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  1. That guide rod isn’t for a 17/34 mine measures to 3 1/2 inches click here for measurement
  2. Click here to see TTI guide rod in my 34 gen 5
  3. Mmm no something isn’t right
  4. Looks kinda short. did it come with the guide rod adapter that goes at the end of the slide where the guide rod slides through?
  5. I’ll be shooting Coated I forgot to mention that so should I give tite group a try or go ahead and try something else? I don’t want any kind of issues if the gun is gonna get to hot
  6. I’ll be shooting a Glock 22 with a 35 barrel and Taylor freelance sight block so I’m probably looking at 172PF with 4.6 grains if I’m guessing
  7. I’ve recently decided to move to limited major I’ve got everything together exceot for a load, I’ve overheard some people say not to use titegroup for major loads and I’m curious why they said that? Any input is appreciated
  8. Rpope423

    Fault lines?

    Ain’t no need to be bringin people’s edgamaction into this now gonna get the post locked down lol
  9. Rpope423

    Fault lines?

    Well this got spicy quick and I didn’t know about it. So is HQ or AC doing something about the way these matches have been ran past 2 years?
  10. Are you sure that slide will fit a gen 5 frame? Gen 5 frames are not compatible with gen 3-4 slides
  11. That one isn’t stripped but that’s a good price on a gen 5 frame. Out of curiosity why do you need a gen 5 frame?
  12. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/823167080
  13. As DK said some on gunbroker I was looking for one not long ago only place I could find one decent price
  14. So just order the .300 by whatever width I like and just adjust the rear? What’s yours measure to DK?
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