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  1. I agree with the post above. I would also add proper application of the fundamentals. Sight alignment, trigger control and breathing become very important at distance. Also I didn’t see what division you were shooting.
  2. I had zero leading issues from my Glock 34 with TG/SNS combo but I do have issues from my Sig 320. I didn't think about the bullet to barrel fit.
  3. ^^^^ This, I went with a Q Trash Panda. All of Q's supressors are top notch.
  4. Hey everybody I have a pound of Alliant Power Pistol that I want to use to make a 9mm minor load. I am currently using a 125 SNS coated bullet and Tightgroup. I am having issues with leading and think the powder is burning the coating off the bullet. I checked Alliant's website for data but didn't find anything for a Coated lead bullet. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Tracking is fine, I have done multiple box tests and ladder test and haven't had any issues. Last time I took the rifle out I went from 350 to 1250 yards and back without any issues.
  6. Just get started, I was terrible when i started but I learned some how to practice/dry fire hand have been steadily improving over the years. Go be safe and have fun, you will likely be hooked after your first match.
  7. Check out the vortex PST line, they are a middle of the road scope that won't break the bank. I have a 6-24 gen 1 and I am very happy with it.
  8. I don't see a problem with that combination.
  9. I don't think so at all, Aero came out with a builders kit that comes with a matched upper/lower and hand guard. It looks very appealing to someone looking to build an ar10. I have several Aero receivers and I am very happy with their quality/fit and finish.
  10. Yeah JP is definitely on the short list of best AR producers. Check out Shilen and Seekins precision, I thought they may have done some combos as well. My opinion they all make great barrels and you couldn't go wrong with any of those 3. I am sure there are more out there that I am forgetting.
  11. Dosent JP sell matched bolt/barrel combos?
  12. I had a thread going for my pcc load with the intent of using plated. After reading and running the numbers Precision Delta makes the most sense for me. Cheaper than a plated bullet and higher quality. Follow them on social media to see some of their special deals.
  13. Exactly! Who wants to buy a 5-600 dollar rifle to install a new trigger and decent stock, then when it dosent shoot to expectation have a new barrel installed and action blueprinted. Turns into a 3k dollar project fast.
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