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  1. If you’re only loading 300 rounds at a time, a bullet feeder isn’t going to save you that much time - especially after you add in the time/effort to do the caliber conversion. If you absolutely have your mind set on a bullet feeder, consider a Mini Mr. Bullet Feeder with the correct dropper die left on the tool head for each caliber you load for.
  2. Romeo 3XL won’t fit a S2 OR unfortunately.
  3. The A01LD has less perceived recoil and less muzzle flip because of its weight compared to the S2. For the same reason (weight), the A01LD feels less dynamic and does not seem to “point” as fast or transition as fast as the S2. It is heavier in the hands, so what you gain in recoil moderation you give up in terms of how fast the gun seems to move. The A01LD grip circumference is larger than the S2. If you have smaller hands, this may be an issue for you. Fit and finish is better on the A01LD than on my S2. It is a blued finish rather polycoat. As previously
  4. Have tried various small rifle and small pistol magnum primers in my 9 major loads and haven’t found any appreciable difference or benefit compared to the CCI 500 primer which is what I use as a benchmark. I recently received 20k of Rem 5.5 and 20k of Rem 1.5 primers. The 5.5 are fine in 9 major loads and the 1.5 are fine in my production loads. Took a little bit of adjustment on primer seating depth with the Rem primers as they’re .005” taller than the CCI and actually need to be seated a bit deeper to get reliable ignition. Also, .005” x 100 = .05”, so 100 primers j
  5. I don't own an 1100, but I seem to recall something on the Ammobot FB group a while back about bent pins.
  6. I just used blue loctite on mine when the same thing started happening.
  7. RTS2s have worked ok for me on open guns but not on slide mounted guns - they have failed quickly on production optic guns. Plus the dot quality/brightness of the RTS2 is not as good as other dots. I have had no issues with 2 Romeo 3 Max XLs on open guns, and 2 SROs - one on an open gun and one on a production optic gun. I did have one SRO arrive DOA and was returned to the vendor. I have a DPP on my S2 OR that has close to 35k rounds on it and it continues to run with no issues but it is only a 2.5 MOA dot and not as bright as I would like. I currently lik
  8. Same technique as removing the insert from a Dawson Ice Magwell. Use a flat screwdriver blade and slide it between the magwell and the insert . Push straight down (don’t pry) on the screwdriver and the insert will distort and pop out of the magwell.
  9. CZC sells kydex holsters specifically for the A01LD. I’m not aware of any other guns that are cross compatible in terms of fit for kydex type holsters. For DAA Racemaster or Alpha-X holsters, a SP01 insert will work, but there may be a little play in the fit.
  10. I run the same micro bullet seater die without any issues. My suggestion (from experience) is to try a different sizing die.
  11. The DPM system isn’t legal in IPSC Production.
  12. Hooked

    Shadow 2 OR in Prod

    I took an old broken front sight and ground it down flat. Punching the front sight pin out and swapping out the sight is quick and easy.
  13. Hooked

    AO1 LD Review

    I used a block of oak to maximize the energy transfer and minimize any rebounding that may cause the pin to get set back. Is there much oil/grease around the pin? If so, maybe hit it with a torch to dry it out a bit and once it cools, try tapping it out again.
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