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  1. I would call a reamer company tell what you need to do (throating reamer is what they used to be called) there may be a different preferred leade angle from the last time i got one.
  2. Now that's funny i don't care who you are.
  3. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg no, no ,no not again
  4. 5/20/2019 at the mountain house in Eagar, Az doubles as post your temps. The snow really doesn't change the way Ash dog looks just bigger white spots.
  5. so much so that i wondered why bother with the body when you were going to end up there anyway.
  6. also as just fyi bushing dies won't size the neck all the way to the shoulder of the case. there are some full blown custom dies that have a bushing that sizes the neck and shoulder but are pretty spendy
  7. so Az had one of the nicest springs i can remember. May was mostly below normal i think we touched 100 only 2 days so far. yesterday, Memorial Day tied the record low high temp of 79. Monday the week before at the other house it snowed and up on the mountain they had a foot of snow. mind you that's 7200 ft & 9200 ft but still pretty amazing for May around here. now comes the heat
  8. maybe not enough coffee yet but if it's high don't you want a taller fs?
  9. maybe the same that would happen on the P9's. you had to make sure the front of the lips were at least .010 total narrower than the back
  10. M/S Safari used to be my go to grip safety before there were so many choices. The purple blue finish was kind of cool too.
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