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  1. I'd leave that to the locals. 2 hour one way for me. made it about once a month in the summer coming home from the mountain house.
  2. I hate that this closed in Payson AZ but opened a new one in trendy Sedona that's all
  3. still have lying around somewhere a factory pdp2 "Flash Dot" and a Ross Dean tweaked pdp2.
  4. 1st post and only 1 hour off the 26th anyway happy birthday 2019.
  5. geezer would show up with a 15 really that's what I was? for real a 12-15 would perfectly bracket the upper or a zone at 50 yds.
  6. that would be the perfect answer! at the least it proves you watched the show more than twice. nice job
  7. all fine n' dandy but did you get a permission slip for "GhostDog"??
  8. no, it's a booooooom because the dust in the bag ignites too but that's not the problem. the real problem is that the wife unit sweeps it up and instantly knows exactly what happened and who to chase.
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