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  1. 9x45

    Mini boom

    I would also measure a few dozen bullet diameters to be sure. If there is not enough neck tension (interference fit between the bullet OD and the case ID) it can setback. More crimp will only increase the setback, not prevent it.
  2. 9x45

    Mini boom

    All semi auto pistols have some unsupported chamber, properly called the barrel ramp, otherwise they wouldn't function. And it did not fire out of battery as evidenced by the center primer strike. Also try to get a Glock to fire out of battery with a snap cap, won't do it. The most common cause of case rupture is using brass fired from an Open gun. Did your brass (not from a Glock) look like this before loading?
  3. 9x45

    Those dillon dies

    Never in over 400K rounds.
  4. Way too much bell. Only enough to sit the bullet, not even seat the bullet.
  5. 9x45

    Advice for O.A.L. for multiple guns?

    I use 1.100" for both my G17s and my JRC carbine.
  6. 9x45

    strange RMR zero shift on G34

    It's is usually loose screws.
  7. 9x45

    Maintenance schedule for a Glock

    Most of the 270K was either sponsored for powder, primers and bullets. I get free once fired brass. So not so much $$$ out the door. I have only replaced 7 RSA's in that 270K time frame, and one extractor, couple of trigger springs. They last along time, maybe I won't make 500K at my age....
  8. 9x45

    Maintenance schedule for a Glock

    How is this? 15K rounds on one of my G22's.... Still not ready for cleaning. You can't trust a clean Glock... And only 7 recoil spring assemblies in over 270K rounds on one of my G17's
  9. 9x45

    9mm IDPA Bug loads

    Bug minor is only 95...
  10. 9x45

    Heads up from a Glock newbie

    South, all of mine are 1998 and older...
  11. 9x45

    Heads up from a Glock newbie

    This is a late 90's trigger and it is flat where the spring hole is.
  12. 9x45

    Heads up from a Glock newbie

    Never seen that in 25 years of running Glocks (Gen 3 and earlier). You have to use a kind of over head motion to swing it into the trigger housing and then snap it in place into the frame. Have you tried reversing the spring? Also the trigger bar in the picture seems to have a slight dimple at the spring hole. Have to pull out some of my spare triggers and check for that.
  13. 9x45

    Limited Ready Glock17

    You only have to shoot almost all Alphas in Limited Minor...
  14. 9x45

    Heads up from a Glock newbie

    It will run either way, but it should go in like this.