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  1. Thanks everyone, y’all have helped me make the decision to get one.
  2. Some people have asked and I do already have a case feeder. I couldn’t imagine running a 650 without one.
  3. Awesome, I think I will pull the trigger on one.
  4. I have had my 650 for about two years and I am thinking of adding a MrBullet feeder. I load 9mm, 45’s and 223’s on my 650 and I am looking to pick up as much speed as possible. I don’t have a lot of free time and would rather spend it dry firing. So for the folks with a bullet feeder would you say it’s worth it or save the money to spend on a class/matches?
  5. Not a forum but the TxPRC Facebook page is worth checking out.
  6. I went with a 650 and hindsight wish I would have gone with 1050/1100 for the swager, so I don’t have to handle rifle brass an additional time, also for the random 9mm’s that have crimped pockets.
  7. Mixed brass will perform fine, like others have said es/sd won’t be as consistent. For my long range load I use Lake City. For powder I have used 322,335, benchmark, 8208 and varget with cheap 55gr soft points. I’d like to try Shooters world Tac Rifle, I have heard nothing but good things about it.
  8. I picked up a pound of ShootersWorld Blackout to mess around with subsonic loads. I have some loaded to test, I’ll try and get to the range soon.
  9. The 65guys have some really good videos and articles on making precision rifle rounds on a progressive. If someone is on the fence about it I would highly suggest checking them out.
  10. Power Pistol has worked well for me. I have loaded it most for a PCC with 125gr bullets, very accurate and plenty of gas for the comp. I have also loaded a 9+p load with a 115gr bullet for hard set steel and poppers calibrated for shotguns at multigun matches.
  11. I prep everything the night before and double check before I load up to leave. Gun, ammo, mags, belt, eyes/ears. I forgot my magazines once ever since then I prep and check.
  12. I’m in the same boat as you, just bought an X5 CO setup and I’m planning on using the factory mags. If that doesn’t work for some reason I will use the TTI 140mm base pads.
  13. I have used SNS most, probably 20k of their coated 9mm’s. As long as you set your dies up correctly you shouldn’t have any issues. SNS has a bulk discount, flat rate shipping and support the sport.
  14. Does anyone know if SilencerShop does form 1’s for SBR’s? I have purchased 2 suppressors through them and everything went smoothly, was hopping to do an same the same way.
  15. I picked up a used PST 1-6 and I am very impressed, the glass is very clear and I think the reticle is a big improvement from the 1st gens.
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