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  1. I also just settled on 4.2 TG with the blue's 230 bullet for 3gun. Much better than the 4.6 I used last year
  2. I loved this match, had tons of fun with squad 7. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it Jeremy! looking forward to next year!
  3. Got two 1301's love them. Won a Remington Versamax last year never fired it. Going to donate it back this year .
  4. My Steiner 308 BDC is zeroed 2 inches high at 200 and my Vortex 223 1-6 is zeroed at 200 . I've shot them at every distance out to 450 and they both do the exact some thing. Except the Steiner is 4 inches high at 100 Not a big deal because at Raton they don't shoot that close anyway. Makes switching guns easy.
  5. My factory 308 DPMS staked gas key screws came loose year at He Man Nationals had to take 17 shots as a bolt action last year from a stairway.
  6. Im super excited for this match, its one of my favorites.Thank you Denise for the junior discount!!
  7. Uber is correct. This type of coaching is not really shooting a match. .
  8. Just got my CARBS belt with ratchet system.. The belt was a little wide for my cr speed mag holders so we saved a fraction off one end of the belt and now have a perfect fit no movement at all. Also the tec loc spacers would not adjust to a tight fit on the belt. So we adjusted them for a smaller belt and then filed the spacer down till the belt fit snug. It's by far the best I've used yet
  9. The factory trigger on the SA is not crisp at all. .
  10. July 4th Practiced my rifle from at 220-250-280 310-and 343 yards from 3 positions. Also shot pistol enough to conform I'm following through properly. A few months ago I forgot how to shoot pistol at multiple steel but found the answer was follow through. Did a few shotgun drills started at low ready, shoot ,reload two, shoot at another steel If I get constant under 4 seconds It will be improvement
  11. I am looking for a double rifle 3gun case, for a Father's Day present. We had a Voodoo, but the zipper only lasted 2 years. Any ideas of a good one? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. HI jj Every ladder we had that was not over weight and fit in "the box' blew away in the wind Saturday. Sorry we could not make it to Raton this weekend.
  13. Got my HSG Double Decker 308 mag holder today. I believe I'm going to like it. Three 308 holders and three 45's. Very sercure but also easy to get. They made it and shipped in 4 days
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