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  1. A little more specific where? There are several spread around....
  2. actionshooter

    Options for a 52" multigun bag

    Voodoo had a special this year at Superstition on the 3gun bag and our little group bought 4 of them. To me this is the perfect set up, Its definitely worth the money!
  3. actionshooter

    Benelli M2 spring replacement?

    Is there any type of "standard" for replacement of springs in M2s? I have been having intermittent issues that I have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause and am thinking that replacing the springs couldn't hurt..... Which springs should be replaced and what are the best ones?
  4. actionshooter

    Where to sight Open Shotgun dot?

    Joelogic.... With the slugs zeroed @ 25, where do you find the dot to be with shot?
  5. I think mag fed shotguns are whats coming in the future....with major manufacturers building pump guns w/ magazines, its only a matter of time before semi-autos are there and Tac ops will need to keep up. Is it going to happen tomorrow....naw, but its coming, Kind of a bummer because I just figured out the whole quad loading thing last week......
  6. actionshooter

    Low Mass BCG

    Yep....sponsor those who support us!
  7. actionshooter

    Open shotgun choices

    Thanks guys, looking hard at Dissident.....
  8. actionshooter

    170mm Open Mag options

    Thanks for the responses, have a plan....
  9. actionshooter

    Open shotgun choices

    Thinking I might need (really want) and open shotgun, it would be a box fed gun for sure.... Looking for opinions on brand and why, we have Dissident, R&R, Tooth&Nail....anyone else? Whatcha got?
  10. actionshooter

    170mm Open Mag options

    I'm going to give open a go this year and have my gun set up, its a 9mm parts gun, w/ SV grip. For the 140 mags I am going to use the MBX mags that I use in my DVC3gun (9mm), the followers and springs have been updated w/ Grams because I just couldn't keep them running w/MBX guts. I need a 170 mag and didn't really want to go through the MBX issues again, so who else should I be looking at?
  11. I do the same, and before any asks why, mag malfunctions. If my big stick goes down I have a back up. Learned the hard way.
  12. actionshooter

    Barrel clamp necessary?

    This is what happened without a barrel clamp......kind of a bummer.. I run one now
  13. actionshooter

    MBX New Glock PCC basepads!!

    Any reviews on these?
  14. actionshooter

    Benelli Performance Shop 24" M2 3-Gun Edition

    If you just want to buy one, Lacey Cabelas had a couple on the rack but they are like $2200, for just a little more check with Hayes Custom or Roth for a better gun.