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  1. Has anyone been able to get the trigger pin out easily? I know that the pin is tapered and only goes in one way, but I haven’t been able to get it out without totally mangling the pin. By the looks of the pin, the flared end is on the left side and the pin needs to be driven out right to left.
  2. Hooked

    A01LD Slide Stop

    Hi all, Can anyone confirm what slide stop fits the A01LD? I think it’s the CZ85 slide stop but wanted to make sure before I order a couple of spares. Thanks!
  3. CZC’s Fat Ghost Hammer or CZ Comp Hammer is a nice upgrade. Extended mag catch as well. Lighter main spring and recoil spring that is tuned to your preferred load. Get a couple extra trigger bar lifter springs from CZC - they’re specific to the A01LD. You can make a CZ75 spring work if you’re in a pinch, but it’s not 100% Grips are a personal preference, but Loks are nice. I run CZC’s skate tape grips.
  4. I found the A01LD to be a little more complicated than the typical CZ75. Simple things on the CZ75 like removing the trigger bar lifter spring and magazine spring are more challenging on the A01LD and involve 3 separate parts vs just the single staked screw on the CZ75. As well, the A01LD doesn’t have a sear cage like the CZ75 does, so you have to reassemble the sear assembly inside the frame. Overall, once you’ve figured out the differences, the biggest challenge is developing the manual dexterity to deal with all the small parts. The A01LD is still my go to gun for IPSC.
  5. As important as a good scale is, I would also strongly recommend a good set of check weights like those from Lyman. They’re not cheap, but they are worth it in my opinion.
  6. I have both the Armanov and the Shokbottle in 9mm. I also have the EGW 7 round gauge which is supposed to be the tightest of all 3 case gauges. I found the Armanov to be more consistent than the Hundo as well as being tighter. My Hundo sits on the shelf while my Armanov is my go to.
  7. My steel challenge load is a 124 gr RN over 5.5 grs WAC. Shot out of a custom 1911 with a 5” STI Trubor TX2 comp and 4 popple holes. Loaded with an OAL of 1.155” I get a PF of 135. Loaded with an OAL of 1.1475”, the PF rises to 140. My 9mm major load is the same 124 gr RN bullet over 6.8 gr of WAC and an OAL of 1.165”. Out of my DVC Open, the PF is 169. Hope this helps.
  8. The 9mm Tripp mag basepads won’t work with the no-gap Dawson Magwells without modification (you have to grind and shape the front, top of the basepad for it to work).
  9. If you’re only loading 300 rounds at a time, a bullet feeder isn’t going to save you that much time - especially after you add in the time/effort to do the caliber conversion. If you absolutely have your mind set on a bullet feeder, consider a Mini Mr. Bullet Feeder with the correct dropper die left on the tool head for each caliber you load for.
  10. Romeo 3XL won’t fit a S2 OR unfortunately.
  11. The A01LD has less perceived recoil and less muzzle flip because of its weight compared to the S2. For the same reason (weight), the A01LD feels less dynamic and does not seem to “point” as fast or transition as fast as the S2. It is heavier in the hands, so what you gain in recoil moderation you give up in terms of how fast the gun seems to move. The A01LD grip circumference is larger than the S2. If you have smaller hands, this may be an issue for you. Fit and finish is better on the A01LD than on my S2. It is a blued finish rather polycoat. As previously mentioned, the trigger is better/crisper on the A01LD because the sear is pinned directly to the frame rather in a sear cage like the S2. In terms of accuracy, the A01LD hands down is far more accurate than my S2. Group sizes are about half. Things to consider: Not all S2/CZ75 parts fit on the A01LD. All the springs except the trigger bar lifter spring are interchangeable. If you don’t live in the US where parts from CZC are readily available, this may be an issue. S2/CZ75 parts are pretty much available anywhere. The A01LD is more complex and harder to work on (my opinion). While the A01LD was designed to use P10F/P09 mags, CZ75 mags will also work. You may want to buy the special grip panels that CZC sells if you will be using CZ75 mags on a regular basis though. The A01LD is now my primary match gun and I have recently purchased a second as a backup. My S2 is in the process of being sold. It is a great gun.
  12. Have tried various small rifle and small pistol magnum primers in my 9 major loads and haven’t found any appreciable difference or benefit compared to the CCI 500 primer which is what I use as a benchmark. I recently received 20k of Rem 5.5 and 20k of Rem 1.5 primers. The 5.5 are fine in 9 major loads and the 1.5 are fine in my production loads. Took a little bit of adjustment on primer seating depth with the Rem primers as they’re .005” taller than the CCI and actually need to be seated a bit deeper to get reliable ignition. Also, .005” x 100 = .05”, so 100 primers just barely fit in a Dillon primer pickup tube.
  13. I don't own an 1100, but I seem to recall something on the Ammobot FB group a while back about bent pins.
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