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  1. Yes. Would have to tune after every two mags. I had a Trojan that had the same issue. Not a fan of sti's extractors
  2. Tried 1 spring in the rear and it was worse. Used two springs and still a huge gap. Ordered a new firing pin stop due to mine being slightly loose. Also ordered an extended firing pin.
  3. Ok. Before the match Sunday I replaced the extractor form a new sti edge into my open gun. After that "during the match" I started having light primer strikes. When I got home I pulled the slide assembly off and placed a round into the extractor and the hook is machined deeper than the one in the open gun. The cartridge was sitting about 1/16 th away from the breechface. I've ordered a aftec, a extended firing pin and a new firing pin stop. Thanks for the input
  4. The only change to the gun before the match today was tuning the extractor. Never has this gun had light primer strikes. Today about 2 out of 20 were hitting light. I replaced the firing pin and spring during the match but the problem still exist. I noticed the firing pin stop seemed a bit loose but not sure if that the issue. I have a aftec on order. Thanks
  5. My apologies. In USPSA/steel challenge, you have to have the safety engaged with a single action pistol. The chrono officer will check the function of your safety. Not sure about what's going on. I was just answering half the question.
  6. No sir. Single action pistols have to have a functional thumb safety. I would be afraid to run one without a safety. Your gonna have to disassemble and see what's going on.
  7. Jack, no relation to Dave as far as I know. Plaques and trophies, Manny Bragg is doing this for us. He can send a trophy/ plaques for pictures and then engrave and mail out himself, or just order the stuff and give out. The concern is that if a shooter shoots Friday, will he wait around till Sunday to receive his trophy? Some top Shooter's don't care for prize tables. They know they are gonna place or perhaps win so they want the big stuff. I have no possible chance of winning anything so a raffle/prize table sounds attractive to me. The design for our state championship is listed and we are thinking our state colors which is red. I personally like black shirts to wear on a everyday basis and not look too flamboyant. Hahaha
  8. We will have a stats team work all days and constantly posting scores. The clubhouse has multiple huge tv screens that can feed data directly from the range to the clubhouse for almost if not live feeds. Positive or negative on that idea?
  9. The facility speaks for itself. $25 million dollar range. I've heard from world traveling Shooter's, "I've never seen anything like this". we aim to please. Opinions appreciated.
  10. Hey guys. Input needed. My name is Tony Pruitt (WangoTango) on fb. I'm the Steel Challenge match director at the CMP Talladega range. I am working on and beside Zack Jones and Bruce Wells on two large matches at the CMP Talladega marksmanship park in Alabama. We have scheduled a tier II State Championship Steel Challenge this December and are working on dates for a tier III, A6 Steel Challenge in 2017. What I need is input. In your mind, what's makes you look back at the best matches you've attended and said "WOW"? That was awesome. That was fun. We want out first big matches to cater to the Shooter's and everyone have a great experience. Thanks for any input. example. To raffle/not to raffle, prize table with raffle? Prize table to the winners only. Generic plaques and trophies in a ceremony or engraved and sent to your home? Tee's or dry fit? So on and so forth. Of course the tier III will dividend big money payouts but looking for suggestions on the little stuff. Thanks again! Tony P.
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