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  1. NateTSU


    Pros Obviously quiets the rifle down which makes it more pleasant to shoot and is courteous to your neighbors reduced recoil Does not throw dust/dirt like a muzzle brake single ear pro so it’s easier to communicate with your spotter. Great for new shooters to help them learn the fundamentals without developing a flinch. Cons 10-12month wait for your stamp Makes a long rifle longer, slightly more challenging to get in/out of tight shooting positions. The newer cans don’t need to be disassembled and cleaned unless it’s a rim fire. Titanium cans are lighter and stronger than the old steel ones. Buy the best because it’s pretty much yours for life. Spend it on a Q or TB, don’t go cheap on your suppressor. I went with Q but there are lots of good manufacturers out there, do your homework before purchasing.
  2. The matches I have shot were all know distance targets. As others have stated above shoot your loads across a chronograph. There are lots of good ballistic calculators like Strelok and GeoBallistics. For bags I use a Wiebad fortune cookie, it’s a very versatile bag that does everything pretty well.
  3. Kurt/Pac-Man yes the rifle runs reliable with and without the can, brass isn’t getting chewed up and it locks the bolt back when it’s empty. So no need to change the buffer and nothing to worry about. I will take that 50 bucks buy more powder and shoot more. Thanks for the help guys.
  4. Its a regularly stocked barrel on their website.
  5. I have a 16” intermediate gas rifle that I think is over gassed. Without the suppressor it ejects brass at 4 o’clock with the suppressor on it ejects brass at 1/2 o’clock. If I understand correctly I need to add a heavier buffer, I have a standard weight carbine buffer now. What weight would you recommend the H2 or H3? Barrel is a AR 15 Performance 16” 1/8 w/intermediate gas. The can is a Q Trash Panda Load is 23.1 of H322 and a Hornady 55gr sp.
  6. I was having the same problem, I pulled the pin and filed a slight taper and smoothed it out with some Emory cloth.
  7. I went with a 650 and I currently load 9mm and 223. It’s a great press and does everything I want except swage primer pockets. I would like to have bought a 1050 but i don’t load enough to justify the extra 800-900 dollars. Maybe a used one one day.
  8. I have a Q Trash Panda. I really like it, it’s short and lightweight. It bounces between a 6.5 CM a 6.8SPC and 223.
  9. I agree with the post above. I would also add proper application of the fundamentals. Sight alignment, trigger control and breathing become very important at distance. Also I didn’t see what division you were shooting.
  10. I had zero leading issues from my Glock 34 with TG/SNS combo but I do have issues from my Sig 320. I didn't think about the bullet to barrel fit.
  11. ^^^^ This, I went with a Q Trash Panda. All of Q's supressors are top notch.
  12. Hey everybody I have a pound of Alliant Power Pistol that I want to use to make a 9mm minor load. I am currently using a 125 SNS coated bullet and Tightgroup. I am having issues with leading and think the powder is burning the coating off the bullet. I checked Alliant's website for data but didn't find anything for a Coated lead bullet. Any help is appreciated!
  13. Tracking is fine, I have done multiple box tests and ladder test and haven't had any issues. Last time I took the rifle out I went from 350 to 1250 yards and back without any issues.
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