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  1. Where can I get the 6-32 x 3/8 screws? Are they a special type of head shape or material?
  2. What's a load for 45 ACP using 230 gr blue bullet and WST? How much WST is needed?
  3. Hi I'm looking for Load for 125 gr Blue Bullet and Titegroup powder that makes power factor. Also looking for Load for 125 gr Blue Bullet and CFE Pistol powder that makes power factor Thanks JMB
  4. Thanks Which czc mounting plate is used for the SRO?
  5. Which czc mounting plate is used for the SRO?
  6. Hi I have a shadow 2 with the CZ custom multi optic cut, does any know if the Romeo plate fits the new Romeo 1 Pro?
  7. Thanks folks I going to look at it tomorrow, if its in good shape I will buy it
  8. Hi All I was wondering what folks felt would be a good price for a used 550B Seller says its in good shape, it comes with a conversation kit for 45 ACP but no dies, basically a stock set up The person is asking $300
  9. jbecker

    CZC multi optic cut

    Hi All Got my CZ Custom cut slide on my S2 with a FF3 installed, and TTI basepads, everything else is stock, and makes weight. I haven't shot it yet, just put the optic on tonight.
  10. Hi I have the same issue on a couple of regular 17 round mags, the TTI basepads fit on most but one of TTI basepad had trouble, I just used a small file on the TTI push dowel to give it a little flat spot. and then it fit fine
  11. jbecker

    CZC multi optic cut

    I ended up buying a complete Shadow 2 slide from Stuart he had for sale on the forum here on Enos that had the RDS cut and slide lightening for carry optics, so now will have the stock slide for production and a 2nd slide for carry optics. Its being shipped to me and should have it in a couple of days. I will be putting a FF3 on it and TTI extended basepads on the mags, and will report the weight in that configuration.
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