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  1. Orlando. Universal Shooting is a little over an hour south of Orlando. I’m not a fan of the city but I have young kids and there are endless things to do that are kid friendly. Flights are reasonable from the Midwest. Delta/MCO handle checked guns like it’s no big deal. VRBO homes are very cheap if you’re willing to be 30 minutes from Disney. Mid-March is warmish - high 70s to low 80s.
  2. I think the most telling thing is that Dillon won’t be selling the 650 anymore. They must believe that the changes are that much better.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Just realized it’s series 80. I found them at the link below. Website says they have stock but never dealt with this vendor. I usually buy local. https://www.classicfirearms.com/remington-firearms-96717-1911-r1/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Any reviews on the .40 single stack (96717)? Listed for about $880 and a $75 rebate. Not a bad deal for a .40 SS with front serrations and checkered grip, BUT it is a Remington .... Any reviews on reliability? Better to pay 2x for the Dan Wesson .40?
  5. This sounds very frustrating. I’ve shot cases and cases of MG 147s and stock Dillon dies with no issues. Have you tried a Lee U die? ~$20 die is worth a shot.
  6. Same. I absolutely love the contrast. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. ^^^^this. Hammer follow sucks but the 1# pull was fun when it worked! 2 to 2.5 now, very happy and very reliable.
  8. I have the same problem with the DAA Alpha X with PT block sticking. Super frustrating given the high cost of the holster. Even more frustrating that the solution is to buy more product (thigh pad). I’ve since ordered a Kydex holster. I’m anxiously waiting delivery.
  9. I have the soft, delicate hands of someone who has never done an honest day’s work. Anyway, bogies are the way to go. There is a painful bite when you first get them but you’ll get used to it very quickly. I wouldn’t want to shoot without bogies. No more pain, just great traction.
  10. I think the butler cut looks way better; I have it in my atlas. You won’t notice the weight difference. Buy the gun you like. $500 over the life of the gun isn’t meaningful.
  11. Idk man but I really like your blue cheely. My experience with N320 in 9mm is fantastic. In .40 it’s been varried. It seems to run a little slower in the MN cold. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/266910-n320-sensitivity-or-chrono-off/
  12. You are correct. I’m getting lower PF in the cold. We’ve had terrible weather in MN so once again, the temp was cold when I chrono’d this morning (35). Similar velocities as last week and slower than 94 degree A4. I have a load that I’m comfortable with at 35 - 40 degrees and should be GTG for warmer temps of FL later this month. I still haven’t ruled the chrono out. I’d like to run two at once.
  13. Agreed ES looks very high ... and not at all consistent with my prior experiences with N320 and 9mm. I’m using mixed brass and a dillon powder measure. I checked individual and average drops several times and they were consistent. So, I was feeling pretty good about the powder charge but acknowledge that the dillon drop does have a margin of error.
  14. I’m getting odd results from the same lot of ammo from two large matches and my personal chrono. Is this reflective of the sample size; lighting conditions; bad chrono; temperature; or combination? I QC’d this ammo very closely so I have a high degree of confidence in the OAL and consistent charge weight but I could be the factor, of course. My results are also very different than my experience with N320 in 9mm - always very consistent. I’m nervous to head to Nationals and not make PF. Given my charge weight, I’m equally nervous to increase further. My load is a 180 grain coated lead ACME FP at 1.185” and 4.9 grains N320. Section match: ES of 34, avg PF 167, ~74 degrees, 3 shots, actual bullet weight 178.6 grains. Area match: ES of 3, avg PF 176, ~94 degrees, 3 shots, actual bullet weight 180 grains. My chrono: ES of 108, avg PF 172, ~39 degrees, 20 shots, assumed weight of 180 My chrono: ES of 93, avg PF 168, ~64 degrees, 20 shots, assumed weight of 180 My tests at lower charge weights were more consistent but still much poorer than when I loaded 9mm. Thoughts?
  15. It sounds dumb but are you seating your bullets crooked? I flipped the seating stem so I could use the alternate profile and boom no more failures. Hundo XL with coated bullets at .401. I have an embarrassing thread explaining my problem and then the simple solution.
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