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  1. Hey I’m from kingsport also what a coincidence
  2. Has anybody bought the 6moa yet? I just got mine and can’t see a difference between 2.5 and 6moa
  3. Yeah he’s super quick on shipping and very easy to order with. He’ll answer any question you have also
  4. He doesn’t have a website just yet he’s doing on phone orders or email
  5. Im purchasing a tso from my dad and me being left handed first thing I noticed was I need a thumb safety on the right side of the gun that’s not flat does anybody know where I can find one of these?
  6. Cajun gun works sends some pretty decent screws when they optic cut slides, might send them an email and see if they would sell you just the screws
  7. Give this guy a shout, I’m part of the painting process and we have 5gal buckets of each profile sitting back ready to ship.
  8. The legion is longer than a regular x5.
  9. Hopefully they offer this just the gun. At the same time I’m curious when gray guns is gonna come out with a CO package slide
  10. So I picked up a back up legion today and I’ve been told there is a new version of the x5 legion that accepts the SRO and the first model x5 legion doesn’t. something I noticed between my 2 legions is the barrel where the round is chambered, one is a full square and the other one has a weird slant cut. (neither have the LCI hole) can someone give me some info here on any differences
  11. If your plunk checking your ammo in the factory barrel, your fine. Don’t run anything less than 12lb recoil spring if anything I’d try the 14lb.
  12. Mine just did it today while cleaning. What did you come up with?
  13. DPP with the screws it comes with
  14. They don’t make one for a DPP
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