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  1. Good info in this thread. Answered a lot of my questions.
  2. Going to try and make a few new batches of lube and weigh out the lanolin to alcohol ratio. Probably have too much lanolin.
  3. I've been experimenting with a light lanolin and alcohol mix on my 9mm cases to see if it makes resizing smoother on my 550. Not quite sold on it yet, but problem is removing this stuff from completed rounds. I have corn cobb in a Dillon tumbler and added some mineral spirits. No bueno. Any ideas? Hand cleaning is not an option.
  4. Here's the deal. I'm visiting relatives in WA and I didn't want to pack one pistol, magazines and ammo in my larger Pelican case. I ordered a 1200 Pelican case which I thought would be more manageable, but won't fit my IWB holster too. Figured I ask the members here if you've packed a holster in your carry on and what was your experience, if any, with TSA? Thank you.
  5. Best to strip the chrome, machine then refinish. Hard chrome is extremely hard and most tooling will chip or break the cutting edge.
  6. Wow! Some of you have killer internet speeds. I have Comcast Cable and I average 44Mb Down and 5MbUp with 32ms ping. I pay about $80/month. It'd probably take me 3hrs to download that manual.
  7. I've got one on my Dillon roller handle and it's super comfy. Wouldn't be without it.
  8. Silencerco Hybrid. All calibers up to 45-70.
  9. I've got a pair of the MSA/Sordins after I tried the Howard Leight Impact Sports. Those HL's were the worst thing ever as far as comfort (square shaped ear seals which left a huge gap on the bottom) and the way the electronics work. The HL's clip the sound (on/off) and the Sordins compress it. It's akin to the volume being turned down but not completely muted. The Sordins feel like a quality piece. Can't say the same for the HL.
  10. It's a 2011, so it's a double stack 19rd magazine. I have a few of them, but I need more. Bad deal is that tuned STI mags are more expensive compared to SS.
  11. I got tired and bored with shooting while stationary and felt I wasn't accomplishing anything other than having more brass to reload. USPSA interests me because it's so dynamic and I think the skills used Ina Match can be carried over to concealed carry, which is the primary reason I'm entering the sport. I'll just be shooting local Matches for fun and experience. I'll be using my daily carry gun in Limited. Nice to be here as it looks as if the members here, for the most part, respect eachother and don't flame people like other Forums.
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