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  1. I had two of these, and they all failed. 2000 + rounds and dot turned to like 10 moa (took 3 months to repair, what a joke turn around time) and then the repaired one only last 1500 + rounds and then the connection issue, and a brand new one only last 400 + rounds. A friend send the below image to me and I currently have AF model which is causing reliability issues. All the current model connection is at 3,6,9,12 clock position where the new one is 1,4,7,11 position. Below is what happen to my last one (Left is a brand new one, right is defective). It was just turning on and off.
  2. Hello Sir,


    Just want to ask regarding to the trigger spring for the Q5 that you got from Home Depot. Just any home depot sells it? Anything special ones I should look for ?

    1. akeefer


      It’s the box of random springs they sell for $5 or so at almost every Home Depot. You don’t happen to want a deal on the Apex Trigger and the springs from me??

    2. hyasuma


      Thanks for the response, for some reason i didn't get a notification. Unfortunately right now I'm keeping everything stock for competition and not looking for triggers. Thanks for the offer. 

  3. Hope they have 9mm Major for the Domina
  4. Normally, if the IPAD is too old, for example IPAD 1, Apple probably already stopped IOS updates for older models. You could differently "Jailbreak" it and that can probably help you run 3rd party apps which might help with the situation. Other than that, I recommend upgrade a new IPAD at this point. One reason I don't like to use Apple products, they are very inconvenient. That is just me, I just prefer Android system. Good luck
  5. Here is my first Production National this year. Started shooting competitively 2 years ago, and just started USPSA late last year. Currently Limited B and just got to Production B a month ago. Enjoy it, any tips would be great, I know I got a lot to learn~ My First Production National~
  6. Hey Southpaw, since you are having issue with safari browser I recommend you download Chrome or Firefox to see if that works for you. Let me know how it works out. Good luck
  7. every forum have their rules, CZ Forums requires 25
  8. This image shows what I changed in the setting by changing to "Everything"
  9. right now if i change it in the setting. I do not have the same problem you are having. see picture
  10. Well, It works good for me cuz after I read it the content doesn't show in the "unread" anymore.
  11. try downloading Chrome if your are not using that already
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