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  1. it actually is chanbered for 3 1/2 and is reciever is identical to the other models. Remmington just say's don't use 3 1/2 because the long tube tends to crush 3 1/2 shells if loaded to capacity. Loading 3-4 supposedly is not an issue. As I think through this, I think your statement makes sense that the Benelli is 1/2" shorter. I think that's true for the M2 but I have the Super Black Eagle which takes 3 1/2 so I think we are both right. So I'm hoping bottom line is the SBE lifter is identical but the M2 probably is not.
  2. Unless Jeff added length when he welded the benelli, they seem to be identical lengths. I'm going to take both to the range this week to see if both cycle. I'll report back.
  3. I just picked up a 22" Versa Max for 3 gun to replace my 28" wood Benelli Super Black Eagle. I had Jeff @ C-Rums weld the lifter on the Benelli. I've heard that the trigger groups are very close to interchangeable but use different pins for the reciever connection. I was able to swap the lifers and they seem to be the same dimensions and fit very well. QUESTION to the group: Has any one done this? If so is it working ok?
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