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  1. I have owned 2 Q5 Steel Frames and ended up selling both of them. They both had extraction issues and I tried several things to correct this. Admittedly, I bought them early in the production cycle and am told that Walther has corrected the issue. I gave up trying to fix the issue once my fourth call/contact with Walther ended with them telling me to shoot only their recommended ammo list (115gr Winchester, Federal, Fiocci, etc.), which isn't appropriate for competition. Plus, they said that if I sent them the gun and it shot their ammo correctly, they would charge me a gunsmithing fee. Talk about adding insult to injury. So, I threw in the towel and had my Shadow 2s milled for CO. Regarding modifications- I modified recoil spring and guiderod as one possible fix for weak extraction. The Sprinco kit came with a trigger mod as well. Aside from the extraction issue, I don't think trigger mods are needed, even for competition, on the SF. I think it's a great striker trigger out of the box. Not as good as a hammer trigger, but that is not a reasonable comparison. Regarding price, it is fairly easy to find them for around $1,300, no tax. I have not shot the X5 Legion and cannot make a knowledgeable comparison. However, so long as the extraction issue has been fixed by Walther (I'm told it was an extractor/extractor spring issue), then I would have no issue shooting it as is or of the box. If you need to modify the Legion, then add that cost into your comparison. But the Walther is great out of the box (again, assuming no functional issues) And that's a great thing! Good luck, whichever way you choose to go.
  2. Maybe for 3 gun. However, I doubt that the gun could handle 9 major ammo. And bad idea to shoot minor ammo for USPSA open division.
  3. Thanks for the update. I've got two SFs now (traded for the second one) and both have extraction issues. One is worse than the other. I'm going to send both back to Walther and see what happens. I've already changed guiderods and springs, but it didn't fix the issue. Guess we'll see. If sending the guns back to Walther for repairs doesn't work, I will have The CZ Shadow 2s milled for an optic and sell the SFs to a gunsmith. Maybe he/she can fix it.
  4. Does anyone know if the new shipment of Steel Frames will include some with the new adjustable triggers already installed? Anyone hear of an eta?
  5. What kind is I am putting in 21 rounds. 15 round factory mag and using Taylor Freelance +6 extension.
  6. 17 lbs, really? I was told 50N, which converts to 11.25 lbs. I mentioned to Walther that the recoil spring feels more like 16 lbs than 11. Perhaps there's different standard when converting Newtons. Regarding the bullet profile, I need to check with guy that makes my ammo. I've shot almost 15k rounds from him and only had 2 misfeeds, in my Shadow 2s.
  7. Yes, I do use generous amounts of oil. The surface is shiny, not runny. I use 147gr RN at about 920 fps. It makes power factor, but certainly not considered a hot load. I will have to check the brass. Can't believe I didn't do that yet. I have to assume that there are marks on it. I will check the port, ejector and extractor. Also, I've in conversation with Walther gun techs. I'll post any helpful info here.
  8. *This is not an actual offer to Sell this handgun. Does anyone have an idea of what this gun might be worth? It has never been fired, except presumably by Canyon Creek for testing. I am thinking about selling it. Additionally, I need a value for insurance purposes. A couple of gun builders snd a Single Stack Champion mentioned values of as much as $4,000 (possibly more), for the gun, Wilson Combat mags, and custom case. I presume the value is not only due to the incredible quality, but also due to Rich (from Canyon Creek) not doing much commercial building or gunsmithing anymore and there are not many new Canyon Creek guns in the market...if any. I am thinking seriously about selling the whole package, because I'll never compete in Single Stack. And it seems silly to keep it, just to shoot a few rounds per year and keep it in a safe for the rest of the time. I would appreciate any input, or thoughts you might have. Thanks!
  9. It unconsciously improves accuracy!
  10. First, I love my new Walther Q5 SF with DeltaPoint Pro. It shoots tight groups and is excellent for USPSA Carry Optics. That's the background context. However, from time-to-time I am having feeding issues. More accurately it seems to be faulty ejection of spent brass. This may occur several times in a row after 400-500 rounds have been fired. Even when the the case is ejected, it may only eject 6"-12". In a couple examples, the ejected brass actually fell back into the breach. Is anyone else seeing any kind of similar issues with the Walther Q5 SF? Possible Causes/Solutions 1) I would like to try a lighter recoil spring. Not many options for the SF quite yet. I spoke with Walther gunshop and basically they said that Walther (in Germany) is working on a lighter spring. He suggested that I try the lighter spring from Q5 Polymer. Use the spring from Tungsten guide rid, for polymer gun, and put it on the SF steel guide rod. Problem here is based on the gunshop's measurements there is only a 3N difference in weight and only 5N difference if one believes the info on the package. So, even if I did that, not much difference in spring weight. - I am told that a Sig P320 guide rod and recoil spring will work in a Q5 SF. Anyone know if this is true? Or, have any other ideas for where to get a lighter spring that would work? 2) (Please see photo)- Also, after only several hundred rounds, it appears that small particles of brass are being ground off the casings, due to the slide movement. Could the friction created also contribute to a weakened ejection process? Is this something i should worry about, or even try to fix? Will it grind itself down and correct itself? Sorry for the long post. Wanted to include as much relevant info as possible. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  11. There is definitely a recoil difference between the Q5 SF and the poly. SF is definitely flatter. I am not sponsored by Walther and I have the credit card bills to prove it. . I have been shooting Cajunized CZ Shadow 2s, prior to making the shift to Walther, for CO. I think the Shadow 2 feels a bit tighter. However, the Walther SF is giving me tight groupings. The attached photo is 32 rounds doubles drill, from 15 yds. I'm using factory setup on both Q5 SF and poly, DeltaPoint Pro 2.5 MOA on both.
  12. There are a number of USPSA videos, on YouTube. Some were created by USPSA and review general rules. Probably a good idea, as some of the gun handling may be unique to USPSA and not necessarily the same as what you are used to.
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