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  1. Ordered mine Feb 2020, delivered Jan 5,2021. I could have got it 3 months earlier but I screwed up the timeline. But here it is.
  2. MC_DO

    Optics Zero

    Thanks for all the valuable information.
  3. MC_DO

    Optics Zero

    How far do you zero your optics?
  4. Good to hear that, thanks.
  5. Bought an Atlas Titan .40 back in August less than 6 months ago. Put around 600 rounds thru it and last week while cleaning it I noticed something on the breech face tried to clean it but it is actually gouges. Should I have to worry about it. To me it might be a potential weak point down the road.
  6. Thanks for the info. According to Gans he will not install comp for California residents. I’ll try Jimmy. Thanks again.
  7. I have an STI Edge .40 that I would like to get a complete upper build for open gun 9 major. Looking for a reputable gunsmith that would do the work, I will provide the parts.
  8. Ordered my open February this year, git a call from them to process dros July. Could have my gun 2 months ago if I didn’t screw it up(transfer a pistol and bought the an Atlas so waisted 2 months) called them 5 days ago they said they’ll try to get it to me next week. Could have it in 9 months. I’ll post some pictures when I get it.
  9. There are two LEO that I shoot with almost every weekend that squads with our group. I cant speak for the other clubs. The club the I shoot at I can say at least there are 7 LEO
  10. Just want say hi hello to everyone from central cali. I have been reading a lot from this forum and have learn a lot. Started shooting USPSA January of last year. Started with L10 now currently shooting limited and two day ago just ordered my first open.
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