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  1. I've about convinced myself that a blue Shadow 2 optic-ready is the thing for me. I'm curious if anyone has ever seen group sizes for these vs. the orange version with the barrel bushing from a Ransom Rest, or other test that would convince you of a difference in "mechanical" accuracy conferred by the addition of the barrel bushing? It's hardly relevant to my choice, since I'm far too poor a bullseye shooter to ever notice the difference, but I'm curious anyway.
  2. So, a factory-new Shadow 2 dropped on the lowered hammer should not go off? Critical issue for me, as I was about to purchase a Shadow 2 DA/SA (original slide) or Shadow 2 OR. No way I'm trusting my life to the idea that I'll never drop the gun or knock it off a bench accidentally!
  3. Very tempting. You're right, I should probably be comparing SAO to SAO, not SAO to SA/DA. I'm not sure I wouldn't rather have the PM9 and $400 worth of ammo, though...
  4. Recently I sold both of my 10 mm pistols, which were cool but not working out for me. The EAA/Tanfo Hunter was nice off a rest, but I could not control my flinch when standing on my hind legs! Looking to go down to a 9 mm. I don't really compete, just want something for casual Bullseye-type shooting with friends (we alternate between one- and two-handed stances, but both in boring old Bullseye match structure). I'm never going to be very good (you should see how much "essential tremor" I have...barf), but I'm somewhat serious about improving enough to stay ahead of my wife, if p
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