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  1. Can’t help you with the load info but I totally get you on the old, outdated equipment. I was just gifted an early custom SV open gun in 357 Sig and it is a definite hoot to shoot. The original load for the gun was 15.6 gr of H110 over a125 gr HP and it was a boomer. I’ve settled on 7.8 gr of WAC and 124 gr HP, and it’s way flatter than any of my 9 major guns. For a gun that’s close to 18 years old, it sure makes me smile.
  2. Which is why the A01LD sear cage is directly pinned through the frame.
  3. The A01LD can run on standard CZ75 mags. You can either get the special grips from CZC that make up the difference in the width of the CZ75 vis-a-vis the P10 mags, or you can do what I do which is just run the CZ75 mags and live with a bit of wobble.
  4. Ended up going with a set of Armanov SpidErgo grips - same as the ones I run on my S2.
  5. I buy those large ziplock bags from the dollar store. Give a few liberal squirts of One Shot along the inside walls and bottom of the bag and then fill it with brass. Seal up up the bag and toss the brass around for a minute or two. Can usually get about 600 - 800 cases in a bag. No lube inside the cases.
  6. I ordered a couple of the Mec Gar mags and I think I got one of the older versions as the base pad is smooth and the only markings is the name. I haven’t had the chance to run them yet but I do like the design. They seem to have no problems in loading my long-ish 9major rounds at 1.165”. My my only concerns are finding an extended base pad that fits, and that the springs look proprietary - the spring tapers a lot at the top to fit into the polymer follower. They’re a lot cheaper than my Tripp and Wilson mags, so hopefully they will work well over the long haul.
  7. Mine broke in the same spot. Received a new one from the distributor under warranty and sold it. Went back to an Aftec.
  8. I’ve got a DPP on my S2 OR with about 35k rounds on it without any issues. I’ve got 2 SROs - 1 on an A01LD and another on an open gun. The A01LD has about 12k on it and the other has around 25k. One was replaced early on due to a manufacturing defect but no other problems with either since. I recently put a Romeo 3XL on a new open gun. If it holds up as good as the DPP, it will be the dot going on any new guns going forward. The overall package of the 3XL is the best out of the three dots that I’ve used on my pistols thus far.
  9. I have a full set (6) Wilson ETM mags and a full set of Tripp mags for my single stack open gun. The Wilsons ran fine right out of the box, but you do have to load them short to fit in the mag. Max OAL is about 1.14”. The Tripps had to be left loaded for about 3 weeks for the springs to take a set. After that, they ran fine. I can get a little longer OAL with the Tripps. About 1.155”
  10. They are typically made in batches with finished timers going to fill preorders/backorders. If you wait wait for them to show up “in stock”, you will never get one.
  11. Thinking about picking up a TG9 trigger. Does it have a shorter reset compared to the stock trigger? Thanks!
  12. Hooked

    85 combat trigger

    The disco that comes with the RRK is designed as a drop in piece so it has a wider tolerance built into it. The 0.0 requires fitting to make it work properly in any given gun. As a result, you have the potential to get a far shorter reset with the 0.0 disco than with the disco that come with the RRK.
  13. My S2 is a faster pointing and seemingly more dynamic gun than my A01LD due to the additional weight at the muzzle. But the A01LD soaks up the recoil like no other production gun I’ve ever shot and it’s inherent accuracy is second to none. I’ve made the A01LD my primary production gun and the S2 is now my backup. The characteristics of the A01LD have won me over (the trigger is outstanding - mainly because of the directly pinned sear I think). All that being said, one thing to keep in mind: The A01LD has specific parts that are only available through CZC. Not all parts from CZ 75 pattern guns will work on the A01LD. If you’re like me, and don’t reside in the US, getting replacement parts can be a challenge (and expensive). My A01LD is out of commission at the moment due to the need for a trigger bar lifter spring, so for now, it’s back to my S2 for Production. The A01LD is not for everyone, but it is an amazing piece of craftsmanship and engineering in its own right.
  14. For IPSC, if you go milled, you can only shoot Production Optic. If you go with the S2 OR, you can go back and forth between Production and Production Optic. Whether that makes a difference to you or not is up to you.
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