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  1. the more accurate the gun the more confident in your shot call. if you have a 4 inch gun and your shot call is 3 inches from the edge did you hit the target? i guess you can wait till the bullet gets there to tell.
  2. i wash my guns mouths out with soap if they sass me.
  3. 1. SA .45 GM, Detonics.45, Detonics 38 super 2. they work and trust them 3. N/A 4. not current 5. anything powerful enough that works
  4. yep it ran it's course in the fishing industry too. but give it all time it always gets recreated as new every couple of decades
  5. poor old Ti always getting picked on. i'm sure you remember the 90's when everything GUN related was made out of it. someone gave me a Ti hammer that i tried for a whole hour before it went in the trash. just fun'n with you as i agree, but look at all the money folks would still have had it not been for Ti.
  6. Wow I didn’t think anyone remembered the Chevy citation
  7. https://www.sigsauer.com/store/1911-barrel-38-super.html the description made me think this was non ramped but i got one and it's Wilson/Nowlin ramped. pretty good deal.
  8. sounds like the old 4 position "metal animals" gun.
  9. Jerry sure built some wicked fixtures. Quite the loss
  10. https://brianenos.com/dont-blink/
  11. I was so amazed at the amount of little holes that were filled in when i saw the long version like the surf board search. Great flick.
  12. not what i recall from swampthing
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