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  1. Primer slide has been polished and slides like glass.
  2. Thats not the issue here. I've had the shell plate out several times. It indexes fine for a couple of rotations then for no reason will skip one index. And not on the same index hole in the .shell plate
  3. I have a Revolution that has shell plate issues. On almost every complete shell rotation. The shell plate will not advance. The tool head goes down again and adds another powder drop to an already filled case. Yep, powder all over the place. I have had the shell plate out twice and can't seem to see any issues with the plate. I noticed the rotation pawl is spring loaded and seems to be fine. It looks like it retracts far enough to grab the index hole in the shell plate to turn the shell plate. I have the large nut tight so there is no side to side movement across the plate. Any ideas? TIA Mike
  4. Thanks Guys i just ordered one.....
  5. I'm looking for a dust cover for my SRO. I'm not finding anything at the usual sources. Has anybody found one? TIA Mike
  6. Where did you purchase it from? can you provide a link?
  7. Besides the Dillon case feeder, which case feeder is most trouble free. You know jam proof. I want to run one on my roll sizer. thanks.
  8. So I'm looking in my parts manuals for the 1050 and 650 and they have different part numbers for the powder measures. 650 #20872 1050 #20421 Any body now what the difference is? Mike
  9. I’m just wondering if anybody has tried a non Dillon powder measure on their Dillon press? It looks like the new Mark Vll is not using a Dillon powder measure. I’m not experiencing any problems, just thinking. Mike
  10. Is there a way to remove the primer tube assembly from a 1050, with primers in the tube, and not get primers all over the place? Thanks
  11. Broncman so which brand of drill bit did you use. Was it a carbide bit. Also, did use a standard tap? Thank you
  12. I like that small blast cabinet. Who makes it and or where did you buy it.
  13. Do you have a sand blaster recommendation?
  14. I was wondering if anybody is using small sand blasters to remove lead and keep the inside of the comp spotless Mike
  15. Grams springs and followers here too
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