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  1. those look ginormous & nice good job
  2. was in Lima once 1st concussion driving a go cart under a station wagon. I guess pop & uncle shouldn't let 3 year old's drive? looks like a neat area.
  3. my cousin was hitched to him for many years saw DAC at some bar in west phoenix once good show.
  4. +2 also doubles as honing oil.
  5. i see now, those mod guns were pretty crazy kind of like a jigsaw puzzle.
  6. just wondering but maybe the answer is in the statement "best match performance ever" ? what would that have to do with anyone being there.
  7. I shot it in the American Handgunner IPSC Postal Match of the 1980s sure it wasn't the early 90's?
  8. I resemble that but never used that old of brass in a match i cared about.
  9. Used to double volts on pdp2 & aimpoint never had trouble
  10. i found the same with 115's, never could get a 115 fmj to shoot.
  11. got my Star project done I think? Dillon case collator semi homemade case feeder semi homemade Moon style indexer. homemade adjustable powder system primer tube holder is a 105mm from a ac130 that actually visited a terrorist supply convoy. i think it was 3 sent and no one left to reply. a buddy from work gave it to me from his nephew in one of the planes.
  12. +1 for never dull except the cautions M1A4ME listed on nickel plating. I've never used it on that.
  13. Btw how many rounds on that barrel? Not many I assume
  14. Sounds like barrel bump to me something wrong that wear is not normal tumbling not caused from early iunlock the barrel is the barrel it’s a tube that doesn’t change with lockup
  15. Powder Finger


    nice comparison
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