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  1. They told me they don't recommend any springs but the ismi should work, well it didn’t after I ordered two of them. just recently ordered Wolff springs the .270 diameter ones and they work perfect no issues. http://jagerproducts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=38&products_id=101 wasn’t impressed with Jagers shipping times though..
  2. I’ve been runnin a gen 5 34 for almost a year now and It’s hard for me to shoot anything else, I tried a gen 5 17 and I couldn’t tell much difference. Only difference I noticed I was coming out of holster faster only cause it’s shorter than 34. I’m venturing over to carry optics and I shoot my 34 just as fast as my dad does and he’s borderline A class with a gen 3 17. All depends if you like a long slide gun or not.
  3. Rpope423

    Glock In limited

    My TTI extended hit in my Dawson in my 34 gen 5 I just took a round file and knocked the magwell insert a couple time where it was hitting and haven’t had an issue since
  4. Rpope423

    Glock In limited

    I’ve got something in the works close to a 24. If all goes well I’ll post pics tomorrow
  5. Rpope423

    Glock In limited

    I’ve found my KKM in my gen 5 to be more accurate. Also it allows you to load just a little longer. It’s all a confidence thing man. As far as the frame weight, I’m 160lbs at 5’7 I need all the help I can get with recoil lol
  6. Rpope423

    Glock In limited

    Out of curiosity why do you say not to mess wiith aftermarket barrels or framewieghts? I run a Kkm and a frame weight on my 34 and love it
  7. Rpope423

    Glock In limited

    I’m really leaning towards a 35 cause I’m already use to that long slide but I’m just curious what everybody take is
  8. Rpope423

    Glock In limited

    Yeah the frame weight holster thing I’ve been frustrated with since I got it and my red eye holster in...after finding out the new 3 piece frame weight doesn’t fit that holster I was not happy, so I took a heat gun and amazingly I got it to work with a little bit of widening. Your right though if you come up the wrong way it’ll bind in a hurry.
  9. Rpope423

    Glock In limited

    Alright I’m looking to make the switch from minor to major. I do very well in limited minor hanging with guys up top shooting major but I know at major matches shooting major will help a lot. But here’s where I am stuck. im looking at a Glock 22 or Glock 35 at the moment I shoot a gen 5 34 with a lot of trigger work, Kkm barrel, Dawson sights, Dawson magwell and SJC frame weight. If i go glock 22 I’m gonna do a Taylor freelance sight block, lone wolff barrel or a Kkm, Dawson sights, tungsten guide rod trigger work and a heavy magwell with a SJC frame weight. If I do this I’m gonna have to buy an open holster which is kinda hard with me being left handed not many to choose from if I go 35 I’m only doing Dawson sights, trigger work, heavy magwell, sjc frame weight, tungsten guide rod. If I do this I can run the holster I have now. looking at gen 3 models. Whats the pros and cons here. I’m sure I’m bout to get an earful shooting minor in limited lol
  10. Awesome. Guess I was lookin at right stuff cause I was stuck between both items. Thanks guys
  11. Would you say it’s equivalent to 60 grit sandpaper?
  12. What’s everybody using grit wise? And is there a specific brand that is a definite go to? Been looking around and reading and I’m not finding much info except on how to apply it
  13. Dad runs a gen 3 17 with factory spring on a 128gr bullet with a delta pro and does just as good as guys with cz that have been cut and other expensive guns. Also with some time and work you can get the gen 3 trigger down to 2lb with a lot polish and springs. gen 5 trigger isn’t bad but it took us longer to get it down to 2.5lb than any other generation Glock. Its all about what your confident in.
  14. Good choice, I have them on my 34 and have had 0 issues out of them very solid sights
  15. I had a set of Dawson non co witness on the 17 I had and they are spot on, plus Dawson stands behind his products which is a huge plus.
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