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  1. Bringing this thread back to life. Anyone tried an OZ9 in a Weber, Double Alpha or other known brand holster? DAA told me they had not tried it and obviously couldn’t guarantee.
  2. What would you all consider the best PF for minor open guns? I know they could encompass quite a bit of variables but am thinking more of 3 Gun frame mounted optic guns. I have ave an SPS shorty and the comp is two port but it doesn’t seem very effective unless I feed it +P type loads. 150-155 PF does the best in the two port comp. it cycles with full 130PF loads but seems to not be as flat due to the comp not seeming to work all that well at 130. Happy New Year!
  3. Nerd one works wonders with my custom open gun. Railed CK arms frame. Can almost too much retention if you crank down the thumb screw.
  4. MBX is the best, especially with the 155 option for reload. I must admit I have had excellent luck with Gen 2 STI mags though. Replace the guts with Grams, basepad with your pick and off to the races. Cheaper to restart with if money demands.
  5. Wondering what anyone may be using in their PCC JP Silent capture spring system with +P ammo. Purchased the upgrade weights but still getting a decent amount of bolt bounce. Tried emailing JP but just got back “but our new unit”. Just looking for spring weight suggestions and where to get. All I can find is the “set” they offer. Before the question is asked why +P.... I can get it for free.
  6. How many does the new mega Glock mag hold? WOW! to the original point..... Nordic has now removed the ability to buy ANY magwell. Looks like I may be selling it as I am tired of waiting for the unicorn to show itself.
  7. Didn’t use this one but a gunsmith made one that was virtually identical. The height over bore is rather difficult to get used to. Not unlike a full open pistol but without the stability of the mount. I ended up having it milled. To me, try a carry optics gun and an open gun and see which has a dot that better fits your eye. Slide mounted optics are easier to find for 3 gun purposes.
  8. Recieved this today from them.. We’re currently waiting on a run of the Delrin filler for the magwell insert, but there should be some of these available within the next few weeks.
  9. The Nordic magwell is at least on their site now. Sent them maybe the 10th email in 2 years asking when they might actually be produced. Will report IF they actually answer this one.
  10. The last Wheaton Arms 2011 but a 40 Open.
  11. Very much looking forwards to your thoughts on it my friend.
  12. As promised!!! Finally getting into Open with a 40! Muchos gracias mi amigo Robbie Wheaton for making my dreams come true! Was looking to work on a backup but the forums minders didn’t like those efforts. Will keep up efforts with this little beauty. Hopefully a range report will happen if work and kids permit the time. Yeee hawwww!!
  13. Once it hits the Production approved list may very well be a good reason to play around in CO a bit more.
  14. Magpuls seem to run good thou I had one fail. It failed also in a pistol so probably the mag. Glock mags run best, especially with the MBX extensions that I use. Sanding the upper section slightly with fine grit sand paper seems to help with the “drop free” problem that occurs. ETS I haven’t tried as they were so hit and miss years ago have never invested in them but have seen (not experienced) better results as of recent.
  15. Not sure what the G45 slide weighs but killing for the optic would loose some weight. Just sure if enough. Optimum weight on an open gun slide is around 10oz. The use of a tungsten rod would bring the reciprocating weight (felt anyway) even lower as more weight is stationary in the hand. 130ish powerfactor should be easy as velocity loss from a 34 length barrel to a 19 length is minimal. I would wager if it makes 130 in a 34 it would still easily make minor (above 125) in a 45. When I pick up my open gun from Wheaton Arms I am going to run it by him to see if he agrees.
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