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  1. Just for future reference, I asked Cheely which DAA insert would work best, and within 2 minutes of sending my email, Matt responded. He confirmed that the SVI Steel insert would work best 99% of the time. He also mentioned that on a the rare occasion, some minor modifications to the insert may be required. Great customer service from Cheely!
  2. Does anyone know which DAA insert fits the e2 the best? Many thanks!
  3. Is it possible to use a Dawson Ice magwell on the e2 grip without modifying the grip or magwell? Or will only the Cheely magwell fit? Thanks. B.
  4. No change in my load required. 147grn CamPro over 3.5 grn of Prima V @ 1.10” OAL. Accuracy and power factor pretty much identical between my S2 and S2 OR.
  5. I'm interested in this as well. I have a new RL1100 coming, but have a couple Autodrums that I wouldn't mind re-using if they will work.
  6. Are they still making the 2 port version? Trying to find one for a Steel Challenge build. Thanks!
  7. Mitchell is really the best one to go with and they do eventually make a batch to catch up on their orders. I was waiting for about 8 mos when all of a sudden I got an email from them asking if I still wanted one.
  8. Are you guys working on 9mm bullet seaters and factory crimp dies too?
  9. Thanks for the update Wayne. I can't wait to get my replacement 9mm die. In this day and age, your transparency and customer service is second to none. I've just ordered the new Dillon RL1100 and look forward to seeing your dies sitting on top of it. Brian
  10. Just picked up the last 12.1 pounds of Prima V that I could find. Hope it lasts until more arrives on our shores.
  11. The 2019 DVC Opens show a dovetail racker and a slightly re-countoured top end.
  12. Hooked

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    Mine is without a front sight anymore as well. I had a spare, low front sight from my S1 that I ground down to the base.
  13. Hooked

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    I’ve had mine since just before Christmas and the round count is up around 1200 now. It’s a great improvement over my regular S2 with the Henning mount and the same DPP. With the RDS being just a few mm closer to the bore axis has made all the difference. Picking up and tracking the dot is almost instant and automatic now.
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