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  1. As long as it fits the box.
  2. Did you plunk test the ammo first?
  3. Plates are not calibrated for USPSA, only poppers, at 115 PF.
  4. Yes, easily. That's why you look in the case, especially on a 550. Not on a Square Deal though, because the index pawl is already advanced before the powder drop contact. That's why I run BE-86 on the 550 and TG on the SD.
  5. Just push the tip back in when the slide is locked back.
  6. For a Gen 3, use the OEM G21 mag button, which it came with.
  7. Stepped case. IMT, Freedom Munitions, AmmoLoad, and MaxxTech. look at pic 4, you can see the ledge. Complete junk. Case rupture or KaBoom waiting to happen, especially in a PCC.
  8. Hell Yea! Lots of clubs. My wife's blood cousin is the club director. Shot there many times. https://www.pscshootingclub.com/
  9. 9x45

    Gunsmith Fit Barrel

    Well, they are a few that do, but I think BarSto is the best.
  10. Lots of clubs. check USPSA and the IDPA websites for clubs. My wife's cousin runs this club https://www.pscshootingclub.com/
  11. What bullet diameter and what brass? The dies didn't change.. I've got well over 400K on my 550.
  12. Yes, except the G17L and the G24...
  13. Did your rounds plunk test ok in that gun?
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