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  1. And I honestly hate saying it. I have the most updated version after going over that with them on the phone. I thought they would be great being the newest and great initial reviews. But when things fail at Major matches it makes you think of just going with what has been vetted with years of use. I honestly don't know what brand I'll land on now. Just started to research and ask other shooters at matches what they think of their gear.
  2. If you're having issues with racermaster I would say stay as far away as you can from the Alpha X. I've had two now break where the ball joint slides into the mag pouch. One during an Area match and another during a local match. Both times I was caught off guard and couldn't get the ball back onto the mag pouch without hammering it with a rock so it scratches the hell out of the Alpha X mag pouch. It's frustrating because I asked DAA when they replaced the first broken one if I could exchange them for the racemaster since they're more proven they said no. They did replace it with another Alpha X which is nice they covered it under warranty. I'm now looking at other brands GR being one of them. I hate saying negative things about anyones products but it sounds like you might run into the same issue I had if you go with the Alpha X so I just wanted to share my experience.
  3. I remember those issues being in Cali. Looks like you're one of the lucky ones that finds what you're looking for. One thing to look into if you're hooked and want another open is that I think Infinity has a way to get there guns in cali and it's not too much of a hassle to do. But you'll just have to wait the year and a half or more that they take. Good luck with the new open gun.
  4. CaliYeti


    Whenever you're close to an REI they'll most likely have it. I think you can even check local inventory on there website. That is how I found mine.
  5. CaliYeti


    They make wides now and worked well for me. I don't know how many places carry it but I found them at REI.
  6. Not trying to hijac the thread but I'm looking into open and had the same question as you but wanted to add to it. Maybe this has beend discussed before but does an double sided mount help the longevity of the optic? I keep hearing about small optics going out on people and I didn't know if the double sided mount helps at all?
  7. I went STI Gen 2 with TTI Base Pads and Grams Guts and followed the Atlas tuning guides on youtube. I went that route because they had good videos on what to do and they tested different mags and found this set up to work the best for them. I haven't had one mag issue since switching to Grams Guts from TTI Springs and Followers. The TTI follower and Spring is too flimsy and the Grams is far supperior in my opinion. Go the route you were thinking and follow the guide lines for the mag bodies and feed lips. It will take you some time at first to learn what to do but once you learn it you're know what to do when you need to re tune them in the future.
  8. I got my first 2011 this year and was intimidated by all the mags and how you get different answers on what is the best. So I figured I'd post since lots of people come into this in the same boat. I started with Gen 2 STI's (used Atlas mag tuning videos to put in their spec) with TTI basepads and TTI Springs/Followers. The TTI Springs/Followers held 21 rounds easy for start and 20 reloadable no problem. But the Followers were flimsy and I was worried about them. One TTI Spring follower seemed to get out of spec and didn't work so I didn't use that mag. After 2 months of heavy use one of the other mags started to show the same issue of the follower flipping on the last few rounds. I decided to switch to Grams Springs and Followers and they've been great. It has a more robust spring and follower. I won't go back to TTI guts. One caution is that 21 is tough to get seated. I won't need 22 all the time on the start so I'm not too worried about it. 20 is easily reloadable. To sum up my reccomendation STI Gen 2 Mags / TTI Basepads / Grams internals Do the Atlas tuning method to the STI mag bodies. It takes 15 Min a mag and is not complicated.
  9. Depending on the surface you typically shoot in I think the Lugs might be a little too short to get the best traction when trying to put on the Jets or come to a stop quickly. The cushion looks like it would be nice if that is what you need.
  10. Go with DAA, you'll never regret it. They make the most quality equipment in the game in my opinion. It really depends on what division you're shooting. If you're shooting production go Racer. They're more than enough for what your positioning will be on the belt and there is no reason why you should spend more when you're buying 5 pouches. If it's for limited or open, I'd go with the new Alpha X Mag pouches. They have limitless posibilities on how you can configure them on your belt if you want to place them up front and other places. Lots of guys use the Racers in limited too I'm just giving you what I think is the best set ups for each division
  11. It's still a new powder. I'm sure if you have a more Mom and Pop type store instead of a big box in your area that you use and they sell Alliant they could get it for you. It seems to be growing in popularity because the store I use that always had it doesn't have any right now.
  12. I've suffered from the same thing. For me more cushion isn't always better and typically leads to short term relief but in the long term more pain. I like a little cushion but stable shoe and I use Superfeet inserts. Have you tried out Superfeet insoles or gotten insoles from your doctor? My current set up has lead to my plantar faciatis reducing to the best its been in 5 years (fingers crossed). I use Inov 8s and Football Cleats depending on the surface, I wear vans walking around at home since they have zero drop and help streatch the achilies (one of the main causes of plantar faciatis). Every pair of shoes I have have superfeet in them now and since I've done that I've been on the road to recovery with my plantar faciatis. I've never tried Hoka shoes but I've heard they're great for cushion. UA shoes i've heard mixed reviews but the ones I've worn (trianing shoes) weren't the best.
  13. Haha that's good to know. I'm still fairly new to loading, I've only been doing it a year and with 9mm only. I've just been doing research getting ready to start with 40 cal this weekend. Thanks for the input
  14. Obviously that seems logical. The trouble is that Alliant's max reccomended isn't getting it to major still from what people are saying on here and they don't want to go past the max. I don't have experience with 40 yet it is just something I found on here learning since I'm about to start loading 40 and woud like to stay with one powder.
  15. I feel ya. I have messed up feet and ankles from football so I typically spend more. And only a few companies make size 15.
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