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  1. I was having issues with high primers on my 650 but I figured out a way to fix that problem. I took the plunger assembly apart and found there is a shoulder on the plunger that limits how high it can go, shimming the base plate does not allow it to seat any deeper as it can not go any further due to the shoulder on the plunger. I put the plunger in one of my lathes and cut the shoulder back to allow it to seat the primers deeper, I've not had any high primer issues since......
  2. I'm really loving this gun now after doing this mod and the polishing of the trigger bar etc.... I'm not a very good pistol shooter as I've always been a shotgun shooter, I shot competitive skeet for about 25 years...then I got into rimfire benchrest rifles for a few years. After quitting skeet shooting and benchrest, I decided that I want to try pistol shooting just for fun as I've always liked pistols but was never worth a crap shooting one. I got a Dillon 650 loader and started loading 9mm, I got a nice load worked up and I shoot on my backyard range as I live in a rural area with no restr
  3. bb4gun....Thanks for the tip.....I chucked up the powder funnel from my 650 in one of my lathes and took off a couple thousands so the re-sized case would slide up to the flare and then re-polished it. I loaded a thousand rounds this morning without a single case sticking...it works Awesome now....I had eliminated most of the powder getting all over the shell plate when loading except for when the case would stick...after a thousand rounds this morning, not a speck of powder anywhere....Thanks again...:)
  4. That's a really good idea with the black tape...I'll give that a try......Thanks
  5. Since posting this thread asking about the Overwatch trigger, I have installed a set of Loc thin grips.....I've done the set screw mod to remove the creep from the trigger. I've polished the trigger bar on the high spots and the area where the tension arm on the side of the trigger housing rides on the top of the trigger bar. I installed the Sprinco spring kit and polished the striker safety plunger. I came across a really good deal on a Vortex Venom red dot and installed it. I have probably put about a thousand rounds through my Q5 since posting here and with all the small mods it is Awesome
  6. I did get a chance to test it out and the grips and the Sprinco kit made a big difference. I really prefer the Loc grips over the stock ones, I feel that I can control the gun a lot better with these grips. The Sprinco springs made a big difference in the pull weight of the trigger....I polished the contact points of the trigger bar and polished the striker safety plunger and installed the springs...the trigger is about 3 1/2 lbs now. I then took the trigger block out and drilled and tapped the block and installed a set screw to adjust the creep out...after adjusting the creep out of the trigg
  7. I just bought a new Q5 SF last week...I love the gun but was not thrilled with the trigger. I polished the trigger bar and the striker plunger and installed the Sprinco spring kit and it lowered the pull weight but I could not stand the amount of creep in it. Today I was searching the web and found this link to a mod to adjust the amount of creep in the trigger...I did this mod to mine today and it works awesome....I've got the trigger adjusted with no creep, just a clean light break....I absolutely love this gun now.....:) Maybe some people already know about this mod but here's t
  8. I just installed the new Lok grips and the Sprinco kit in mine this evening, going to test it out on my backyard range tomorrow....
  9. I just bought a new Q5 SF and was wondering if anyone has tried the TAC trigger made by Overwatch Precision....???
  10. Thanks very much for the reply......I'm looking forward to using the bullet feeder.....:)
  11. I'm loading 9mm on a Dillon 650, the bullets I'm using are the RMR 124gr. flat point Matchwinners....would these bullets be a problem using a Mr. Bullet feeder ? Thanks, Don
  12. I bought a new 650 a few months ago and have been having a problem with high primers. I had found that the primer plunger was not really tight and tightened that up and thought that was the problem, but I was still having the high primer issue....it did not matter what brand of primer I used it was still happening. I don't know if this was just a issue with my loader or if they are all like this...but, last week I took the primer plunger apart and chucked the plunger in one of my lathes and cut the shoulder stop back about 10 thousands and re-cut a 60 deg. bevel...... doing this gave the
  13. Im using the RMR 124 Matchwinners and they are the most accurate 9mm bullets I have tried so far and I've tried just about all the most popular ones out there. The jackets are definitely not soft....I've had absolutely no problems loading them on a Dillion 650. I'm getting ready to order another couple thousand very soon...:)
  14. I got home from work a little early today and I re-adjusted my xl650 for 1.090 OAL, I'm using 4.9 of CFE Pistol, Fed. primer, WIN case. I loaded a box of them and shot them on my backyard range....WOW...you were exactly right...they came to life at that OAL.....I agree that RMR is outstanding.....I will be ordering a few more thousand of these very soon. You definitely saved me some time and money with your advice...Thanks Very Much
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