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  1. If it is beyond your skill level don't do it.
  2. The rule is to not release the slide until the round ejects. Operator error.
  3. It's not some people are just anal.

    Bad Call??

    Again shooter was standing in a shooters box. It was just an AD, he just touched the trigger to hard. Coming from a draw. The round hit the ground well over ten feet out, unmeasured.

    Bad Call??

    When I told the RO it was not a DQ he got a bit aggressive and since the shooter did not want to challenge it I let it go. But is was a bad call and I told them so. RO said it was unsafe gun handling. The bad part is the RO is a match director at another range.

    Bad Call??

    It was a classifier shot from a box.

    Bad Call??

    I don't k ow what was put down as a reason. But I am an RO and it was well over 10 foot, besides without measuring it how can you DQ?
  8. At a recent match a competitor at the buzzer, draws and has an AD that hits the ground well over ten feet out, it was not measured. The RO calls a DQ. What is your call?
  9. lame stage, I come to shoot. I went to a match once 6 stages and when we were done we had fired less than 50 rounds. Never went back.
  10. I started loading to 10mm length because that is what fit the magazine. Loading issues went away. I am playing with the idea of using the spacers from my 9mm mags to see if that works with factory ammo. I shoot a 2011 EDGE.
  11. Your right I am loading 1.2 and have had no problems, to bad it is the end of our shooting season. I'll do better next year.
  12. Since 10mm fits in the mags, why not load to that length?
  13. Getting ready to load for my STI Edge .40 S&W. I will be loading 180gr TC plated bullets. I hear people talk about loading long but for what reason? And if you load long how long?
  14. Hello,

    Dry fire: 

    Draw at 1 second or less to a 2 inch circle.  Practice on 1/3  size targets.

    Use 3 of them, draw two shots on each, sub 2 seconds. Reloads in dry fire should be 1 second as well.

    Grip the crud out of the gun in dry fire. Try to build those muscles in your forearms.

    Live fire: Grip is important. You have to be able to shoot two shots basically at 3-4 inches apart, at 7yards with .25 splits. Your draw will slow to 1.2 seconds in life fire. Reload will be slower as well.

    Once you can do this stuff, bring partials in. Same times, just with partials there. Started doing this stuff and A was an easy jump. Master Card is coming in the next update. Constantly push speed with a good site picture.     Good luck.

  15. I concur this week I got an Edge and a new holster to go with it, also I replaced my mag springs and followers with grams. So far things have been working well.
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