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  1. I’ve not used any tracking devices. I fly Delta and fly direct. The Delta app tells you when your bag has been loaded so you can relax. It’s all a crap shoot as soon as you hand over your bag anyway. I’m not sure the tracking would be worth it to me.
  2. You are lucky! I’ve loaded about 20k WSP and found a handful of primers without anvils. I still by them if they are cheap - I just spend more time looking at them before loading in primer tube.
  3. I have one. It is fantastic! Curious if anyone has had success attaching a cheap electric motor.
  4. I put the Limcat on PT EVO grip. Don’t let the “fitting” scare you. I’m an absolute idiot and I was able to do the fitting in minutes with a cheap old file I found in my garage. It’s not hard at all.
  5. What drill are you (or others) using? What level of torque is required? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Great videos. I have about 6k through my Atlas and happy to see how yours held up through 50k. What kydex holster are you using? I’m using a RHT kydex holster and am showing a lot more wear. Like you said, it’s a tool so I’m. It too worried, but I’m curious anyway. Barrel looked excellent. Have you noticed any changes in groupings?
  7. I bought a sample pack of .400 blue bullets and .401 ACMEs. Both we’re acceptable accuracy for our game but .401 significantly more accurate. Minor price difference so I stuck with .401 ACME
  8. I’ve had this happen. It’s a little spooky but a really simple fix. Buy a decent trigger gauge. Test it. Adjust your seat spring (very easy) until you get a level you like and can’t reproduce hammer follow. Then, use the gauge every once in a while to see if the spring tension has changed. If changed, work on the spring again.
  9. I use One Shot and tumble Bayous and ACMEs to get the residue off. 5-8 minutes in corn cob, no coating issues. Helps keep my case gauge clean.
  10. For area matches, I’ve done Area 3 once and Area 4 twice (AR and TX). I wouldn’t hesitate to do either again. I’d suggest looking at some section matches, too. You can shoot them in one day, they are usually cheap, and there are several good ones near your location. I particularly enjoy Iowa Section each year. Minnesota and Wisconsin are nice matches, too.
  11. Just received 9,000 .40 for $231 shipped from AmmoBrass LLC. Very clean. I would order from them again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Handled one in person at WI Sectional. Figment was great and on par with the beauty of the gun. Waffle top is the best. I wish my gun had that treatment. Carne would be on my short list if I was looking for a new build.
  13. Tried 4.6 - 4.9 of Sport Pistol under 180 Blue Bullets and ACME at 1.185 OAL today. I had the best accuracy with ACME. 4.8 provided great accuracy at 17 yards and well into PF comfort zone. Group and 10 shot data in the pictures for 4.8 grains. There was one outlier shot at 913 FPS. I suspect that has more to do with my loading habits than the powder. YMMV
  14. This! Nats should be 20+ stages, maybe more. Even dummies like me can string together a reasonable performance for 10 stages but our true B class colors come out with a longer test.
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