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  1. I do, for the same reasons as above, but I also run backup irons on my EDC.....just in case.
  2. Looks like a great opportunity for an entrepreneur. Purchase for $125/1k and flip on GB for $300/1k
  3. I ran a couple hundred .355 at 170ish pf with WAC, while waiting for my jacketed order to arrive. Accuracy wasn't great past ~15 yds, in my gun, but they ran Ok.
  4. switched to open about a year ago, would have a hard time going back. My eyes are still good, I just like the speed the dot brings.
  5. Agree with the above. Grip the help out of the pistol and don't worry about weight. It's a polymer pistol, a few ounces matter far less than a good grip.
  6. Yep, had the same thing happen. Shot mine until I cracked the slide at the ejection port.
  7. Thanks all, I will thread on some nuts and use a cut off wheel. don't have a grinder.
  8. Apologies if this is answered some where already, my search returned no results. I picked up a new frame mounted optic mount. The screws are too long and extend through the frame. What is the best method for trimming small screws and not messing up the threads?
  9. Happens pretty often here. I much prefer having no classifier and getting another fun stage to shoot vs. a classifier I have shot a dozen times.
  10. Agreed, needs it's own sub forum
  11. I have a pair, they work pretty well, but I can't get through a whole match before the batteries die. Mine are the earlier generation, so not sure if the new ones last longer.
  12. I use flitz. By barrel hood, I meant top side of the chamber (where your bullet is hitting). you are just trying to smooth out machining marks and reduce friction on the chambered round. Same for the breach face. Check out the tangfolio forum, lots of good info on polishing the chamber and breach face from those guys.
  13. Have you tried polishing the breach face and the barrel hood?
  14. Yep, have seen it on gen 4's. Made for a crappy trigger pull. Glock parts are cheap, replace it.
  15. costeel

    Brass hits red dot

    For about $20 this suggestion fixed my CO setup. https://www.americas1stfreedom.org/articles/2016/8/21/first-gear-25-45-sharps-lone-wolf-optisightusa/
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