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  1. Wouldn’t know that the thread pitch is by any chance do you?
  2. I’m good on the belt then. What about the mag carriers?
  3. This year I’m stepping up to the plate and shooting a couple big matches this year and and updating my gear. From my understanding you can run a outer belt as long as it’s not thicker than 5/16 and isn’t wider 1 3/4 and fits through belt loops and allows me to pass the 3/4 Dow test? Also the cr speed mag carriers are legal as long as I replace the adjustment screw with something that requires a tool. Just making sure what I’m gonna be using is 100% legal with no questions
  4. I’ve done a lot of searching for recoil springs for the gen 5 34 and I’m only coming up with ISMI, im running a taran tactical guide rod specifically for the gen 5 34 but the spring it comes with is to strong for me. Does anybody know if the 5” 1911 springs will work fine? I’m wanting a 10lb and ISMI only has 11lb and I’m not big on cutting and stretching springs
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