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  1. 9x45

    Possible lead poisoning

    Everyone who shoots should get a baseline blood lead level. Mine got up to 28 shooting USPSA outdoors 5 times a month running Bear Creek Moly bullets. I switched to Bayou coated, and it dropped to 8 in four months, then down to 6 in 6 months, about the same as for guys shooting FMJ's and JHPs. There is still lead from the lead styhpnate in the primer, but 99% of lead comes from the gun exhaust you breathe in, and if you RO allot, all the other shooters gun exhaust. Lead cannot go thru your skin, and if you just happen to handle steel during setup, and forget to wash your hands, that fractional amount will go right thru you. While spent primers may look nasty, the lead that was there is completely oxidized during ignition. You may have thought you had lead poisoning, but there should have been other symptoms to go with it. Severe migraine headaches, extreme sensitive to light, throwing up, diarrhea, black lips, black finger nails. Over 60 and you would be put in the hospital for chelation, which takes up to 5 days. Don't do this at home, because chelation rips out all the heavy metals, including potassium. Shooting cast lead, shooting indoors, shooting 2,500 rounds a month, yea, you'll get some lead. Shooting coated or plated or FMJs, outside, 200 rounds a month, no, you would be around a 2, if that. Casting lead does not present a problem as lead has to get to over 1,200 degrees to vaporize, and it melts at only 625 degrees. A lead panel will also test for mercury and arsenic. So get yourself tested and then you will know.
  2. 9x45

    9mm 115 grain solid copper HP

    The Power Floor for USPSA and IDPA, 125,000 (bullet weight times velocity). A 115 would have to go over 1,100 fps.
  3. My little corner of the laundry room...
  4. 9x45

    Admitting guilt to an AD

    Anytime a shooter is DQ'd. the rule that was violated must be noted. Was that the case?
  5. You need to contact Dillon. The pawl adjustment is set from the factory.
  6. 9x45

    Shooting a match with your EDC rig

    Actually you can run your IWB appendix rig in USPSA as long as you declare that you are Open, Limited or L10 Division because holster position is not restricted. You can also run concealed, because there is no rule against it, or advantage to it. And you can even use pretend cover and engage sequentially and tactically and use IDPA reloads because there is no rule against it or advantage to it.....
  7. 9x45

    Glock 170mm extensions

    I've been running Taylors since they first went into business. Never an issue. Did you call Taylor and ask? You use the OEM springs from the G18's with the plus 10s.
  8. 9x45

    Glock 170mm extensions

    Well, except that G18 mags are not legal for any USPSA Division...
  9. 9x45

    Shooting IPSC as a USPSA member?

    Nothing more than being a member of IPSC and getting classified. Read the rules. There is no IPSC in the US, except for the US IPSC Nationals once a year in Florida.
  10. 9x45

    Apex Trigger

    If it gives you more confidence, then go for it, but it won't make up for the fundamentals....
  11. 9x45

    Cast bullet leading

    I run 124 TC Bayous at .356" on top of 3.4 grs TG at 1.100", makes a 128 PF, with no leading. .357"s work also. But the biggest reason to run coated is they are 99% as accurate as FMJs at half the cost and your blood lead won't go up (mine got to 28 running moly lead at 6 matches a month). Shooting Bayous it dropped to 6. The easy way to get lead out is the old Bullseye shooters recipe of 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar. Fizz away for about 5 minutes and pour it out. Won't touch SS, but use caution on chrome lined barrels. Chrome is porous and will pit easily. before lead cocktail after the lead cocktail
  12. 9x45

    Typical extractor lifespan?

    How a Glock works. The extractor grabs the case just before full chamber.
  13. Did you mean to say IDPA SSP Division? Or ESP Division? There is an IDPA exception for guns that don't meet the standard rules, however, that is up to the local match director. It's called "Not for Competition" Division. They do not have to allow it, completely optional. And it is never allowed at a Tier 2 match, or higher..
  14. Well then it won't be IDPA, would it?