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  1. I have built one very similar. No ports in the island but with minor I doubt it makes a difference. Only played with it so far but hope to shoot in a match next weekendZ
  2. Tony has a point. Much of the previous criticism of IDPA was the hours long gun checks it took to shoot bigger matches. I can also say from shooting IDPA and NRA TPC that it is difficult at best to appease rule sets that are enforced with old scales or an inexperienced human enforcers. Some of the ideas you have are on interesting but the implementation would be problematic. Not that many of the ones now aren’t but I guess that is the innate problem of rule sets. I started this thread as I am seeing the advancement in what is “duty issue” that has occurred in recent years and how many of even novice or new shooting sports entrants have headed that advancement. That and my aging eyes I must admit. Keep up the thinking it only drives the sport and don’t be deterred by nay sayers whose first inclination is to act snarky.
  3. USCSBarney

    PCC or magwell adapter for 2011 mags?

    Yea the reorg is what concerns me. Not for only the company and its employees but how hard they are going with the issue. The one Pat had seemed to work just fine and one would think that if they let a guy with that much clout demo it for the world... Corp reorg’s are a pain I am sure so hope they get back on track. Wouldn’t be so worried if saw product available.
  4. USCSBarney

    40 Open

    ZZT is a wealth of knowledge on the issue. Helped me come up with ideas and supplied knowledge on my 40 Open build. Should have it in hand first week of June.
  5. If you can take $125 for both will send PayPal gift in morning when I wake up. Would need email obviously. Not trying to low ball. All I have on hand.  Thanks either way. 

  6. USCSBarney

    Open shotgun choices

    Update us on the Typhoon testing. Getting a Dissident but always like idea of backup and the Typhoon looks tempting.
  7. USCSBarney

    PCC or magwell adapter for 2011 mags?

    Pat Kelly did a video on the Nordic PCC and showed off the STI magwell. It’s developed they just don’t seem to be jumping to produce it. I have sent 3 emails over the last 9 months or so asking and none have been answered. Thinking of selling it as the original intent was a PCC that could use the same mags as my 3 Gun and Steel pistols.
  8. USCSBarney

    3 Gun Unlimited slide milling

    As an added crinkle to the issue and to get around some of the issues drewbeck brought up, is there an adapter plate anyone knows of for a 1911 slide? Fusion makes one for the RMR but I am not keen on taking things apart to change the battery. I have left messages with STI about the ones they use for HOST/Omni but haven’t heard back as of yet.
  9. USCSBarney

    Unlimited/Open Optic Choices

    Decided to split the difference as I got a good deal on a Trijicon AccuPower 1-8. sighted it in yesterday and am very impressed.
  10. USCSBarney

    40 Open

    If anyone has pics of their STI based gun please post. Lookimg to get one built and need suggestions on comps and/or ported island barrels, Love that JPL.
  11. USCSBarney

    3 Gun Unlimited slide milling

    Oh I know about the fitting of parts trust me. Have delt with a custom builder before. Merely asking about the slide as I don’t know a smith that does that operation (milling for a red dot on the slide) for a 2011. All the parts I have are CK and would have to be fit. The barrel is a Shuemann Island barrel and would already take much of the slide weight out once fit. I know I am talking about a Carry Optics type build. I am trying to avoid buying a new barrel and slide if I can as I am going to shoot minor loads through it in 3 Gun. Failing eyes and the PT Honcho gave me the idea.
  12. USCSBarney

    3 Gun Unlimited slide milling

    Looking to get into the Unlimited game. Wondering what slide, bald, Novak or Bomar could be used to be milled for a red dot? Looking to go slide mounted as I have the parts already and price savings compared to an full blown Open gun. I have a bomar to use but don’t know if the existing milling would allow it to be flattened out for the dot. Probably going Venum or Delta. Also, anyone know if a smith the does 1911/2011 slide milling for dots. Fusion is the only one I have for sure found. Thanks in advance.
  13. The optic on the pistol really isn’t the competitive issue to me in 3 Gun. The original idea would be more of a hit to “Practical” division numbers. That division is mostly the introductory division on the club level and where people get into the sport. The do get “mentored” and if they stay in the sport generally purchase the equipment to transition to another division. I doubt a carry Optics type division would dilute the numbers in divisions at major matches. You are correct that there are more larger matches and I have noticed those matches have taken longer to fill up if they sell out at all. To be frank there is just a big an argument that there are too many large matches that are harming that market as a whole. The diluting off prize tables is more due to that issue than divisions. My my only interest in the issue is the huge growth of mini red dots on duty type Guns. Whether you consider them tactical wannabes or the evolution of shooting, my point is they are the future of the game. Put that with the several “old farts” the are going to carry Optics in USPSA to make their retirement budget go farther, I just think it is an untapped demographic that can keep the sport healthy and growing. Again not saying it has to be done but also think it could be a great addition especially at the club level. I still think one of the smartest things 3GN ever did was the 22 division. I only wish it was age limited (say 12 and under) with no requirements for shotgun. I still think we would have more kids out there shooting with us if we did. When I ran a club I fully admit to “bending” any divisional rule if it meant letting a kid play in the game. Never affected the outcome but did put a smile on several kids faces. A few of which are still in the game.
  14. And I am sure many felt the same in one division days.
  15. To reiterate the main idea of this discussion is to broaden the appeal of the sport and allow the “older generation”, which I am quickly joining admittedly, to continue in the sport without obliterateing their retirement. Prize table discussions have merit but my intent was the state and growth of the sport.