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  1. JL175

    Practiscore- How to

    Thank you all, for the input.
  2. JL175

    Practiscore- How to

    Is there a way to delete inbox messages in Practiscore? If so, how? I am fairly tech savvy, it is escaping me now.
  3. JL175

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    Perttime, this is a late comment/question... You are quite right about no 9mm major in Limited. In a world of custom 2011, why is there no 9mm major in Limited? I get it for factory manufactured guns (e.g. 40 cal), but why wouldn't USPSA allow 9mm major, as custom guns theoretically could be built. I'm not sure of the power factor or recoil on a non ported gun. Any thoughts?
  4. JL175

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    Personally, if you are planning to shoot Limited in USPSA, and your priority is to be as competitive as possible, then you have to shoot Limited major. Forget all of the other details. If you want to shoot 9mm (minor), or money is an issue (which is completely understandable), then stick with Production and save the money. Shooting Limited minor is like boxing with one hand. You are automatically giving up points before you even start the match. Plus Do Not spend a fortune on 9mm (minor) STI!! That is a complete waste of money, if your sole purpose for the gun is to shoot USPSA. Also, you should plan to have two of the same guns...if you plan to travel and compete seriously. Listen to what I am telling you. I went to Nationals this year and blew out a bushing and barrel, in my practice gun (during practice). That trip would have been ruined without having my match gun.
  5. JL175

    Am I too old?

    I had the same question. I am 49 and started competing a little over a year ago, and hate losing. Lol I decided that I would train hard and continue to compete, for as long as it is still fun. Whatever class I achieve or place I finish is not something that anyone has total control over. The important thing really is to bust my butt and train and enjoy the time in the sport.
  6. JL175

    Anyone have a membership at PSTG?

    I have the Bronze membership and am planning to jump to the Gold, at least for the offseason. The general information is excellent, the responses to questions are very quick, and I feel that I can depend on the answers. They are both incredibly knowledgeable and often approach techniques from an angle that may different from the normal answers. They will help set up a training program and tell you areas upon which to improve. Seems like it can save money and time, in the long run.
  7. JL175

    Which is your favorite CZ and why?

    Either of my Cajunized Shadow 2s.
  8. JL175

    Leupold Delta Point MOA dot size?

    Definitely use the 2.5 MOA for USPSA. It'll show up in the sun and will be better for longer shots...
  9. JL175

    Grip technique/pressure

    You're right. I wasn't thinking. I saw a previous post regarding Hwansik grip discussion and obviously got carried away.
  10. JL175

    Grip technique/pressure

    On the Practical Shooter Training Group (practicalshootingtraininggroup.com), Kim discusses a technique for controlling gun movement and recoil management.
  11. Turns out I was the lucky one who won the Canyon Creek 1911, with the Wilson Combat mags. The gun is a work of art. Couldn't be happier.