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  1. I sent my two guns in because I had to adjust my rear sight all the way to the left to zero the guns. It seemed like the slides were out of spec in some way. Gun1: Was failing to go into battery with the factory installed 8# recoil spring. Slide was replaced with a new S3X slide. Gun1’s FP and FP spring look different than the ones originally in the gun. Gun1 now shoots POA/POI at 25 yards with the rear sight windage setting close to mechanical zero. Gun1 has 2000 rounds on the frame and still ignites factory Magtech/S&B ammo without issue. Gun1 has 500 rounds on the new slide. Gun2: FP was bent. Trigger plunger pin hole cracked. EAA kept the original slide from Gun2. Slide was replaced with slide from Gun1. Gun2 started having light strikes after being sent back with the slide from Gun1 installed (~1250 rounds on frame). Barrel was cut/crowned in attempt to match new production S3 style. Tech claimed this was necessary to fix the problem. Documentation states “adjusted barrel”. Gun2 still requires the rear sight to be adjusted to the left edge of the dovetail cut to hit POA/POI at 25 yards. Gun2 started having light strikes again 1100 rounds into a replacement EGD Medium hammer spring. Both guns shot sub 3” groups at 25 yards before I sent them in. It confuses me why EAA would tell me they wouldn’t group and they had to do creative gunsmithing to get them to group better. After the “fix”, they still shot sub 3” groups at 25 (freestyle). I also have a 3rd S3 that shoots sub 3” at 25 yards with the rear sight mostly centered. A high level GM shot Gun2 with my zero. Windage was correct with the rear sight cranked to the left. Both S3Xs pass the plunk test using S&B 115gr ammo no problem.
  2. I had 2 light primer strikes yesterday during practice using S&B 115gr. The first one was at about 1100 rounds on the new hammer spring. The second was at about 1500 rounds in. I noticed the primer strike was off-center. Does this have to do something with FP block fitment? I’ve taken the FP block out before with the previous hammer spring and it didn’t help anything. I’m at a loss of what to try now. I highly doubt that the EGD Medium hammer spring and Delta hammer combo are only good for 1000 rounds of the most commonly found factory ammo in Europe. The last thing I want to do is send my gun back to EAA. They’ve already had it once and refused to fix it for another issue; I doubt they’ll even consider this a problem.
  3. Do slides interchange on steel and polymer framed guns?
  4. I can't get over the front/back strap design of the IFG Stock I. If they had kept the grip from the Stock 2/3/LimPro, I think it'd be a hit.
  5. Has anyone tried creating a G19X style Tanfo? I think it would be neat for a carry gun. For appendix carry, the slide seems like it would be more out of the way. And from a gun familiarity standpoint, I'm already shooting a large frame Tanfo, not a whole lot really changes. I would just have the front of the slide milled to accept a common front sight replacement (Tanfo if possible). I think the Henning Battlehook rear sight fits the dovetail on this one. It seems doable as long as the parts on EAA's website are for large frame guns. The other option might be to get a .38 Super slide and have a longer large frame 9mm barrel cut down?
  6. I use Stock 3s and never win. Do I get my money back? Honestly, I don't think it matters too much. Just pick one that fits the division(s) you want to shoot. The Stock 2 is only legal for USPSA. I'd say the Lim Pro is the most versatile if you want to shoot multiple sports/divisions. Conversion slides and barrels are also less expensive and more available from EAA. USPSA/IPSC Production USPSA Limited or IPSC Standard with a .40 slide, magwell, and 140mm or 126mm extensions USPSA CO with or without slide milling IPSC PO with dovetail mount IDPA SSP IDPA ESP with a magwell IDPA CDP with a .45 slide All 3-gun divisions if accuracy by volume is your thing
  7. I just happened to be on the Tanfoglio website on noticed this gun in their catalog. Did they ever announce this model coming to the US?
  8. Update: Replaced the hammer spring with another EGD Medium and it flawlessly ignited Magtech for 350 rounds. Let's see how long it lasts...
  9. I just got my other S3X back from EAA so I'm going to shoot some ammo through it and see what happens. It never had ignition issues before and my ammo behaves exactly the same with the plunk test. It had the same ignition parts when I sent it in but when I got it back, it came with a different firing pin and cut firing pin spring. *shrug*
  10. I don't see any chamber reamers on their site. I can only find the service to have a barrel reamed. Do you have a link for the blind? I'm not sure if I'll have time to go to the range and do that before the Patriot 20% sale is over. I'm about ready to throw in a Titan hammer and see what happens lol. I don't keep spent brass but going off memory, I don't recall primer strikes being noticeably off-center.
  11. I loctited mine and it has been in the same position since I got the gun. I’ll take it out and see if anything changes. I reinstalled the FP block and used a ballpoint pen with the ballpoint facing the firing pin. The pen flies higher in SA than DA, but SA is where I’m getting all of my light strikes with live ammo. I even took my finger off the trigger as fast as possible to simulate rapid fire, and the pen launches equally as high. If I have to ream the barrel, is there a documented amount? I have 2 of these guns and there’s a good chance I’ll get more Tanfos for CO, so it’ll be worth getting a chamber reamer.
  12. Thing is... the ammo that spins freely is having problems. The ammo that doesn’t spin freely has been 100%.
  13. I did the barrel plunk test with S&B 115gr FMJ and it spins freely. American Eagle 147gr AE9FP does not spin freely. How far is it supposed to stick out? The firing pin looks straight.
  14. I will have to give that a go tonight. I've never cleaned the barrel over its course of 5000 rounds. We looked at it briefly and it seemed straight to the naked eye. I'll have to roll it on a flat surface tonight to see if anything looks funny. Strangely enough, my other S3X's firing pin was bent all to hell and still functioned. It's been at EAA under repair since January for different issues.
  15. How would I test the ammo in the barrel? ETA: Tanfoglio just informed me that the Unica firing pin is the same length as the Xtreme firing pin. The only difference is the coating if anyone was wondering.
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