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  1. Already got two of the mags set up for that, gonna get some rounds through it and will probably add more later
  2. The way I grip the gun, my strong side thumb is under the stud of the decocker. I THINK it will be ok, but I haven't got to run the gun much yet.
  3. For sure! I'm already looking at 75 Compacts
  4. I've used visualization exercises since I first read With Winning In Mind. Great (free) tool to use!
  5. No holsters, sim guns, etc etc. There's no gym or any space where I can be doing strength training. Again, looking for focus, eye speed sort of exercises that I can do while at work. After deeper investigation on what other sports use, I did find some options though.
  6. Congrats bud. Glad it worked for you!
  7. I did. Couldn't find what I was looking for. Happen to remember what the thread was titled by chance?
  8. Ya, tried some already and was like, "ok, not this"
  9. I work for a company that does not allow firearms on the premises. However, I have quite a bit of downtime while I am at work. Are there any training techniques you guys use that don't require a firearm? Maybe something to increase focus, eye speed, or something of that sort?
  10. I run a Tippmann Arms M4-22 Elite that has been modified by me. The Tippmann's all aluminum receivers and more "true to AR" operating system are a big step up from the 15-22.
  11. I run twin 6MOA Razors on my PCC, .223, and even my 22LR rifle.
  12. Maybe I've just been lucky so far, but I have fallen a few times at matches and I'm not afraid to push it at practice and take a spill or two. I have never had an AD/ND, broke 180, been DQed, Etc. I have never practiced falling either though. I do find however that most of my falling happens in a final shooting position coming to my weak side on a hard lean. I do always get my final shots off, always on paper, and then try my best to land on my shoulder/side/hip instead of my elbow. Lucky so far, but definitely thinking maybe I should put some practice into the skill of crashing
  13. When I first started shooting, we knew that I was cross eye dominant. So, we started with trying every combination: right hand right eye, right hand left eye, left hand left eye, and left hand right eye. Me and my trainer determined that I should continue progress right hand right eye and train my eyes and brain accordingly. To do that, we covered the inside left lens of my shooting glasses with smoked Scotch tape. This meant I could shoot with both eyes open but only see with the right eye, forcing my brain to use that one. After a short time we peeled some of the tape off and continued training. After a while some more tape came off. In less than two days I was able to train my brain to use my right eye as dominant eye for shooting. Because of my true cross dominance though, I have been able to train to use it to my advantage now. I can now shoot right or left handed off of my right or left eye with a pistol or a rifle just by telling myself ahead of time what I was going to do and how I was going to transition the firearm in different positions. It took about 2 years for me to get fully comfortable with it.
  14. TonyMartin

    New To The CZ Game

    Hello all! I recently picked up this CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical Decocker. I'm switching over to this as my new Carry Optics build from an M&P9 Pro C.O.R.E. The 75 has a gunsmith-fit bushing and barrel from CZC and will have all Cajun internals, trigger, hammer, etc when buttoned up. It will also be outfitted with a Vortex Razor in 6MOA, LOK Bogie grips, and have the lower Cerakoted Burnt Bronze. I ordered (and already have) magazines with Taran Tactical 140mm extensions and Black Scorpion mag carriers and holster on their aluminum hanger. I'm very excited for what I believe will be a major step up in my shooting game. The gun should be finished up this weekend or sometime next week! I will post more pictures when it's done.
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