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Found 9 results

  1. I know most of you that follow the PCC thread have tried different loads so what is your favorite or go too load? 1. PCC details, barrel length, brand and mods? 2. Bullet weight, type and brand? 3. Powder and charge weight? 4. Primers? 5. OAL? 6. Reliability? 7. Accuracy? 8. How does it shoot? Soft? Snappy? 9. Split times? 10. Dot movement?
  2. Darthrader18

    loading for a hybrid 38sc

    I really hate to ask this. but here it goes. I am 100% new to loading 38sc and for an open gun. I have a schuemann hybrid 3 port barrel. with a comp that has 3 ports on top and 2 side ports. I havent seen a whole lot of published load data for 38 super comp that gets major pf. I am wanting to load up 125 grain coated rn bullets. I have no.7, wac, lil gun, power pistol, and shooters world major pistol. can some one give me a few tips on where to start. I got the gun used and the previous owner used 10.2 grains of 3n38. which doesnt shoot too flat in my opinion. the dot seems to dance around instead of going straight up and down. I am used to loading for 300aac and 9mm minor. I dont want to screw up the gun and very hesitant on where to start. (no vv powders in my area) Thanks guys and girls
  3. Gun: SA XDM 9mm 3.8 full-size Range: Indoor Bullet: Bayou Bullet coated lead .356 in 115 gr RN Brass: Blazer Powder: Power Pistol 5.5 gr OAL: 1.161 Shots: 1069 1098 1090 1109 1103 1127 1145 1109 1108 1122 Average: 1108 SD:19.7 ES: 76 PF: 127
  4. perazzisc3

    147gr FMJ-RN HP-38

    Whats a good starting load?
  5. Looking for load data for Montana Gold 147gr CMJ bullets for a Glock 34 in USPSA's Production class... I have a Lyman Reloading Handbook and a Loadbooks 9mm Luger Reloading Manual, but neither of them has loads for MG 147gr CMJ bullets... Don't seen to find any load data on the Montana Gold site either. Planning to use VV n320 powder, but there is no load data for MG bullets of any kind on the vihtavuori-reloading-data page on the VV web site. Where can I find load data for Montana Gold 147gr CMJ Bullets with VV n320 powder?
  6. jdlincoln

    some suggestions please

    Hi folks, I know this is the 45 acp forum. Please bear with me. Beginning reloader and I have searched a lot of forums, including this one, but I am having difficulty finding specific info for what I am looking for. I am looking for some suggested starting load data for both 45 ACP and 9mm but I think that most folks here may shoot both. So.... I have Power Pistol for 9mm, W231 for 45. I have for 45, 230gr Precision, and some 200gr Xtreem semi wadcutters. For 9mm, I have some Bayou 147gr, Precision 147gr, Berry's 124gr plated, and Hornady 115gr FMJ. My 45 ACP brass is all small primer and I am intending to use CCI SPP in all loads. It's what I have. The pistols are, in 9mm XDM 5.25, and in .45ACP, XD 45 4". I am looking for suggestions using the powders, primers, and bullets above that will make PF for USPSA and IDPA. Currently I am using 3.9-4.1gr of PP @1.133 to load 147 gr Berry's plated 9mm and am so far happy with that tho I have not chronoed it yet, but will do all as soon as I get some more loads worked up in 45 and 9mm with different bulletts. Thanks, John
  7. gunner40sw

    Zero 147g jhp

    I am thinking about trying some zero 147 g jhp in my xdm 5.25. How is the accuracy with this bullet and what powders are you using. looking for a light load because i do not have to worry about a power factor.
  8. Does anybody have any load data on the 40 using 231 and 175gr cast lead bullets? I just got my first 40 ever and need to see if there is a short cut out there. Looking to make Maj. PF and accuracy.Hep me...
  9. perazzisc3

    Montana Gold 165gr FMJ 40 S&W

    Anyone load this bullet? If so what works best for you?