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  1. Yep clay is a nice powder have used it in 45 and 40 as well, just like the other shotgun powders. I have also used WST for 9mm and that works well also
  2. Tonka

    Carry Optic

    The hardest thing about red dots that I have found is, are they bright enough for say vegas or Phoenix or can you see them in the sun light off a white piece of steel. The dots are much better now then they used to be but if you can find a few that friends have test them out make sure they are adjustable...good luck
  3. I do recall this method when I first became a police officer, back in the very early 80's. As years went by we found this to be ok for bullseye shooting but not for anything else. Keep your eye on the front site and just pull through the trigger in a constant pull, do not slap it keep the gun level and follow through. After a while you will be able to do it and keep the same groups
  4. There is really an art to this. One of my favorite people to watch is Max Michele. If you want he starts to move, depending on the target array, just as his last shot is fired. Then when he arrives at the next location his gun is up and he will fire just as soon as it is legal to do so. He is ready to go when he gets to where he is going. JoJo also does the same. Now although they are both fast and its doubtful we will be that fast you can cut your time down quite a bit by being ready to shoot when you get to where you want to go. Hope this helps
  5. At any USPSA match run with their that would be a DQ read the rule on what a gun bag is and it is not the holster
  6. 3 gun nations seems to want to slow everything down. They used to have two circles on the target and if you hit the corner of one of the targets outside the circle it would count as a miss. now this it is going to turn into a bulleye match...
  7. I have shot USPSA since its beginning and before. The more divisions to my way of thinking the better, I shoot all of them, I get tired of one then switch to another it keeps me interested in the different shooting styles and lets my brain work a bit more trying to figure out the stages from a revolver point of view to the now fun division of PCC.
  8. Tonka

    First shot

    Classifiers are a strange monster. I tell others and do the same myself, just shoot that stage like you could shoot it 10 more times the same way. Don't push it let it go. You don't want to be labeled a GM but only be a B class shooter just because you went crazy and shot the classifiers good. Just relax and shoot the way you always do, it will often turn out best
  9. Tonka

    Don't try so hard

    I have noticed the same thing, often I would watch the super squad and try and copy what they did, well I found out that what works for them does not work for me, I try and find out what flows for me on a stage. After a while it became easier. Don't try and count the steps just find a way that keeps you flowing in a positive manner
  10. years ago some wise shooter that I knew said that if your not shooting at least 80-85% alpha your not shooting enough of them. He also stated that if your shooting more than 85% you may be shooting to slow. There are a lot of variables here just some food for thought
  11. Tonka

    New member & 9mm powders

    I shoot a lot of 9mm, from the powders that you have listed my favorite is Silhouette my very least favorite and a powder that I truly hate is Unique. Silhouette has a very soft impulse and works well not only in my pistols but in the PCC also
  12. Tonka

    Is the .45 dead in USPSA?

    yes for sure if you look at the last nationals it was dominated by the 45 230 grain. I plan on going back to it as well as the 40 single stack is a monster to shoot
  13. Tonka

    929 for S&W Repair

    They may or may not fix this but beware if you have polished up the action they will send you a note stating that the gun is unsafe and they will not work on it unless they replace all the parts that you polished. I asked them why it was unsafe and they told me that it did not meet their standards...
  14. Tonka

    Holster in carry on

    Yes I just inquired about that with TSA holster are ok but magazines are not
  15. Tonka

    Las Vegas

    check out the pro gun club always something going on with Pete Rensing there