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  1. Powder Finger

    S&W Trigger should this be stoned down or stay

    put this in the revolver section more traction there.
  2. there were compensators before anyone seriously messed with 38 super.
  3. Powder Finger

    Get Low

    got one of those in Utah on by a B1B scared the crap out of me
  4. Powder Finger

    Kimber 9mm - extractor issues

    correct, guessing from the pic maybe only .005 removed. You don't want to go too far as you loose hook engagement then. at your blue arrow it looks like you can just see "light", that's about what you want except at the red line. on the gap you talked about ( back face of hook to face on base of case) you look ok, remember there has to be some clearance as the case is at an UP angle coming out of the mag and needs to get under the hook.
  5. Powder Finger

    Kimber 9mm - extractor issues

    no it shouldn't also the hook nose should not touch the case, the flat behind the hook should.
  6. Powder Finger

    Hello from Arizona

    welcome, had to look that place up on a map
  7. warned ya but it won't last long there's a front coming this weekend with some rain/snow and it's supposed to be................................................... low 60's
  8. should be some crazy numbers for a few days. I won't say ours as it would not be proper.
  9. Powder Finger

    Firing pin chewed up

    series 80 parts? sight adjustment screw too long?
  10. Powder Finger

    List of Hollywood & Guns Done Correctly?

    for Michael Mann need to include thief with some Jim Hoag guns
  11. gun games? if so it didn't last probably because you never get your issues from the subscription.
  12. Powder Finger

    What Did You Do Today In Reloading?

    still re building/modifying a star 38 spl loader. got a case feeder system made, now working on a better powder system with an adjustable powder bar.
  13. Powder Finger

    Winchester small pistol primer issue

    that was my thought