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  1. It seems like this is a big deal to you. Can you just get the gun with a PT grip instead so you can get the staineless magwell? If not then I wouldn't sweat it as much and just go witht the brass Cheely magwell so you can add some weight and test it out. Or email akai and see if he will make the Cheely Magwell in stainless for you.
  2. OR https://ccgunworks.com/xl-magwell-brass/
  3. Well you're in luck... https://ccgunworks.com/xl-magwell-bighands-brass/
  4. Pretty sure you have to go Cheely and it comes with one so you're set. The self correcting ones they have now are pretty nice. Just pick small hands vs big hands. I got a PT magwell for my PT grip and if they made it in steel it would be great. But they don't so its still good just gets beat up easily.
  5. Do not use spacers with Gen II. You don't need them. Follow the Atlas method on youtube, they have a few videos on it now and buy the Dawson mag tuning tools. They're good to have because you might need to retune them after extended use. I did this and mine ran great for the past 2 years.
  6. Agressive is the way to go. It might take you some time to get used to but you will eventually.
  7. CaliYeti

    CZ trigger break-in?

    Polish it up, get the 13lb hammer spring with extendid firing pin. Get the reduced power trigger return spring with Canik pin and then just shoot it a bunch. CZ triggers only get better with age.
  8. Range Panda makes great stuff and awesome customer service. Saw him at a match and mentioned how the cover doesn't sit flush with my optic mount and that i was just going to use a hot knife on it. He told me they revised it and it does now and he sent me a updated one for free. They also are made in a way that they're flexible when off the optic but rigid for protection whe on it. Perfect product.
  9. RMR mount will work. It also has the same footprint of the RMR so you won't have to worry about issues like the Sig's using the RTS2 mounting pattern but not fitting lots of old generation mounts due to them not having the same foot print.
  10. Shadow 2 and just find the right grips for your hands. LOK’s are my favorite I use palm swells because I have big hands. Overall it is just a better gun all around. It comes with an amazing trigger and I only spent like 25 bucks on a new spring kit to get the trigger to feel as good as the CZC triggers I’ve felt on Shadow 1’s.
  11. I know someone who only uses metal baseball cleats. Seems to work great on most surfaces even on wood. They dig into the wood a bit but I don’t know about when it is wet. Seems like a good cleat to use for most matches though. I wear trail runners to the match and have football cleats in the car and I evaluate the surface and stages when I get there and then decide what I want to wear that day. Works well for me.
  12. And it definitly does get suck with an Atlas magwell too. I know they were developing a new one that would be similar to the limcat but I didn't think it was released yet. Hell I've even gotten my mags stuck on the make ready with an atlas magwell. I'm not saying it isn't a good magwell as I've only had a few jams while actually shooting a stage but it isn't doing what the Limcat or what I assume the PT is doing as far as keeping it away fromt he EVO grip so it doesn't jam.
  13. Not all RTS2 mounts fit it. I had to upgrade mine. If yours doesn't have a blast shield you're fine but if it it does the XL needs more room infront of the glass than the RTS2. The XL has been awesome for the past few months I've been using it. If the longevity is there I won't ever use another dot but the XL or Max.
  14. I use Everglades 124 JHP with my Chaos and they've been great. I highly reccomend them. They've gotten every order I've made shipped within 24 hours. How did you eliminate magazines? I orignally had problems with my Chaos when I first got it and thought it was magazines. For me it ended up being the ejector wasn't fitted correctly due to them using the dawson mag release. I switched it to an STI mag release and fit a new ejector and it cleared up any issue I had. Now everything comes out at 2:30 and perfect. If you have any questions on it feel free to send me a DM.
  15. My XL has been great. I just shot a match where both days we started out looking at the sun over the back berm and it didn’t faze me at all. One stage I could barely see the target but I could see my dot. Only 2 thousand rounds through it so far but it’s has definitely been worth the switch for me out here in the desert. Now we just hope they hold up.
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