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  1. SweetToof

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    believe it or not
  2. SweetToof

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    Surprisingly, this weekend my local club match has more SS than PCC shooters this weekend! Division Limited 25 Limited 10 1 Open 18 Production 25 Revolver 0 Single Stack 6 Carry Optics 12 Pcc 4 My take on divisions is still along the same lines that my first attraction to firearms and pistols on general. That is, I have no desire to learn to shoot something well that has no practical application. So for me that leaves Production, CO, and SS. Not sure about USPSA's goals as an organization, but PRACTICAL is in their name (so is pistol), so I think you need to have a division that all popular, practical guns can compete in. Probably the same reason Revo is still around.
  3. So this question is one for everyone, although specifically not-new shooters who have shot club, sectional, majors, nationals, and world-shoots. I just want to know what people's favorite stages were? Most every major from the last few years has video available on youtube so it should be easy to find them if you don't remember EXACTLY what made it your favorite stage or what number the stage was in the match. Not only is this just interesting to me as to what people really like about certain stages, but I am also building my own at home range. I have one of Stoegers books and know of a few standard drills, but if I can build larger stuff to practice on, why not set up some of the "all time greats." If not the full thing, parts of it that were particularly interesting.
  4. SweetToof

    Backyard shooting range

    Very interested to see you setup and get opinions. PM your pictures if you like. My fiance and I are preparing to build a house in the spring and the property has plenty of room for a range. Planning to use the fill from excavating house and maybe additional fill if needed. I was thinking 25x25 yards 3 sided berm and a shed next to it for storage. I figure 25yd and in is the majority of my shooting (a lot of pistol) and that width would allow most any normal USPSA stages to be built. The way the land is contoured I have a 400 yard line of sight to shoot rifle, which is pretty awesome. Nothing is built yet and I am not married to any of my ideas to this point but I am very curious about the turf. I had been thinking of getting gravel dumped or just leveling and planting grass. it's already a grass field, no longer farmed. Would just need to be tilled.
  5. SweetToof

    Possible brass processing issue causing poor accuracy

    Ok yes I would try removing the expanding mandrel, sounds like the only thing that may have introduced issues. How necessary is it to even expand the mouth further? Have you tried seating bullets without it? The 1050 sizes the neck at the swage station and then slightly flares at the powder drop, the drop must be adjusted to travel just below where you would get a full stroke, so that the powder funnel *barely* flares the mouth.
  6. SweetToof

    Possible brass processing issue causing poor accuracy

    You did list "Dillon RT1200 trim and size" so you are sizing after you trim? Because that is definitely not the best order, sizing will re-shape and thus slightly lengthen the case (which is why trimming is necessary) so if you are sizing after the trim you will have problems.
  7. SweetToof

    Maintenance schedule for a Glock

    I'd say, have all of those things in your range bag and change out as problems arise. The striker and striker spring have no relationship to the RSA in a glock, so change those without worry of effecting the other. Now the striker, striker spring, trigger bar, connector, drop safety plunger, drop safety spring, frame and trigger, all have a symbiotic relationship that ideally results in a trigger that is light, crisp, safe, and totally reliable. If desired, you can look into those relationships more, or as I recommend, buy a Competition kits from Johnny Glock. 2.5 lbs trigger pull, totally functional with any primers I've used.
  8. SweetToof

    Johnny Glock Performance Enhanced Connector

    Not sure about the connector itself, but I just got one of his competition drop in kits for my Gen3 34, and its awesome. Top notch quality so I can at least attest to that.
  9. SweetToof

    SweetToof's road to ruin

    So this weekend 10/28/2018 I'll be shooting the annual Monster Hosefest at Ontelaunee Rod and Gun. 350-400 rounds total, usually 40+ per stage. What's note worthy is that this match last year was my first USPSA match ever. Finished 17/22 in production. 17 total shooting production as of now for this year's match. Not many of the same shooters so not much in the way of comparison there. Also noteworthy is that the drills I posted about yesterday, were the very first drills I've ever run on cardboard, and the first USPSA oriented drills I've ever ran since getting into competitive shooting last year. I've been focusing heavily on Steel Challenge as there are a few matches around me that run all 8 stages, have a cash payout, and are well run and have a lot of people attend. The scheduling for the USPSA locals often overlapped this year, and I shot in a SC-esque league that had 14 matches. So I did a lot of shooting and competing, but I only was live firing with my 5 steel plates all year long. I did work on moving and shooting quite a bit for Outer Limits, but almost all live firing was on SC stages. Where I have definitely been improving for USPSA is in my dryfire. Practicing lots of reloading, reloading on the move, entering and exiting positions, and transitioning targets. So despite having just started actually training for USPSA in live fire, my shooting as a whole as improved greatly since this match last year. This time last year I was B Class steel challenge, currently M, so it will be interesting to see how training for SC overlaps to USPSA. Something I did notice when first running the Accelerator drill was further importance of grip. It's very important for SC, but one big difference between them is the split times and the grip requirements to achieve them. Splits at 7 yards and in can be done in .2 and lower, where's as splits in SC are generally longer, although a couple stages can get splits down to .2 when you start to get good. Having that death grip on the pistol is really critical for accurate and fast splits is USPSA, where as the grip requirements for SC may become a bit relaxed by comparison. I do think that SC shooting would benefit from that same master death grip, but until comparing the two and noticing the difference, I have been slacking.
  10. I recently purchased a 1050 after having started with a Hornady LNL AP about 14 months ago. Glad I skipped the 650 and went straight to the 1050. Awesome machine, makes me enjoy loading ammo again. I wouldn't be too worried about the caliber changes and setup since you already handload on a different machine, you're familiar with the process. I would just suggest scheduling your loading to minimize caliber changes though. I'm loading all 9mm I'll need for a year, then all the 45 for the whole year, then switch to my .223 setup. It's also probably 1 hour to do a full caliber change, so it's really not bad at all to switch.
  11. SweetToof

    SweetToof's road to ruin

    7 yards think I ran it 3 or 4 times at the end just to get an idea of how it goes for me. didn't get much better than my 1st attempt from what I recall
  12. SweetToof

    SweetToof's road to ruin

    Went to the range with 300 rounds to get some USPSA training in. I have been really busy and in turn lazy about dry fire the last week, but I thought it would still be a good idea to get some baseline times with some standard drills. I bought Stoeger's Skills and Drills book and focused today on Accelerator. It's also one listed on his site. https://www.benstoeger.com/livefire-drill-the-accelerator Accelerator Here is also a link to a video I took of my self of my very first 2 attempts at the drill. I shot maybe 30 rounds warm up before running the drill. Super slo mo included to be able to really single out all the parts of the drill and how to improve them. First run was a 7.94, second was a 8.72. I think 3-4 C's on both runs if I can recall. Accelerator baseline Ran that drill for another 200 rounds and was able to get it down to a best time of the day at 6.39 with 5 C's. 6 seconds is my goal to be consistently repeatable with 3 C's or less being acceptable. Most of my time lost/gained between my recorded runs and my Day's Best, was draw speed and reload time. That 2nd run 8.72 was a 1.4 draw. slooow. Reloads were dragging badly, dryfire has been slacking. When I did get them warmed up I had them down to about 1.6-1.8 The point of this drill is not draws and reloads though, but to drill your ability to increase/decrease split and transition times based on target distance. What I found was that I Shot the first target at my fastest split times (usually .15-.20) but my targets at 15 and 25 yds had the same split times until I focused on them. Accuracy was good at the farthest one, so that told me I could speed up my 15yd target a bit. An important thing to pay attention to is seeing how fast your sights return to the target. Once I remembered that, I realized I was waiting way too long to shoot after already being on target. Noticed upon reviewing the slomo video how long it took me to acquire my sights once the gun was "up." After the draw and after the reload I am pausing for probably .1-.2 seconds with the gun up and on target before I break the shot. Also noticed that I am getting 3 sight pictures on most targets. You can watch the slide make it into battery after the 2nd shot, and THEN I move the gun to the next target. Need to work on reacting to the 2nd shot quicker and transitioning immediately once shot goes. I do react well to the final shot before the reload though. Also need to get more consistent mag drops. Using base pads that should be doing the trick and the stock G34 mag release but there are times where I am not quite hitting the button fully. More dryfire. Bill Drill Draw, 6 shots into a zone at max hose speed. Goal is 2 seconds. First run 2.49 forgot to record or write down my best time of the day. 7 yards
  13. oooh yeah. This thread started as, "How good is a 650?" and ended with, "just bought a 1050." Glad to have resources like this and to speak with shooters IRL that helped me pick the 1050. Very happy
  14. hmm, I do have am enormous Federal collection between small pistol, large pistol, small rifle and large rifle. May be up the creek on this one
  15. dang, I am a federal addict. Are the feds a total no go? Yeah they definitely have the market cornered. It seems like once you get to a certain level of shooting/round count you eventually get a Dillon of some kind. Even those mark7's are in their own lane and aren't really competing with Dillon. More of a commercial level machine.