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  1. Does it still works or did you end up sending it to STI?
  2. Nice thank you, I sent warranty request email to STI and told them about the "new new" racker. I don't really understand how this one is mounted to the slide. Do you install the black screw and then the racker on top of it? Sorry but I just can't see how it mounts,on the right side of the slide there is just another hole in case you like the racker on the right side. So that means the screw is not a locking device to prevent the racker from rotating and getting loose.
  3. Yes is the “new” not the “new new”. I wasn’t aware there is a “new new” design. I let you know the outcome, thank you for the info
  4. Damn it! Someone got to come up with a hardened steel design
  5. Hi guys! So after waiting for 8 months and after 1000 rounds my new gun slide racker broke. No the gun wasn't dropped neither it broke while racking it. During the middle of today;s match it got loose and I tighten it up again. This design is the only thing I found to be sloppy when I got the gun. After the match I decided to stay a little longer and practice a bit. I was shooting then I noticed it wasn't there anymore. Searched the ground found it and noticed it was broken at the base of the screw. I was lucky I could used some WD40 on the screw still attached to the slide, left it for 1 hour then used a torch to heat it good. After that it rotated and was easy to be removed. I plan on requesting replacement under warranty, however I like to buy an extra one and if possible better quality. I can't find this part in Dawson or SpeedShooter. Anyone has other good source for STI parts?
  6. Thank you guys, will see this week what the turn around is.
  7. That is how I feel but I wouldn’t like doing it. It took STI 6 months to deliver my gun imagine if I send it back. 6-8 months waiting
  8. No, is the DVC Open and that is why it seems to be weird. I’m already thinking it is a production error with the barrel. unless it needs to be broken in or something like that
  9. I finally received my DVC Open, 6 months waiting. I received the 2018 model. Previously I had asked here for 9 major load info including the OAL. From the responses I got the following two OALs 1.15 1.165 I'm using RMR bullets JHP 124 grain. My surprise is that none of those OAL worked. The slide didn't fully closed when the new round loaded, it stayed about 1/4" or less open which created a jam failure. However the loaded round was in the chamber. Upon further inspection, taking barrel out and dumping a bullet in it, it was clear the bullet was too long as it didn't went all the way in and got a bit stuck. So I went back home and tested different OAL settings until 1.12 AOL was the one that worked. But I keep asking myself, is it that the new barrel was modified and it doesn't take longer bullets? Is it that it doesn't "like" JHP bullets? Seems odd to me that previously 1.165 or 1.15 were used and this 2018 model doesn't like those OAL. Anyone here going through this?
  10. It is what I have been trying to find out. Here is the thing in PR for those that don't know. 1) We need to get an "explosives" license which has different categories and a limitation on the amount you can buy daily. To get the license you have to go through several stupid steps that will take 1-3 months to get it done and on top of that the local police visits your house to see if you meet the requirements to buy, transport and store your powder. Oh so damn stupid, waste of time and money. Yes money because you even need to get an affidavit to request the damn license. Phew! OK I got tired even writing it. 2) I have asked many people and everyone said the hazmat fee is too high 3) I have called a few places in the mainland and none were willing to ship here 4) I called local ATF office and they told me there is no problem with them if I receive a shipment of gun powder, but I need to check with local police 5) And finally I called a friend today in FL who will go to UPS and FedEx and find out if he can ship it to me. So the only thing I need to find out is if the local police will require something special and stupid for me to receive the shipment. I guess, in my case, they won't because my license has the "import" check mark on it. But here in PR dealing with the local gov is a 2 edged blade. If local PD doesn't give me a hard time, and UPS or FedEx can ship it. My good friend will buy it for me and send it my way. Oh, and i called some of those companies that bring shipments only on ships (thinking it was going to be cheaper) but none were willing to transport gun powder. This is F___ing insane.
  11. In an effort to educate myself better given the fact that I searched over and over and couldn't find info. what you are saying is that TG will spike suddenly at a higher degree even if the same amount of charge is used? For example (not real numbers) - 5 grains = 1000 lbs of pressure in 1st shot, then, 5 grains = 3000 lbs of pressure on second shot?
  12. Would you care to share the correct way to increase a load? I mean, if you know I’m doing it wrong then you must have experience on this subject.
  13. I'm from Puerto Rico. Can't find a place online that ships it here due to hazmat licenses required. And I checked on the hazmat fees and they are expensive. So you add all of that to the price and is the most expensive powder you'll get. FYI, 4 lbs of Titegroup cost about $140. The comp seems to be doing his work nice, but I'm sure it would be better with a different powder. And with better I mean that I will notice the difference.
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