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  1. I like it. I'll add them to my training schedule.
  2. Anyone have any "must" or "go to" shotgun 3gun drills? I've really been focusing on mastering the shotty as of late and haven't had a lot of luck finding 3gun shotty drills. I have read lots of Pat Kellys stuff and was curious what eveyone else does. I focus heavily on quad loading, shooting on move, reloading from empty, speed on plate racks, speed of first shot, and lots of accuracy on steel, so anyone have any specific stuff? Oh and I shoot spinners in practice here and there. I really need to get one for home. Perhaps next year. Thanks
  3. Simple easy. Buy a Dawson sight, it'll come with the punch. You'll need to buy the file from Dawson. then watch Dawson's YouTube channel on how to do it. Very easy. I've done it many times.
  4. +1. Yep, me too. Yep. Once the season gets going, I shoot about a thousand rounds a week, so I clean my slide every Friday. I usually completely disassemble 2 or 3 times a year.
  5. Why dimple when you can buy a clamp style gas block. Save money and works fine.
  6. For anyone who hasn't tried the dot drill, I highly recommend it. In the North country I don't shoot all winter and I am using the dot drill to knock the rust off of my pistol shooting. This is an excellent drill that forces you to track that front sight and get back to calling those shots. In my opinion, it works wonders.
  7. What were they going for during that sale? $299 shipped
  8. I use Dillon dies and haven't had a problem. I load and shoot about 35,000 rounds through my 2011 and have never had a single issue.
  9. I have a stretch 16. It's lightweight and a 3/4 moa barrel. I'm more then happy and picked it up during the black Friday sale.
  10. Go with the vortex spitfire, I really like mine. Palmetto state armory had them for $150 shipped on black Friday.
  11. You would think this but lots of corner cutting by big name custom gunsmiths.If you follow this site a lot, you will see plenty of $4k to $5k guns with some half assed gunsmithing. Its sad but quality is hard to find, even when spending top dollar. I have owned several high end custom guns, whether precision rifles or 2011s, and have sent back several of them for bad gunsmithing or been left disappointed. They are usually fixed but you would think for the money they would in fact be gone over with a fine tooth comb.
  12. I'm going with the FFP once it becomes available. On low power, you will be at close range and using the dots, so you will not need to see the reticle, as a matter of fact, the reticle will only get in the way when you are shooting fast. Then one you crank it up to 8x, you will use the reticle to aim/holdover, etc. The FFP has a great reticle and is the way I am going. I cant wait for this thing to hit the market, its what i'll be running this year for sure.
  13. I would be flipped OP. $4k for a gun that has a slide that rattles like an armscorp... I would seriously get this resolved and demand a new slide be fit to the frame. Simply horrible!!!!
  14. Swc... Loaded about 50,000 bayous in the last year. Its my favorite bullet. Accurate and cheap.
  15. I'm sure it'll be on par with everything else they build these days. So I wouldn't get my hopes up.
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