove a live round. Very stuck in there. Using factory Hornady vmax it's a lot easier to manually extract a round. So I tightened my sizing die down quite a bit and now the rounds manually chamber and extract pretty normal. But I had to move the die to where it contacts the shell plate and another 1/4 of a turn further. In the Dillon video it says to BACK off 1/4 of a turn when you contact the shell plate. I can definitely feel the tool head lift up each time I resize. Is my set up okay? Anyone else have this issue? FWIW I never thought the Dillon die sized enough before (didn't even touch the neck).
  7. Grams Basically come with too much follower and you have to trim them so it doesn't lock back with one still in the mag. My problem is to remove enough material to ensure no premature lock back it leaves so little plastic that they shortly break and now won't ever lock back
  8. 4.15 in Limited with a procedural. Probably further cementing myself in low A class.
  9. Man I'd love the lifter from it. Looks good.
  10. Umm,.looks like you figured it out.. Nice match & stage win! damn kids Haha thanks. I guess a little mentoring from the seasoned guys helps. After discussing the prop I feel a lot more comfortable in which choice to make. I'll probably go prone the vast majority unless there's only a couple fairly easy targets in a single array.
  11. This weekend's match was exactly what I had in mind. Thanks SB, I'll stuck around hopefully we have time before they close down for the swap meet
  12. For the boxes in the OP I think the "prone" platform was above knee height and the top of the box was chest or upper stomach.
  13. I've encountered this prop often at a local match and never feel comfortable with it. Basically I don't know whether or not it's better to sit/kneel and shoot off the top or go prone and shoot through it. From the top I'm resting on the handguard and from prone it might be resting on handguard or monopoding on a coupled mag. Larues at 300-350yd. My instinct is to go prone but I've seen some of the very good shooters shoot off the top.
  14. 75 Hornady otm TAC 23.75gr Tula 556M Mixed LC brass 5 rounds 3/4 in at 100yd Velocity is 2700ish with a spread of 60ish
  15. Thanks for the input everyone. Good ideas. I'm going to try and dial in my long range game this year as it's one of those areas where a lot of time can be made up.
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