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  1. Hello Sida,

    Is the 1050 still available? I won’t be in Phoenix for a couple of months but I have a freind that would be able to pick it up if we can make a deal. Thanks.





    1. Zoomy


      Is the 1050 still for sale?

    2. philippshen


      yes it is, we can either communicate here or you can text me at 602-245-7381

  2. I think this is very common for striker fired pistol, a snap caps will be a easy fix
  3. I think you don't need change springs for either 17 or 19 rounder only if you intent to convert them to 23rd 140mm mag.
  4. very nice build, congrats!
  5. that depends on where are you live, here in the U.S. classic firearms has those for $199 without shipping.
  6. Czechoslovakia, must be really old
  7. I think you are fine with both of those, I use simple Walmart CLP for all my guns, no problem so far.
  8. just get a optic cut on you current stock2, it would be cheaper I think
  9. Why 10 lb main spring? I use 11.5 lb from CGW, works great and very reliable, DA is 5.5lb,
  10. why polymer tanfo? you can easily make Stock 2 co ready
  11. Maybe new TS is coming?
  12. I had experience in both the old and new frame, and I would say older one has much sharper grip checkering.
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