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  1. I loaded MG 124 JHP's to 1.175"OAL in a finish chamber reamed BarSto barrel in a G17L. But OAL is whatever it takes for the bullet shape. I've loaded 124 RN down to 1.060" OAL. The SAAMI value of 1.169" OAL is only a number. But in a Glock, anything over 1.180" OAL won't feed thru the mag.
  2. Only once. That's because I get once fired indoor brass for free. So some other shooter gets my twice fired brass for free. In fact, no one on my squad picks up their brass.
  3. Yea, it seems the problem is with the USPS. BBI fills it within days, but the box sits in Memphis for a couple of weeks. But then it only took 2 days to get to SoCal. Next time I will go with UPS.
  4. CZ chambers do not conform to SAAMI dimensions. They use some sort of Euro standard.
  5. I think part of this is based on the local post office. My order from DG arrived within a week, but I'm still waiting on BBI shipping thru the USPS. Should have taken the 48lb ship via UPS. Our local post office hates to deliver the 70 lb if it fits it ships box, so I always have to go pick it up. The boss guy goes on about coin collectors taking advantage of this, and I said it's your rule, you change it. Buddy of mine made the boss guy in his area deliver to the house because the troops refused.
  6. CZ's are sensitive to case length also. They don't like much over .745" And OAL is whatever it takes to case gage and plunk test in the barrel of your gun. Could be anywhere from 1.165" to 1.060" depending on the bullet shape.
  7. Ifly, 7 pages of how the USPS is screwing things up. Must be an issue with that particular post office, as my DG and Gallant order came within a week. Next order I'm going to UPS the 48 lbs instead of the USPS 70 if it fits it ships (eventually) box....
  8. Anyone order recently? What was your ship time?
  9. It's not the OAL on CZ's, it's the case length. They don't like much over .745"
  10. When I was using Bear Creek 125 RN moly for Minor, I had to set the OAL down to 1.060" OAL is just whatever it takes for any particular bullet.
  11. I ran a EGW dovetail mount with a 7 MOA Docter on a G17L Open Major 9x19 for years with no issues. Sits a bit high but it is solid. After I stopped shooting Open, I just milled the G17 slides for the Docter.
  12. 9x45

    TF +6 basepads

    Been running Taylors for over 25 years, all load to advertised capacity.
  13. I've run Taylor FreeLance +6 in Limited Minor for over 25 years, also +10 in Open Major 9x19, in my G17's/G34's and G17l, and +5 for both my G22's and G31's, on OEM Glock mags. They are flawless and bullet proof, but not so easy to remove and replace like Dawsons, Arrendono's and TT, for those that like to clean their mags often. I only take mine apart once a year to change the springs, and have no issues running over 20K a year. Since the mags always drop bullet end down, I drilled a weep hole in the extension to just shake the sand out. Of course if you drop one in the mud, you have to clean
  14. I've Glocking since 92, and never heard of this trick. https://www.glockforum.com/threads/tipton-snapcaps.58927/#post-1784771 post #20
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