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  1. SweetToof

    Listen to on the way to a match or range?

    YEP For my local club about 35 minutes away if I start Cowboys from Hell album Domination ends just as I pull into the lot
  2. SweetToof

    Cheap easy pvc target stand

    this is pretty smart, I like less material. Wood stands are fine for paper but they are lightweight, where with PVC you could fill with sand and cap them. If you shoot steel though you will get a ton of lead and jacket frag in them, not fun to handle.
  3. SweetToof

    Glock to CZ back to Glock!!!!!

    Personally I don't think I'll ever opt for a competition non-glock until my carry gun is a non-glock. There is a lot to be said about splitting practice time across multiple platforms. Yes the fundamentals always carry over between makes but it's a great feeling to shoot a match with my G34 and then go home and put my G26 or G19 on for carry. I'm sure the CZ's and Tanfo's rock, I just don't want to learn another platform and at the same time dull my skills with my carry guns.
  4. SweetToof

    Preparation routine before Stand By

    This is pretty important. Proper preparation includes a pre-piss and pre-preperation means being properly hydrated haha. But seriously I'll bring 2 gallons of water to a match and usually finish one after 5 stages. People really under-hydrate especially if you're outside running around in the summer. A single 1 liter Nalgene is simply not enough water for you over a 4+ hour period of mild physical exertion, and it's usually all you see people bring with them. Eating enough before and a snack during will keep you on your A-game throughout the match as well. Apart from that, which I wouldn't consider a routine so much as just a necessary piece(s) of gear, I do your typical mag load, check them, insert them into my pouches, barney mag, etc. I do shoot a lot of Steel Challenge matches where you are basically shooting 39 runs throughout the day that are generally all going to be between 2-6 seconds each. This places a huge emphasis on consistent mental prep, since you get to (have to) to do it 39 times. I like to do the following; IN THE HOLE; check mags are loaded, place on belt Air-gun the stage thinking about the rhythm I will shoot (for steel challenge, USPSA I'll re-run the stage mentally air gunning reloads and target transitions, entries and exits) SHOOTER's DONE; I take a drink while at my gear I'll wash my hands with hand sanitizer and wipe clean with my towel. ON DECK; for the whole shooter's run I stand still, eyes closed, down range, and breathe deeply while visualizing my run. Visualizing is big, read about it, lots of pro athletes use it. This puts me completely in my zone, nothing other than my stage on my mind. Not mags, not my gun, not that I have to piss, think only. the. stage. LAMR; take the shooters box place mag to start with in pocket proper footing (clear uneven stones, feel comfortable, place feet where they should be) slow draw once, dry fire on first target, air gun the transitions holster gun quick draw with a dry fire, air gun transitions load gun with my 11 round mag holster gun assume start position with gun hand only (don't want to confuse RO) 3 dry "gun-grabs" this is moving from the start position (surrender, hands at side, etc.) to getting my master grip on the gun before drawing. This cements in my head the very first movement I will do after the BEEP and ensures I have the correct proprioception (knowing where my gun is in space without looking) and that I will get my strong hand on the pistol in the right way to guarantee my correct grip once my support hand meets the gun. SC BETWEEN STAGES; Load fresh mag holster gun 3 dry "gun-grabs" Long post but I never deviate from this and I do a couple things extra that most don't; Hydrate all day meditate/visualize before stage recreate first moments of the stage (grip, draw, sight picture, trigger pull) just before shooting the stages
  5. SweetToof

    G19 graduated to a G34, Striker question

    I certainly did notice the feeling of the trigger to have a more crisp break with the Zev and more of a squishy break when I put the stock striker back in with all the other components stying the same. As far as primer detonation, even with a lightened striker spring and a stock heavy striker, there were no light strikes. However I was using my "match primers" Federal Small Pistol Primers. They seem to need less impact to detonate them, I have had issues with CCI's detonating when using a light spring with a stock striker.
  6. SweetToof

    G19 graduated to a G34, Striker question

    thanks those sure look like high quality pieces. Zev had some minor finish inconsistencies on it as well.
  7. So after shooting competitively for just over a year with a G19 and actually winning some local Steel Challenge and non-sanctioned speed shooting matches I finally got a proper competition gun and got a Gen 3 G34. I shot OK at my first match with it but I ended up shooting my fastest Steel Challenge production time ever, and set 3 new classifier times. I honestly feel a little dumb for not having bought one of these sooner. Feels just like my 19 but better in every way, it's a real Excalibur for me, I feel like mf-ing John WIck haha Installed a; tungsten guide rod 13 lb recoil spring zev pro drop in trigger zev skeletonized striker Frank Proctor Y notch sights DIY soldering iron stipple job TTI +5 base pad mag extensions Shot really well for about 600 rounds until I got to a SC match this weekend and had 2 consecutive double taps with one trigger pull. I had heard about this issue with the Zev strikers going full auto, getting double taps, not resetting, etc. so I wasn't super surprised when it happened. Changed out the striker for a stock one and it shot fine, no light strikes but the trigger doesn't feel quite as crisp. Question is what striker do you guys like? Or do I mess with the trigger assembly to bend it in a way that catches the striker better? G19 and G34 pictured.
  8. SweetToof

    Check list before I leave.

    Bare minimums are a good start. What do I need to shoot a stage? Then what if my gear malfunctions? Then what do I do in between stages? (food, water, shade, sit)
  9. SweetToof

    IDPA shooter wondering about USPSA

    Definitely prefer USPSA myself. IDPDA has a bunch of silly rules and tries to incorporate vague and unrealistic "tactics" such as target order, shooting from cover, mag change rules, no "air gunning." Like who the hell cares if you hold up your finger while you walk a stage? LOL I obviously have disdain for IDPA but I have had fun at the 2 i shot.
  10. SweetToof

    Grip tape keeps coming off

    I say why not stipple? PROS: Extreme grip (better than sand paper IMO, depends on the tip shape when stippling) Grip surface won't degrade with use (even if talons, etc. stay in place, the sand paper rubs smooth in all the needed places) Consistency over time (new sandpaper will be much more aggressive than your old one when you replace it, possibly irritating your hands) grip in all the right places (support side thumb, on top of finger grooves or where grooves used to be if you dremel them off) doesn't snag jersey material like sand paper does Free/cheap (Likely you already own a soldering iron. 5$ amazon works just fine) pressure/heat proof (grip it as hard as you want, aint going no where) CONS: Possible diminished value (who cares about resale value, you're gonna beat the gun up shooting tens of thousands of rounds anyway if you're competing) You might mess up (practice on some glock factory mag loaders) Look (take your time, make it clean or pay someone to do it professionally. Personally I think partially rubbed off sandpaper looks way worse. Plus who cares, FUNCTION over FORM. Its a competitive gun) Time (takes a good 3 hours to do right)
  11. SweetToof

    Untested ammo

    I like to make my girlfriend drive so I can plunk on the way to the match
  12. SweetToof

    Check list before I leave.

    forgot my gun once. shot steel challenge with my carry G26 haha
  13. SweetToof

    Untested ammo

    What brand coated bullets were so inconsistent? Lots of tried and true brands for coated lead out there. Blue Bullets for myself. Even when I lad for practice, I'll take a random sampling out of every ~100 rounds and pop a few into the gauge. If you only get the gauge out match day you may end up overlooking an issue until it's too late. SEE BELOW
  14. SweetToof

    This was interesting... a lesson in hand loading

    UPDATE Shot USPSA Western PA Sectional this weekend and not a single issue. 4 hour car ride was a great time to plunk all rounds
  15. SweetToof

    This was interesting... a lesson in hand loading

    Yeah case gauging and then plunking is going to be the new method. Lessons learned with this one