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  1. A While ago you had an Old style PT metal grip for sale....$425


    Did it sell?

  2. CHA-Lee, this is great information, however the mods of this forum punish you for doing just that, I use the search function to find all kinds of info on here instead of asking the same questions that have been covered hundreds of times.... Turns out, if you do that and then post to the classifieds the mods shut you down because they say you do not contribute.... How many times can you make replies to the same questions.... lol
  3. Thank you JPl I planned on using Manson’s just didn’t know if I needed the throated and reamer I’ll hold off on the throater Thx again
  4. Getting some parts ready for a build this winter and wanted to see the best way of reaming/throating the barrel for an open 9mm Major. I am not sure of what bullet I will be using yet, so not really knowing this information where do you guys start. Do you just get a Manson reamer along with a .356 Manson throater and deepen the throat when you pick your bullet? from what I have read (never shot major so I am newbie) I want to load to about 1.165 or 1.17, I am sure just the standard reamer will not allow for this. Did any of you have specific reamers built and if so do you have the specs that can be sent into Manson?
  5. The fit is tight and does not spring, it took a lot of sanding on the bottom front of the barrel and about an inch back on the top, this being a hybrid barrel I wasn't sure where the contact points would be. I will have to pay close attention next time to if it looks like it is clocking the barrel That's a good point Thx I will look.
  6. Thank you guys I was hoping I had not messed it up I didn't do a very good job cutting the lower lugs as they were not perfectly parallel, I am currently only getting contact on one leg but lock up is still too tight. I'm hoping when that high spot gets removed it contacts both legs
  7. I cut the lower barrel lugs on a schuemann hybrid barrel and I have good lock up but the slide has some rearward movement after lock up, the barrel is still locked up tight but the slide, barrel and all moves on the frame slightly, Did I cut the barrel lugs too far back? It just doesn't make sense because if that was causing the issue the slide moving backwards on the frame is moving away from the back of the lugs.
  8. Thanks I will try to get a hold of them tomorrow
  9. I tried calling them multiple times last week I didn't try today but will tomorrow in the am. I also emailed them last week and no response back
  10. Looking for GH40CNM5 Which is a 40 cal hybrid Clark para cut I don't care if it's standard rifling or aet Just needs to be a hybrid
  11. Thanks for the bump When I add to cart on the website It doesn't do anything I don't think the website is operational
  12. Does anyone know if Schuemann is still in business? I am unable to get a hold of anyone.
  13. Thank you for your input, this is what I was looking for.
  14. CHA-LEE Have you witnessed this as well or just read about it? Just curious if you have had a personal experience with it and a Kaboom.
  15. Thank you Atlas, If it is real inconsistent then I may not even bother with it and just run Tightgroup or WSF since i have it on hand.
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