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  1. Just some polishing? Or do the EGD parts need to be replaced? I havent shot mine yet, but the trigger seems pretty usable for USPSA out of the box - and I’m coming from a CZC Accu Shadow.
  2. I just got an Xtreme and called it a day. ?
  3. I like to travel and I'd like to shoot IPSC now that I'm getting a little more serious about practical shooting (I'm not particularly interested in IPSC in America). Countries that interest me most would be Czech Rep., France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Canada, and Australia. What does a USPSA member need to do administratively to shoot IPSC? Do we have to go through the Black Badge course or any of that? Is it correct to assume that having a USPSA membership also gives you an automatic IPSC membership? Also, I know most countries have fairly strict gun laws relative to the US and each country has a process for getting guns in/out. What do most people do with their guns when they vacation after a match?
  4. @CHA-LEE I appreciate your detailed explanation of your experience and that's what I'm worried about happening to me. I think I will hold off until technology improves to the level of almost guaranteed perfect long-term results. Being a C class shooter on my way to A class (yes, I know), I am quickly learning how important it is to be able to shift my focus from target, to front sight, to gun, and back. I've worn glasses since early childhood anyway and my glasses are essentially a part of my identity.
  5. I'm considering LASIK, but I don't know where to start exactly. I know there are a couple of different methods, one where they slice something and one they don't. I know I have pretty bad astigmatism, but I haven't gone to see whether or not I qualify for LASIK. What questions should I be asking? My main concern so far is if LASIK will affect my ability to focus on different objects at different distances quickly. For those of you that did get LASIK done, what have been your experiences in regards to shooting?
  6. Have you tried letting a known experienced shooter shoot the gun? Like someone who can consistently hold a sub 4" group at 25 yards.
  7. After having shot a S2, I don't think the benefit is there. Is it nice? Yes. Is it so nice that it's worth the $1600 in gun, holster, parts upgrades, and learning a whole new gun over again? Not to me. I'd only get an S2 if I was starting from zero.
  8. It seems like the last 3 times that I've verified zero on my CZ Shadow equipped with an adjustable rear sight, the zero has changed significantly each time. I always zero my gun using the same ammo (Federal 147gr FMJ) at 25 yards and generally print 3-4 inch groups. The first time was at an indoor range where it was dark and I zeroed it on the head box (Aiming at the "0") of an IDPA target. The second time I shot on an overcast day on a B8 target. I had to adjust around 3-4 inches lower than the previous zero. The third time was on a sunny day and I used the head box (aiming at the "A") of an IPSC metric target. This time, I had to adjust 3-4 inches to the left from the previous zero. After zeroing, my shots will be dead on for the entire day and my rounds will go exactly where I aim. The obvious variables here are the targets and the lighting conditions. Do these really have that much of an affect on a pistol's zero? This would mean that I should ideally zero my pistol before each match in the same lighting conditions as the match. I really don't like treating my pistol like a precision rifle and I'm wondering if there's something else I'm missing here. 3-4 inches off at 25 yards makes a big difference, especially when it's windage.
  9. Does anyone still make those NM style adjustable sights that were available back in the day? I think the 10-8 rear has a .135" notch which is a little wider than my liking. I also like being able to adjust for different POI with different ammo.
  10. Maybe I should just hand file the mag well and rear sight notch open, then paint the front sight with red fingernail polish.
  11. I bought a used Springfield GI .45 a couple years ago for dirt cheap that just sits. It's not in the best cosmetic shape and I've maybe fired 50 rounds out of it since I've owned it because it's not all that pleasant to shoot. I thought it would be fun to turn it into a ghetto SS project using as little money as possible. Things I would need to address: Sights - I want a fiber optic front sight and black adjustable rear that can be installed on a stock GI slide. What should I look at? I like a .125" rear and a .120"-.110" front. Beavertail - I want one that allows me to get my hand higher on the gun and not dig into my hand under recoil. I also don't want to have to alter the frame to install it. I don't care about aesthetics. Mag well - I looked at the Wilson one that just mounts over the grip screw bushings. Is there anything less expensive that will get the same results? Mag release - The one that's on it now is really short and stiff. I either want an extended button or maybe I can get away with cutting the spring a coil or two. Thoughts? Mags - I'm under the impression that Wilson makes the most reliable mags but they're not exactly inexpensive. What 8 rounders will work reliably in the sub $20 range? Any? I'm just shooting ball ammo so I'm not too concerned about feeding JHP. Trigger pull weight - Is it easy to lighten the trigger safely using the stock components? I've never filed or stoned FCG parts before in my life. The factory trigger is on the heavy side for SAO. Is there anything else I'm missing? Things like the GI safety work fine and arched MSH w/ ILS work fine for me even though they're not ideal.
  12. Geez, y'all run some hair triggers. I'm still trying to get used to 3# SA.
  13. Doing Blake drills has helped me tons (dry fire first). In dry fire, I only keep my sights on target to get an acceptable sight picture for Alphas. It will decrease your transition times to almost the same speed as your splits. In live fire, push the speed past your capabilities until you start missing and then dial it back some for consistency. Riding that line is where you'll improve.
  14. I'm going to start off by saying I switched from Glock to CZ 3 months ago, and just recently started to learn how to grip it sufficiently and somewhat consistently on the draw. I'm still working on getting consistent hand placement and grip strength on the draw, but it's improved vastly from when I first switched over since I started practicing. On single shots, I can do some Instagram worthy draws - A zone hits on a metric at 7 yards in the 0.95-1.0 second range. However, when I do anything else like Blake drills or Bill drills, my draws slow down a good bit. When doing those drills, my first shot will be in the 1.1-1.4 second range even though they're at the same distance. I can generally get the remaining shots in the A zone, and if they're in the C, they're just outside to the left or right by about an inch or two. So obviously, I have the capability to do a sub-second draw at 7 yards. But when I add in other tasks, my draw suffers and I'm not exactly sure why. What can I do to work on this? I also have a bunch of other skills to work, so I'm not sure if it's worth my time to chase this one at the moment. I'm just confused by my lack of consistency when doing a single draw vs shooting a drill that is comprised of multiple shots.
  15. It's been getting better with more trigger time. I'm probably not as patient as I ought to be.
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