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  1. Sorry I thought it was 571 don’t know anything about 572
  2. where these shows ended up i think they could camouflage themselves with left over silver suits from the lost in space show
  3. from what i saw on Hornaday site those are for custom grade rifle cartridge dies from another site "Use with any bottleneck New Dimension seating die (sold separately)"
  4. i actually just ordered 2 of these even though i have been using a homemade one since the early 1990's.
  5. is that blue collar reloading? i just looked them up since i never heard of them before but it says they won't ship powder, primers.
  6. me 4 unless I'm going to a magazine show then i get out the Mothers polish, corn starch and shine em up good... but i've never got best in show
  7. RO's used to pick them up and try to give to me even insisting finally i would just keep what they gave me in my hand and toss it when they went looking. at an area once a guy i know picked "his round" up loaded it in a mag and wouldn't you know that 40 round blew up in his 45 pistol. never got it you pay entry, travel, hotel, etc..... then hose it all over a few cents worth of ammo.
  8. ? You aren’t dropping a round in and then dropping the slide are you
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