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  1. Measure your case length difference between WIN and Speer.
  2. Yea, I did the wipe test with acetone, however with all primer coats, the cure can be affected by thickness, time and temperature, not to mention adhesive failure of a coating because of a contaminated substrate (unclean lead).
  3. better today after 44 rounds. Still not as good as Bayou's, but the post cure helped...
  4. 20 minutes at 400*F after reaching temp. Darkened a bit, squash looks the same, going to run 40 or so Saturday on the first stage of the match and see what the barrel looks like.
  5. squashing one in the vise didn't yield the same results. off to post cure and post squash.
  6. Zomby, fails the smash test. Now to try a post cure.
  7. Thanks guys, will do the smash text next, then try a post cure at 200*C for 12 minutes minimum, then re-smash test.
  8. Thought I'd give a new company a try on their coated bullets. Been running Bayous for over 2 decades with no issues. New company bullets coating easily rubs off and leaves the barrel filthy after only 20-30 rounds. So the question is has anyone had success in post curing HiTek coated bullets? The normal cure is 200*C for 8-12 minutes.
  9. 230 gr bullet at .355" diameter??? Except for the Win Legend at 180 gr.
  10. They look fine. Over pressure will look like this.
  11. I loaded MG 124 JHP's to 1.175"OAL in a finish chamber reamed BarSto barrel in a G17L. But OAL is whatever it takes for the bullet shape. I've loaded 124 RN down to 1.060" OAL. The SAAMI value of 1.169" OAL is only a number. But in a Glock, anything over 1.180" OAL won't feed thru the mag.
  12. Only once. That's because I get once fired indoor brass for free. So some other shooter gets my twice fired brass for free. In fact, no one on my squad picks up their brass.
  13. Yea, it seems the problem is with the USPS. BBI fills it within days, but the box sits in Memphis for a couple of weeks. But then it only took 2 days to get to SoCal. Next time I will go with UPS.
  14. CZ chambers do not conform to SAAMI dimensions. They use some sort of Euro standard.
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