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  1. hmm, I do have am enormous Federal collection between small pistol, large pistol, small rifle and large rifle. May be up the creek on this one
  2. dang, I am a federal addict. Are the feds a total no go? Yeah they definitely have the market cornered. It seems like once you get to a certain level of shooting/round count you eventually get a Dillon of some kind. Even those mark7's are in their own lane and aren't really competing with Dillon. More of a commercial level machine.
  3. So here she is Bought it with the 223 configuration since I already own 9mm and 45 dies. So I had to dismantle it enough to change calibers to 9mm, since I have about 3300 9mm bullets and don't have all my 223 components yet. So first thoughts are; Easier to setup than the LNL, but this is not my first press so that's definitely a factor. They also pretty much assemble the whole thing for you with whatever caliber you purchased, which is an awesome service to have. I changed from .223 to 9mm once mounted, so I had to change out everything on it except the primer system. Since I've already set up dies before this just took familiarizing my self with the parts and names for those parts, since they make it pretty obvious as to what components you need to change over calibers. I did buy the appropriate caliber conversion kits in 9 and 45, but not an extra toolhead. After pulling the toolhead to do that caliber change, I don't foresee myself purchasing another tool head any time soon. The dies them selves are the easy part to change over IMO, and I mark them anyway to get an approximate setting that just needs to be checked and confirmed once assembled. You still have to pull the toolhead to change the shellplates and then still change the powder measure, change the cassfeeder parts, change the primer system out, so I think an extra toolhead my improve the caliber changes times by 20 minutes at most, however long it takes you to set up your dies. Pre-marking them, I bet I could set up the dies for pistols in under 10 minutes. My other thought on changing calibers is do just not do it more than absolutely necessary. Basically I am going to load all the rounds I can of each caliber once its set up. I'll load all my 9mm, then all my 45, then set up for .223 and develop those loads. After which I'll load all them to. The 1050 makes it quick enough that I can load 10k 9mm for my whole year of shooting, in a week. Operating the press itself, what difference. I have seen the light, and it is Blue. My first 500 9mm were done in 25 minutes, I have 4 primer tubes and I can immediately see the need for more. Would be awesome if there was a cheap way to automate filling these things. ? I am glad I went right for the 1050, and my buddy is taking the LNL off my hands so I am pretty happy with my purchase.
  4. SweetToof

    2/3 steel target

    https://www.ar500targetsolutions.com/product/2-ar500-12x20-x-38″-23-ipda-ipsc-silhouette-steel-target/?gclid=CjwKCAjwjIHeBRAnEiwAhYT2h_QJUbENurKgnIPKNJza8rJlCka8W5dLeqAOfu_lcoqAO_iLHkFMvxoCwgsQAvD_BwE cheapest I could find out there for IPSC/USPSA style 1/2 is totally unnecessary until you get to things more powerful than 308. To punch a hole in AR500 is no easy task. It's legit armor plating. You need AP rounds at a close distance to blow holes through. The damage rounds do to plates at short range dimples the surface. The thickness of the plate does not matter. Karl is a great guy to. Squadded with him several times.
  5. SweetToof

    New PAR times for 2019

    I'm into it, I like the idea of making the top class that much more special. If I make GM this year can I get a *2019 GM* annotation? more bragging rights
  6. SweetToof

    Sub-$400 optic

    While I have little experience with optics, I am very pleased with the Lucid L7 1-6. Not a bad review out there for it and at about 400 it looks just as good as some twice the cost that I looked through at a gun store.
  7. SweetToof

    SweetToof's road to ruin

    My training up until now has been focused on speed shooting. Dry fire has been mostly focusing on draw and transitions, and live fire has consisted of setting up my 5 plates and hammering them off the draw as fast as possible, starting slowly and gradually increasing to as fast as I can go. Now that I have read some other people's training methods, I have realized I have not been making the best of my time spent practicing. Dry Fire I only just started dry firing on actually targets. Until the end of September '18 I had been dry firing at a closet door, and transitioning to the other door, stuff on the walls, items in the room etc. Obviously not target shaped objects, not to scale for the distance of targets I shoot in matches, and at different transition angles than what's in a match. I have had a few of these revelations throughout shooting that have made me feel like a real caveman. A real "aha!" moment that once I realized it, thought I was a real idiot for not having thought of it sooner. So now I have some Steel Shoot Banners and dryfire exclusively on those when practicing for steel. What a difference. I was practicing my draw well, but the eye/gun transition speed is going to be helped a lot with these banners. Live Fire So I recently picked up from Stick here no enos forums the Pyramid drill. Recently heard Max Michel does a similar thing. Basically you draw and shoot target 1, then 1-2, then 1-3, 1-4, 1-5. The other part is to dry fire through the rest of the targets, giving you a gradual build up. Setting par times as you go is a big one to, set a par for each step of the pyramid, this way you can push every transition and work on them individually.
  8. SweetToof

    SweetToof's road to ruin

    So I bought a G19 and shot my first match in June 2017. Steel Challenge at Ontelaunee Rod and Gun, every month they host a really well run match with all 8 official stages, and submit times to HQ for classifier updates. Shot a 174 that day, and have gotten to almost all the monthly matches they host April-October, results of those chronologically until now. 6/10/2017 174.84 7/10/2017 162.67 8/11/2017 153.3 9/24/2017 148.06 10/14/2017 140.87 5/12/2018 147.46 6/9/2018 132.71 8/11/2018 132.98 9/20/2018 121.17 (made Master!)
  9. SweetToof

    SweetToof's road to ruin

    So to begin, I am 28 years old, rural SE Pennsylvania resident. Was not raised with guns though I shot some friends' guns a little. I specifically remember shooting an old CZ 75 variant with a buddy and neither could even hit the target. A spark of interest in something difficult began there about 10 years ago. Didn't shoot another pistol until I bought my first gun, a Glock 41 in .45 ACP in March 2016. Had fun with it, shot probably 4k rounds and really got the bug with that gun. Since that one I've bought a G26 gen 4, G19 Gen 4, S&W 1911TA, Savage .308 hunting rifle, Mossberg 930 JM pro, and built a pretty killer AR with a BCM upper. In March 2017 I had heart surgery to have a valve replaced. It was planned years in advance and everything went great, no limitations or differences in my day-to-day life. While recovering, I was out of work for 10 weeks, unable to lift anything over 10lbs, and spent a lot of time on the old internets. Stumbled upon a local club (30 minutes drive) that hosted monthly Steel Challenge and USPSA matches. Come to find out later, they host Area 8 championships and a bunch of other matches as well. Turns out I am actually in a real hotspot for shooting sports. 5 clubs within an hour drive that host Steel matches, USPSA, PRS, GSSF, Shotgun matches and IDPA.
  10. SweetToof

    SweetToof's road to ruin

    So I figured I should start this as a replacement to my scattered notes on shooting, this way they are in one place. Maybe others can help or my experience can help someone else out. I will try my best to organize posts for my own and other's sake. It may very well turn into an actual diary since shooting sports have quickly become a true passion of mine.
  11. SweetToof

    Glock to CZ back to Glock!!!!!

    At least in SC you have tables next to the shooters box for PCC's, rimfire and such. I like to put my G34 back in my bag after shooting and take off my outer belt while waiting for other shooters. Not having that gear on makes a difference at the end of the day.
  12. SweetToof

    Steel Challenge 80/20 Practice Techniques?

    this was pretty interesting and definitely recommended. Not often you get such a dominant world champion to run through his training like that. I especially liked his technique of the pyramid drill but he dry fires through the rest of the targets. I am sort of pumped for the off season to just focus on training.
  13. SweetToof

    Practice session round count

    Definitely agree here. I feel that you should do at least the quantity you shoot at a match. Big matches are ~300 so in my eyes you have to do at least that much, the fact that you need to be able to have your hands resist the fatigue is a big enough reason. Also what people are saying about getting into the groove is important. I think 1 400 round sessions is more valuable than 2 200 round sessions. I know I start connecting the dots best after 100, so only shooting another 100 after I'm warmed up isn't worth it. Another aspect is, setting everything up can be a bit of a PITA. Show up, go into clubhouse, get key. Get in car drive to gate, get out, open gate, move car through. Get out, close gate. Get in, drive up further to range. Setup 5 target stands, steel, metrics, w/e. Reverse procedure to leave. Probably 25-30 minutes spent just arriving and leaving. Not worth it to me if I can't get at least 300, usually 400. I'll also live with skipping live fire a week since I am pretty diligent dry firing. Usually 1 live session Saturdays, match sundays, dry fire weekdays.
  14. SweetToof

    Practice session round count

    oops, bad connection and hit the reply button a lot