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Found 13 results

  1. I'm posting this just in case anyone else has looked at their dwindling supply of Clays, their large supply of Trail Boss, and wondered "Can I make 40 minor with Trail Boss?" I know someone who tried TB in 40 and reported no negative effects, but did not have chrono data. So, I did some weighing and measuring to determine that 3.2-3.3gn of TB is the max no compression load for my brass/bullet/OAL. I loaded one batch slightly under the no compression limit, one batch slightly over, and tested it for speed and function in a Production legal Glock 35. Please keep in mind that this data is fo
  2. Lets say Ammo cost is the same.Which one would you want to have? Why? Remember 1911 and Miner. Thanks
  3. Hi folks... As I mentioned in my original intro post, I am a retired Army guy that is just now getting into competitive shooting. I am currently setting up my Dillon 650 to load 9MM. Because of my reliance on a VERY fixed income, I need to avoid a lot of indiscriminate buying and testing of components.... Here is where I am: Primers will be either Fiocchi or Winchester (because I can get them reasonably, and do not want to worry about "hard" CCI or "soft" Federal...). I am purchasing some of both for trial data..... Bullets and cases will vary depending on what I can reasonably so
  4. Currently have a xdm 5.25" in .40sw and was wondering, if possible, what I needed to do to shoot 9mm with it. Reliably, of course. Also, which barrel do ya'll recommend?
  5. Trying to get a good idea of where to start with a 135 RN with titrgroup out of my CZ accushadow. I currently have have been loading 165 RN xtreme with 3.0 gn at 1.150 OAL. This runs smooth and soft out of my gun 100 percent of time. My oress currently is set with an OAL of 1.130 for the BBI. But I'm pretty sure I go load this longer with no problem. At 1.130 it passes the plunk test. Also if anyone has experience with the 135 your thoughts on accuracy v. a 147 would be appreciated Any thoughts and insight as to starting grains and OAL would be helpful. Thanks i
  6. I recently bit the bullet (and drained the bank account) and purchased a Dillon Super 1050 reloader with a complete Mark7 Autodrive setup for 9mm & .223/5.56mm. I am asking for any and all recipes you folks might have for 9mm to meet Minor PF for USPSA/IPSC Production, IDPA SSP/ESP, as well as Steel matches and general target shooting. Ideally, I would like to use the same basic load for various pistols including Glock 19/17/34, CZ SP01, EAA/Tango, and Sig P320. I am looking for 9mm loads using 124gr projectiles (have plenty on hand already) and either Titegroup, CFE Pistol or
  7. Question for the experienced: I was a police officer for ~5 years (mostly as a reserve, some full-time but now "just" a paramedic, I enjoy being on "the other side" better). During that time I carried and qualified with a Glock 21. I know that gun as if it's a part of my body. I'm a C-class Single Stack shooter (less than a year in USPSA) who's about to seek a classification in Production and I had a 9mm handgun I'd been working with to start with. Recently, however, I've found a 45 load that meets minimum power factor but is otherwise 'minor,' which isn't a problem since all production i
  8. Hi All, I need some clarification on Power Factor... My son is just about to make the move to Open (Minor) and I just want to make sure I have the determination of PF correct. He is shooting a 115GR 9mm Rd. rated @ 1250fps. So would that equal a 143/144 PF? (115 x 1250 = 143,750) Thank you in advance for your input! -Josh
  9. Quick question for you all. I'm trying to come up with a decent load for the Pro Am next month. I have about 1800 Nosler 135 grain JHP's just sitting on my shelf and I would like to make use of them. My current load for limited major is 4.45 grains WST under a 180 grain Black Bullet, mixed cases, 1.160 COAL (runs fine in my 2011) with an 11 pound spring. My previous steel/minor load was all of that, with 3.4 grains Tite Group as the powder. My question is, can I just put a 9 pound spring in, change the bullet to the 135 JHP, and expect it to work? I would test it first, of course, and prob
  10. Im looking for a major load using 700x with a 200gr bayou bullet. And a minor load for a 155gr bayou with 700x. Out of a CZ tactical sport Thanks for the help.
  11. Hello everybody! So, I got a pound of BE86 today, and was wondering if anyone has used it yet for 9 minor? I currently have 115 and 147 grain bullets, and am looking for a nice soft production load (~130 pf). From what I have read it is pretty close to Unique on the burn chart... I searched both here and just on Google, but couldn't come up with anything substantial to help me in my quest. Has anyone tried it? Reading on the Alliant site, it says 4.7gr with a 147 FP (is that a Lead FP, or jacketed?) should get 999fps out of a 4 inch barrel, which is 147pf. So I was thinking back it off
  12. Hello. I am new to reloading. I have loaded 9mm and gotten up to 9 major with my open glock using the formula start low n work up with a chronograph. I am now going to start loading for 38 super minor PF I'm looking for a good target plinking load to test out a new gun I just bought. Not an open gun yet but that's in the works. I have 115 .356 I pulled from some crap loaded supercomp I got some time back and I also have a lot of 124 x treme HP That I use for 9mm. I have 3n38 , autocomp, and 800x ( that I hate to measure) any starting points would be awesome. I know there's lots of data out
  13. Hoping to draw on the collective wisdom here. I finally managed to do a reloading/training session with a close friend of mine, to the point that he's produced his first loads. LnL AP w/Redding dies + Lee FCD, set up to do seat + crimp separately. With components being what they are, he picked up what he could, and I started him out on 9mm vs. jumping into rifle. He's got a jug of HS6 which seems better suited for 9mm Major, which isn't of use to him (range shooting from a Glock and SIG in 9mm, eventually trying to nudge him into competitions). I gave him 1k of Montana Gold 124gr JH
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