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  1. Just a quick update... Got the SRO up and running, fantastic dot, very crisp. Adjusted easily... I'm liking it so far. I really think the real test is longevity.
  2. I decided to give the SRO a try and if I feel like I am wanting more out of the optic the Romeo will be the next try.... Thanks guys!
  3. There have been a lot of votes for the Romeo... but I shot an Atlas this weekend with an SRO on it and man that was an impressive optic... Its leading on the list right now. One of the frustrating parts is that a different mount is needed just to try different optics.
  4. I want to run a micro red dot on my 9 major gun and have been researching and reading here for 2 days..... damn I can't decide... The number one factor in my mind right now is, first longevity, then a large window and a crisp dot. I am leaning to the SRO because of Trijicons reputation but they aren't completely vetted-yet. Just looking for opinions that are based on real field experience... Please tell me what and why... I REALLY need to make a decision and get on it!
  5. I played with one a while back and they seem to be well built and would be a real contender but the mags are an issue. I spoke to them quite a while and they don't seem to have a plan for anything over 7-10 rounds, I explained that they would go nowhere in this sport if they didn't at least come up with a 20 round mag and that didn't seem to be a concern for them.
  6. There is a lot of truth in this... I think the decline can be attributed to almost everything discussed here... locally we have lost shooters to PRS, in reality at least 10, probably more. I think there is truth that the shotgun does scare new shooters and some others use it as an excuse b/c they either don't like it or they suck at it. 2 gun is easier to get into because everyone has an AR and most have shot some USPSA or that style of pistol match, so its an easy entry. There have been an abundance of bad stages and matches, its hard to bust on a volunteer but just throwing targets out for a huge round count with no direction isn't always fun. Cost... we all know about that, no explanation needed. There are shooters who are moving away from the sport for various reasons and not being replaced by new shooters. I also believe the lack of attendance at a lot of majors (and some locals) can be directly attributed to too many matches. Yes, too many matches are a bad thing, contrary to what everyone said for years.... This all adds up to a sad time for 3gun
  7. I 100% agree, I dropped a Dissident shotgun on the concrete, DESTROYED a Razor red dot.... no doubt my fault. Vortex replaced it.... best warranty in the business!
  8. Got a hold of Windfall and they couldn't help.... sent pics of the pistol and they said they would need it in hand... I'll probably end up with something like a Ghost or DAA but they are useless at protecting the gun from damage which is something I want...
  9. I'm in the market for a new holster for a 2011 open gun. It has a *thumb rest [generic]*, railed frame. I've looked at Red Hill and Weber but not seeing anything on their websites. Any other guys I should be looking art? It needs decent retention for your physical 3gun matches.
  10. Wouldn't hurt to call and talk to John, he won't give you any BS and he has really good ideas.
  11. I would definitely recommend him.
  12. This is exactly how I was taught by a pretty well known long range (PRS) custom builder. I have used this method on all of my rifles and it has worked very well for me. The stories I have heard about the reticles of high end scopes that are not true, blew my mind.
  13. Yep.... John has done a lot of work for me.. Great guy
  14. I'm having an Open gun built right now by a local smith that has a stellar reputation and is being built to my specific needs. Nothing but top notch parts, its going to have a Stainless Cheely grip and its going to be $4400... that's only $400 than the STI (less mags). I know I'll be way happier in the long run than buying a factory gun.
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