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  1. I was so amazed at the amount of little holes that were filled in when i saw the long version like the surf board search. Great flick.
  2. not what i recall from swampthing
  3. don't really know him but Ohio sounds right as my cousin is from south central MI just about straight north of Lima as i recall.
  4. the guide rod didn't keep a comp from turning, the comps had clearance so there was somewhere for the guide rod when the gun unlocks.
  5. perfect answer especially considering if you don't get "bonus cool unload points" to add to the match total then why bother.
  6. that was my current cow dog except she was very obedient just didn't like us or anyone that much. I guess I would feel the same if I spent my 1st year in the pound.
  7. nice find, I see some Ernie Hill stuff every now & again.
  8. i used to go in with a couple back when i read electric meters, they were cool but as you say very protective of their space, also it took quite a while to earn their trust which is good by me. we kind of saved one once. A coworker of the wife unit was duck hunting at one of our bigger lakes and lost theirs while chasing a down bird in a storm. anyhow he told her about it and she said i think i can find him, so on the bass fishing forum we go and 2 hours later make contact with a guy that picked him up. his collar or vest was hung up on a tree in the lake. needless to say both he and the dog were very happy.
  9. Brown Clowns-Chesse’s are great! those are cool don't see many here.
  10. that's about as cheap as you can get i originally got that book in the 80's but loaned it and then replaced it about 5 years ago at a used book store. i would have a hard time reading it in that format but that just shows my age. thanks for finding that pdf.
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