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  1. Thanks you guys. I was interested in the limcat or akai magwell, i was just curious about fitting. Doesn’t seem as impossible as it thought.
  2. Im just looking for opinions before i make a purchase. Open gun with cheely grip. thank you!
  3. Thats getting you major power factor? Im using sns casting 180gr red bullets, .400 diameter
  4. Can anyone give me a recipe for sport powder, how much 180 sns red coated bullet oal 1.18 fed primers no idea how much powder, using n320 right now.
  5. load data for .40?? using sns casting 180gr (dia .400) shooting atlas titan need to make major power factor was using 4.6-4.7 of n320 i also use blue bullets but any 40s&w load data will be appreciated
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