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  1. Just to chime in since I found this info helpful. I put in a cert in early November 2020 for a g34 MOS and have not yet received.
  2. The most recent Hit Factor Podcast is an interview with Carry Optics GM Jay Beal. He finished 5th in nationals in 2021 and shot a total of 2800 rounds in practice. Pretty unique approach to training and very interesting if you are concerned with low round count training, as we all likely are this year.
  3. JJ Racazza has a practice technique where he combines live fire and dry fire within a single run. For example 4 targets including steel, partials, open paper. If he had been having trouble on transitioning from steel to paper, he would draw and "shoot" the drill, but would only actually pull the trigger on the 1 target he wanted to work on. It takes a higher level of skill to make sure you are staying honest with the targets that aren't actually getting shot. This way you can put your focus on 1 target in particular, but you are still approaching it like you would in a match where
  4. I have a pretty decent indoor dryfire setup in my basement, but there are definitely some advantages to outdoors. I think the biggest will be the way your eyes react to scaled targets vs. actual targets at different distances. Something else I noticed is the ground/vs basement floor. Depending on the surface your're running on outside, there can be a big difference in position exit and entry. Sandy dirt vs. smooth concrete is a big deal.
  5. Yes, they are expensive. But, if you are really pushing your Glock, you'll find that the mags are the worst part about running them at max speed. If they made a standard 17 round 9mm mag I'd be all over these. I dabble in CO but production is my main division.
  6. I know this has been said before but after realizing it myself I feel it needs to be said again. Even if the manufacturer says you don't have to, use case lube before sizing, it helps immensely. I'm on a Super 1050 with Dillon carbide 9mm dies and had maybe 10% of my ammo not fit a case gauge. Cleaned my press, adjusted dies, clase flare, bullet depth, crimp, everything. Still not making perfect ammo. Throw some One-shot lube in the box before dumping into case feeder, and my life has been changed. Cranking the handle is sooo much easier, and ammo is way more consistent. Less frict
  7. The make or break for me is if the frame size is the same as factory Glock. Seems like the polymer construction of the frame makes it pretty hard to be copied with the same strength/size as factory guns. Machining metal is one thing, copying their proprietary polymer is another.
  8. I could see the BOD wanting to lump USPSA Rifle in with multigun, but I don't think it needs to be. Here's a suggestion that would require very little added in the way of management from the BOD. My thought is that we start a USPSA Carbine ruleset. Basically copy the current USPSA rulebook and keep the verbatim safety rules for PCC. The rules regarding stages stay the same, probably push the distance out for minimum range of steel targets. Keep 32 rounds as maximum Same paper targets, metric and classic. Major-only scoring with power factor established to keep standard 55gr .223 a
  9. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/12/2021-ipsc-pcc-world-shoot-is-coming-to-polk-county-florida/#axzz68UDNt2xw Recent news indicates that Universal Shooting Academy in Florida is hosting the 2021 PCC World shoot. The article quotes Frank Garcia mentioning that many Rifle shooters have came out to PCC matches rather than pistol guy switching over to PCC. To me this shows that there is a large group of people that want rifle competitions. PCC itself has become very popular very fast, and maybe USPSA-style Rifle Caliber Carbine matches would be popular as well.
  10. Space could be an issue at some clubs, but most clubs have at least 2 100+ yard ranges. The clubs I shoot USPSA matches at have at least 4 bays that are 50-75 yards, and with small steel or mini paper targets, you could create scenarios for precise shooting with a little creativity. But I agree, there are more ranges with space for pistol matches. My overall point is that I think that IPSC is dropping the ball when it comes to world class Semi Auto Rifle competition, and USPSA has an opportunity to change that. Part of this is that they have the semi auto divisions competing in the
  11. High cap divisions certainly are popular, but there are still reloads in USPSA Pistol matches. Mag length forces even open shooters to reload, where in IPSC Rifle there are 60 round mags allowed and effectively eliminate reloading. I also am a production shooter and like the division for many reasons, one of which is the locap part. For the sake of short courses, I would suggest maybe 15 rounds in the mag, there by most stages would have at least 1 reload, some would be 2. That is if you stick to the 32 round maximum round count. I also like the idea of keeping just 2 divisions. 2
  12. As the US arm of IPSC, USPSA has made it's own modifications to the pistol part of USPSA, but how about a revamp of the IPSC Rifle rules? Over the last 2 decades there has been tons of progress made in the AR/M4 shooting world, but the current IPSC Rifle rules do not really reflect the current gear or uses of the AR15. Specifically, everyone that uses an AR in their profession uses a LPVO, red dot, or similar but the IPSC rifles divisions for semi auto guns are basically Open, and then Irons with no bipods. For all intents and purposes, Irons on rifles are dead, with their sole use b
  13. They're just not the same. I have 2 guns with Johnny's competition trigger in them, and a nicely tuned 1911. The glock has more pre-travel and not as crisp of a wall/break, but it's about as good as it gets for glocks. The two gun designs are just inherently different.
  14. I made a template of the target shape with the A zones cut out to trace with a sharpie. Slice the outside and then mark your A zones with 1 template. Got some cardboard from the warehouse where I work. Cut probably 50 in an hour. I will say IMO if you are training for USPSA, you should be using actual or replica Metric/Classic targets with proper A zones, for visual repetition's sake.
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