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  1. Was wondering what everyone is using for a hard travel case that will hold 2 open guns generally use Pelican just not sure what model
  2. I personally am partial to Springer for my CZ
  3. I STI Tubes TTI basepads GRAMS Springs and Followers
  4. Thanks will spend some time going thru everything and might load out to 1.160
  5. Currently I am running a STI TRuBOR and running 124 grain JHP
  6. I am running 1.145 OAL
  7. and Yes these mags are fairly new so have good springs
  8. What are you running your feed lips at?
  9. I am in the process of switching over to 9 Major from 38SC. I occasionally get a nose high jam and not sure what might be causing it any help would be greatly appreciated. using MBX mags
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