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  1. I really wasn't trying to rain on anyones parade, I just would rather say something than have someone go to a major and then be disqualified due to an overweight pistol. Of course I was unaware of the rule change so there ya go.....It's good that they are addressing issues when they arise and making changes to the rules.
  2. Ah new rules catching me by surprise, thanks for sharing that ?
  3. This is what it says in the book. From top to bottom: The CO addendum and the Production rules. Unless something has changed this is what I am going by.
  4. Yeah I had thought about putting some lead in mine, fishing weights most likely. Glad to see you have already tested it. The only thing is that If you shoot Production or CO you will be over max weight which is max 2 oz above factory posted weight. To be honest once you have a mag inserted it pretty much balances fine anyway, add some rounds and it is rear heavy.
  5. Ok cool, I was going to try 3 grains with a 147 xtreme but I may drop that a tenth. I was using 3.2 gr titegroup, 147 xtreme @ 1.130 and it was 139 pf out of mine.
  6. Yep it's a very well thought out package on the cheap. The 13lb spring is too light IMO for reliable feeding, maybe a 14lb if they make one? I put the small grip panel back on mine and that made the length of pull perfect for my medium sized hands. Dryfire trigger finger placement is automatic now, we will see if it holds when I shoot my next match. I have about 3 matches worth of 124s loaded until I can test some more 135s and 147s. I may end up trying some 165s with about 2.6 grains of titegroup and see how it goes.
  7. Actually the chamber on the Canik will allow 1.170" with a 147 gr round nose type bullet. The Flat points are .059" shorter than the 147 so they still drop in and spin @ 1.110" due to the generous throat in the factory barrel. The Canik barrel is 5.2" vs 4.75" for the CZ so that may account for the extra velocity and increased PF. This one is loaded @ 1.105"
  8. Did some load testing today and found that the loads I used at the match which were making 132 pf out of my CZ Shadow were making 139 pf out of the Canik. That load is 3.2 grains titegroup, 147 grain xtreme rn, cci spp @ 1.135 OAL. Temp was 90f, 400ft above sea level, 70% humidity. The ones that hit the power factor of 130 were: 3.2 grains W231, 147 gr xtreme rn, cci spp @ 1.140 OAL. Avg fps: 888 4.1 grains W231, 124 gr xtreme FP, cci spp @ 1.100. Avg fps: 1051 Accuracy was excellent with the 124s, very good with the 147s. Titegroup loads were 138 pf and above so those would need to be reduced. I'm going to start with: 3.0 gr, 147 xtreme rn, cci spp @ 1.145 - 1.150 3.4 gr 135 xtreme rnfp, cci spp @ 1.145 - 1.150 3.7 gr 124 xtreme FP, cci spp @ 1.100 I am guessing these will hit the magic number. I had one that was 123 pf and it did cycle the slide which amazed me. Of course ejection was about 6 inches from the gun but it shot and ejected all 5 rounds. I did a better job on the trigger today after a bunch of dryfire.
  9. Didn't get to test before the match today but the gun ran great, only problems I had was making sure my finger hit the trigger safety before pulling the trigger. I found that I tend to hit the first joint of my finger on the side of the wide trigger causing the trigger to pull far enough to keep the trigger safety from clearing the frame. So I will just have to dry fire until my muscle memory is corrected, and if that doesn't work then I will just mill the sides of the trigger so that it is thinner. FYI the return spring works perfectly so 2lb triggers are doable.
  10. I have, it will last longer than a slide mounted one on a CO gun, and they have a lifetime warranty so if it breaks they just send you a brand new one.
  11. Tonight I got my trigger down to 2lbs ? trigger out of the box was 4.25 lbs. First I did the usual things like polishing the trigger bar, 6.5 lb Ghost Glock striker spring, Ghost Glock reduced weight firing pin plunger spring, and fitted a Gen 3 captured Glock 17/34 stainless recoil rod using a Gen 4 adapter and 15lb recoil spring. The recoil rod assembly was just so it would cycle my 132 pf ammo. The trigger broke at 3.5 lbs after running 100 through the gun. Pretty good but not there yet. So just one more spring change dropped it to 2lbs even. The trigger return spring is the key to a very light trigger pull, First I pulled apart a clicker ballpoint pen, cut and bent the spring to the right length and then tested it. 2lbs was the magic number, so since I had some old Wolff firing pin springs lying around I cut and bent one of those and got the same pull weight. The Wolff spring should last like the factory one but I decided to make another with the same coil count as a spare just in case I needed it. The Freedom Smith trigger safety has a light spring, probably around 1.75 or 1.5 lbs , but you still have to make sure your finger hits the safety correctly or the trigger will move back enough and not clear the tab on the safety. Gonna test it tomorrow ?
  12. I have one in mine and yes it is amazing. Worth every bit of the $75 I paid for it.
  13. I did a build video on the Tristar T120 a few years back, it is still on Youtube. Cajun gunworks wasn't making parts for them yet so I ordered a bunch of parts from CZ custom and made them fit, sights, extended FP and mag release. I did the same massaging to the frame to fit the mag release that you did. I kept the factory hammer and just cut the hooks down on my mill, also I installed a single action factory trigger, removed the FP safety and got the trigger travel and reset down to the same as my old Czechmate, pull weight is about 3lbs. They are just as good as much more expensive guns IMHO. It now doubles as my nightstand gun as well. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  14. Have you tried making a new notch with a file? I made some slide stop pins out of drill rod for my old Tanfo and just made the notch with a dremel and cutoff wheel, I figure a regular file should work on the stainless pin of the Nitro Fin. Thanks for the response [emoji106] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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