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  1. I'm guessing you also need to calculate the cost of the reloading setup. For example, if someone spends $1000 for the setup, then it would take more than 15000 rounds to break even at 6.5 cents saving per round. So for someone who shoots 15000 rounds per month, that might make sense, but for others who shoot 500 rounds per year, might not. Then there's the time investment too in reloading. Having said that ... I love reloading and will keep doing it until I can't find components reasonably priced anymore
  2. I wouldn't hesitate to just send it back for RMA. Mine came back exactly 14 days after the day I sent it to Dillon. I did send it back via USPS priority/express, so it took about 2-3 days for the press to reach them from NC. They paid the shipping on the way back. Since it came back, I adjusted the height of the bench, so that when I press down, I won't slam down the handle and contribute too much pressure to cause that crack. Hope this helps!
  3. if it was a phone in the right cargo pocket, it must have been a large/heavy phone to be able to knock out (or up?) a heavy fully-loaded CZ (with mags extension?) out of the holster like that. OP, sorry that it happened to you.
  4. Same experience with DG, several posts above. The box wasn't even wet. And yes all but 1 plastic bag were torn. A couple hundred bullets escaped.
  5. Yeah. I will have to adjust the press height so that I won't over-push. The press has around 40K+ rounds to date.
  6. Actually, it still worked in that condition. So I continued cranking out rounds. Then 700+ rounds later, this happened (shellplate bolt broke in half, can't take out the stuck half, don't have spare) ... so GAME OVER! RMA it was!
  7. My BBI order I placed on Sept 14 arrived today via USPS in perfect condition. Thank you @cslafrain!! Now just waiting for my SDB which is still at Dillon for RMA. This happened a few weeks ago:
  8. You're not the only one with the smurf fingers:
  9. I can also say no it's not normal. I too can see the dot everywhere on the glass. Also, I installed my venom on my glock mos in 2017, and have shot many thousands of rounds. It's still mounted as it was (blue loctite) and the settings (dials) stay as they are. It has some nicks on the frame from brass bumping to it, but the glass is still very smooth. I'm happy with it so far. However, I might want to get the 6MOA version for my next gun. I heard it's brighter!
  10. My favorite thing about Precision Delta, besides their excellent quality of bullets, is how they pack their bullets. Their packaging is always very sturdy and can take lots of punishments, in my experience. My last few orders from other companies, whether they're inside flat-rate usps boxes or generic boxes, arrived broken, and some of the bullets escaped. Oh well ....
  11. Haven't heard anything yet. Will post back when I do! I don't mind the wait. I just sent my SDB to Dillon for RMA. I bet that's gonna take a while!
  12. In my opinion, between the Stock2 and the Shadow2, it's one of those "the grass always greener on the other side" kind of thing. I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I'd say pick one and stick with it. I went with Shadow2 because I used to have Shadow1 (SP-01) and really liked it. Plus, during the time I had the Shadow1, Stock2 was hard to come by. The only thing I personally dislike about Shadow2 is its factory grips. I have long fingers and find the factory metal grips are too thin. I put on a pair of Lok Palm Swell Bogies, the contour of them is identical to Shadow1 r
  13. Based on what y'all say, I guess I'll be waiting for a while more. Placed an order of 3.6K of 9mm 125TC .356 on Aug 3. Heard nothing yet.
  14. I built my PCC with a Stag AR-15 lower and a Stern Defense Mag Block. Most of the AR parts are standard cheap mil-spec parts including the trigger which is part of this package: https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Strike-Industries-AR-15-Enhanced-Lower-Parts-Kit-L-p/si-ar-e-lrpth.htm Also bought this part: https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/JoeBob-s-AR15-Grip-Screw-Trigger-Adjuster-p/jb-triggeradjuster.htm Never experience trigger slap etc. I'm pretty happy with it. Feeds any bullet profile including flat nose and JHP. YMMV!
  15. wow, can you say bling? how's the grip-y-ness compared to the bogies? i really like the bogies since i have super sweaty palms and the bogies are sharp. i developed callouses in the right places after 2 weeks of using them. i also found the G10 material doesn't heat up as hot as the OEM metal grips under a hot sun.
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