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  1. I've used OEM Glock mags with Taylor Freelance Plus 6 for decades in Limited Minor, long before CO Division. Never an issue, old and beat up, but still run fine.
  2. Well then, still have no idea what it's for... The piece next to the size die (#1) in the photo is not a Dillon part. Thank you! Dillon Precision Products, Inc. website -- www.dillonprecision.com
  3. Chuck, yea, I just emailed Dillon Tech Support, with 2 attached files. Here is another pic, and yes, it does look more like a powder thru funnel, but the wrong thread size. Be interesting to see what Dillon says it is.
  4. No markings, but I don't have the set anymore. Recently sold it on ebay, and the buyer was asking. I'm sure Dillon could ID, but you can't post pics on their help forum website.
  5. These parts were in the original Dillon box that I haven't used in over 15 years. Anybody have any idea what the part is that the arrow points to?
  6. Yes, I did, on the help forum, but they seem to have been down for some time. The question was are the Delrin and brass bearings the same, ie, interchangeable (you said "I believe they’re interchangeable, if that’s what you mean"). If they were the same dimensions, I would have used the Delrin. The answer is they are not.
  7. Any of these powders will work well.
  8. Mixed brass does cause OAL variations as the wall thickness is different.
  9. Vortec, the sizing die should not contact the shell plate, but rather be a few thousands above, otherwise it can crack the shell plate. The only thing that changes during loading is the bullet, small variations. I get +/- .003-.005" on my 550.
  10. Update, They are not the same. The OD on the brass bearing is 1.035" and the OD on the Delrin bearing is .990". Bores and flange are the same. Gotta get a return authorization from Dillon now.....
  11. Yes, I have the brass ones on my 2001. I wonder if the Delrin is the same?
  12. Anyone use Delrin in place of the brass?
  13. I've run over 150,000 of the Bayou's in the truncated cone shape, both round tip and flat tip. Like them better than RN. Bayous left, Gallant and DG right.
  14. When the case looks like the one on the right, you are getting too close. But why are you trying to run so much higher over the Minor floor?
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