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  1. I'm in Canada were everything is ten rounds. Production Optics seems to be gaining in leaps and bounds here, in spite of the magazine limits. I think the eyes thing is a big part of it, especially where about five months of the year is indoor shooting in crappy indoor light. Also, I think many are looking at it as almost an Open Light division, where you can shoot quite a bit faster without having to drop 14 grand on an Open gun. I actually got cometely out of Open and went to Production Optics (Prodopen?). It's definitely a lot less hassle for me.
  2. I have the Gray Guns trigger sear and springs kit and Armory Craft adjustable triggers in both of my guns and those additions make the guns just fantastic in my opinion. I've gone back to the 14lb recoil spring as well. It just flattens the gun out a ton, locks it up much better and thus makes it more accurate.
  3. Nike Alpha Menace Sharks. Football cleats. Super comfortable, available in wide sizes, cheap as hell and traction like a bulldozer.
  4. 2.9 gr Hodgedon Clays 147 gr Blue Bullet (usually comes in @149 to 152 gr) 1.090" oal .378" crimp Makes about 130 pf in my Sigs.
  5. 3.0 gr. Clays under 147 gr. Blue Bullet @ 1.130 oal. 131 pf in both of my Sigs and they group pretty well for me.
  6. I just use a mag brush or a silicon rag. I'll try and take a picture when I get home.
  7. Canadian here. 1/16th X 3/4 inch aluminum stock pop riveted with alum rivets.
  8. Nike Alpha football cleats work pretty well.
  9. I replace the screws with 4/40 socket head cap screws. That way you can use a larger hex wrench to cinch them down without stripping. Blue locktight if you want. I haven't lost any screws in years since I started doing this.
  10. The grip will fit in the ghost, no problem. Cr Speed is also a good choice.
  11. Surface prep with acetone or brake cleaner (non chlorinated) heat the grip and the tape, run a bead of super glue gel along the underside of the edge of the tape.
  12. I love them. Really well made, fits the hand like a glove and the right amount of texture.
  13. I also opted for multifocal lens implant. Technis Symfony. I had them done last September and it's just fantastic. I see better now than I did when I was 20. 57 now. No more glasses.
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