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  1. Hooked

    Mighty Armory 9mm Die

    I was asked to do the same thing - take the top off the die and size some cases without it in place. Didn't notice much of a difference - still had problems generating enough neck tension to keep the bullet from sliding down into the case. Truthfully, I didn't expect it to make a difference because all the cases that I had tried to size previously (with the cap on) were deprimed. I do have confidence that Wayne will get it all sorted out at some point.
  2. Hooked

    Source for MSA hearing protection

    If you’d like to support a vendor that supports the shooting sports, Double Alpha Academy sells the Sordins. And yes, the gel cups are a must.
  3. Hooked

    Urban Grey Finish

    If you’re looking for a black, BNIB S2 (gen 2 frame that has the slide stop relief cuts) for less than retail, look me up on Gunnutz. Same user name. Thanks, Brian
  4. Hooked

    Shadow 2 Optic Ready from factory

    Is that $1499 taxes in? CRAFM has them in stock for $1299 CA plus tax. Al Flaherty sold out of their first order at $1299 as well. Tenda is still accepting pre-orders at $1299. BTW, Wolverine has mounting plates for the DPP and the Vortex Venom in stock - $82 CA.
  5. Hooked

    holosun 510C is huge

    Anyone with a 3D printer making covers for the 510C?
  6. Hooked

    Mighty Armory 9mm Die

    Just a follow up: Sent an email to Wayne and got an immediate reply. New die is being shipped and all is good. No muss, no fuss. Pretty impressive when you get a manufacturer going on a public forum asking for feedback on their products AND openly volunteering that they had some issues with one of their items.
  7. Hooked

    Mighty Armory 9mm Die

    Wayne, I think I may have gotten one of the 9mm out-of-spec dies. Couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get any bullets to seat properly. Thought it was a problem with my powder through expansion die. Was also having issues with stuck cases (even when lubed). I’ll send you an email with my order details. Thanks! Brian
  8. Hooked

    shadow 2 crack?

    Re the DLC thing, there’s a lab in Richmond that will do it - the only facility of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Minimum charge out is $500 though. I put Frank P onto them because he wanted some pieces done. Maybe the 2 of you can put in an order together to make the cost viable. If you do, I have one small piece that needs DLC treating too.
  9. Hooked

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    I deprime before tumbling. I picked up a used Lee Pro 1000 press for almost nothing. Added the $15 case feeder and a universal decapping die and can deprime a thousand rounds an hour without breaking a sweet.
  10. Hooked

    Mighty Armory 9mm Die

    Got my 9mm die in the mail today!
  11. Hooked

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    I will bring you some to try.
  12. Hooked

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    Bin on the left - 2 hours of wet tumbling with pins, Lemi Shine and a splash of Dawn dish soap. Bin on right - 2 hours of wet tumbling with no pins and Brass Juice. With pins was cleaner inside the case and the primer pockets. With Brass Juice about 85% as clean. I don't use pins anymore.
  13. Hooked

    Slide racker for 2011 Steelmaster

    Just had a Zig Racker installed on my son’s Steelmaster. No problems. The racker even came with installation instructions specific to the Steelmaster.
  14. Hooked

    Brass Dryers

    Rob, I’ve, been using this one for the past few months: https://www.cabelas.ca/product/86801/cabelas-10-tray-deluxe-dehydrator Each tray is good for approx 400 pieces of brass and it dries them fast. The only mod I made was to lay down a mesh screen on each of the trays because 9mm brass can slip through the grid. Also, don’t overload the trays as they can flex and fall through the rails. I tried the round type food dehydrators that have the stacking trays. They work ok too as far as drying, but the stacking design slows down the overall process because the brass has to lay flat for the trays to stack properly. The overall capacity is lower too. The Cabela’s one isn’t cheap, but it’s on sale right now for $100 off.
  15. Hooked

    Halosun 510c

    Interested in trying one of these out. Any idea as to what mount options are out there for the 2011 platform?