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  1. I shoot because I enjoy bettering myself. The gains I achieve are quick and satisfying. It keeps me coming back for more.
  2. I normally place them in the order that I am going to shoot them as well. I use and ELS belt and will throw an old ap customs 4x4 with extra slugs in case I need an extra.
  3. Just wanted to get peoples opinion on if you work on your draw and one shot drill. I from time to time do it mainly because it is fun but I don't think I get much out of it other than a fast draw and that is something I can do without ammunition.
  4. It is a CZ SP01 Shadow in 9mm.
  5. When I am stage planning I break each stage up into sections and then assign those sections a marker. That marker is the part of that section that is the hardest. I quickly store the easy parts of a stage, things that are more muscle memory. So instead of thinking of the stage as one big mess I can focus on each part individually. It helps with that overwhelming feeling you can get when you come across a big stage. When I am on the line I simply step through each section remember my markers and execute.
  6. That is interesting didn't know the Tanfo parts would be interchangeable. Good to know.
  7. I am about a 3.17 on a 6 plate rack from 10-12 yards from hands relaxed at side with my CZ SP01 Shadow
  8. Here is a video I did just playing around with the bill drill. No granted its not from the surrender position but I was just trying to see what I was capable of.
  9. Haha this is great! I am finishing up my Kylo Ren costume and you better believe I am going to wear it at a match. I will post a video on here when I do.
  10. Yeah I am around the 5.5lb DA and 2.25 SA. I did all the work myself and I have 20,000 + rounds through mine. Was very easy to do. The biggest things are polishing bearing surfaces and lots of dry fire.
  11. Yeah the Dawson Precisions are the way to go. I have used them on all my guns for a while.
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