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  1. I’ve run about 5k CCI and 1k of S&B through mine. Haven’t had to make any adjustments since my initial set/tweaking. Have had 1 upside down primer so far. My only problem is that I can’t get the last 10 - 12 primers in the bowl to go down the feedramp. Have tried 150 Fiocci non-tox primers and they ran just as well as the CCI and the S&B. Small sample size I realize, but they seem to run ok.
  2. Thanks. I was wondering if dry graphite or WS2 would work better than spray. I dusted my feed ramp with graphite and have run about 5k primers through it with no issues other than not being able to get the last 10-12 primers to drop out of the bowl. Haven't done the score mod yet but will if the stick feed ramp comes back.
  3. Looks like it might be a SVI left handed steel grip. If that's the case then the mag catch is specific and proprietary to SVI. I just use my trigger finger and a left side mag release. Have used Mitchell right side mag releases in the past. They work, but you can't use extended mag buttons with them.
  4. The collator definitely works better with 200-300 primers in it at a time. With my unit, it’s only when the hopper gets down to 10-12 primers in it that the light sensor times out and stops because no more primers go down the ramp. If I refill at that point, the collator will resume counting from where it left off unless I hold down the button and reset the unit. Maybe try a couple hundred primers in it if you haven’t already and see what happens.
  5. How many are you loading in the bowl at a time?
  6. For those with OCD, getting the last 10-12 primers out of the collator will drive you bonkers! The sweet spot is definitely 200-400 primers in the bowl as per the manual.
  7. Thanks! Searched YouTube before asking here. Could only find the first troubleshoot video and all the teaser vids.
  8. Can anyone direct me to the video referenced in Saul’s post showing how to serrate the ramp using pins? I can only find the first troubleshooting video. Thanks!
  9. Got mine today. After a little tweaking, I got it to run CCI primers pretty reliably - 4 tubes filled with all primers the right side up. I had the same stacking problem as everyone else mentioned - even after cleaning with alcohol and applying some silicone lube with a q-tip. The solution for me was a very light dusting of powdered graphite in the feedramp. Primers flow through the ramp and get picked up by the hammer nice and steady now. I did find the time to fill the tube with the V2 plate was about twice as long compared to the original plate. I was getting 1-2 upside down primers per 100 using the original plate which is why I switched to the V2. If the feedramp was was made of a different material, I think the whole thing would have worked better. Time will tell how reliable and how well this unit will be though. If I have to keep lubing the feedramp every time I have a loading session, that kind of defeats the purpose.
  10. Hooked

    A01 LD for Limited

    It’s a completely different gun than the TSO. The entire gun is a CZC in-house design and manufacture. The front site site is a Novak front sight dovetail so you should have no problem finding a skinnier sight.
  11. Finally got my shipping notification!
  12. May I ask when you placed your order? I got mine in on December 6th but haven't received any further comms from DAA. Thanks!
  13. Update: Got my Dreamplastic SRO covers and they are excellent. Very much OEM quality. One thing, their website is somewhat misleading in that they state that the SRO covers are sold in sets of 2 and the price is $9.50. However, the price is per cover not per set. So I thought I ordered 2 sets for $19 but what I got was only 1 pair. Still pretty cheap so I’m satisfied overall.
  14. Just ordered 2 pair. The price is definitely right. Already have the Range Panda covers but find them a little bulky. Will give the Dreamplastic ones a try.
  15. The collet is too tight - even without any tension on it, the bullet won't drop free. Spread the collet out a bit and now it works better. Bullets drop free about 90% of the time now.
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