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  1. Yes, they were the flat nose profile with the dished base....The Apex barrel on my M&P had a really short throat in it, I was having to load really short for it. I got tired of that and bought a throating reamer and took care of that problem, it actually shoots better after lengthening the throat in it. I've had no problems with loading long with the P210. I'm sure the Precision bullets are accurate bullets also, I just need to work with them some.
  2. Yes, I loaded the Precision's at 1.150 also....
  3. Yeah, I'm going to shoot them further than 10-15 yards...didn't have much time this evening. Just wanted to see how they did at close range. I don't shoot competitions, I'm just a backyard plinker...:)
  4. I've been trying different 9mm bullets and wanted to try some of the coated bullets...I got some Precision 125's TC and they shot ok , was not impressed with the accuracy. Today I got some of the Blue bullets 125 (356) TC.....I loaded a 100 of them and tested them out on my backyard range.... I was shooting them in my M&P 4.25 with Apex barrel and trigger and my Sig P210 Target.....at 10 and 15 yards they will make one bug hole in the center of target with either gun. I will definitely be ordering some more of these. I loaded these on a Dillon 650...5.0 gr /CFE Pistol/ OAL 1.150 Win. primers
  5. Sounds like you need to shim it. You can make a shim from a feeler gauge, cut it to size with a pair tin snips. I put a Vortex Venom on my Sig P210 with a mounting plate I bought from Armory Craft...I had to shim it for the vertical adjustment.
  6. DBlue

    Apex or KKM

    Apex is definitely the way to go. I installed one on my 9mm. and also the trigger kit, a set of LPA sights it is a different gun now. The only drawback I found is the short throat, I load my own bullets and wanted to try some flat point bullets and found that I had to load them way shorter than I wanted. I ordered a throating reamer and reamed the throat...I can load any length bullet up to the limits of 1.169 with no issues. I used a Manson throating reamer and it cut the Apex barrel like butter...
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