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  1. And yes, you can use 1911 springs. Don't go too light.
  2. Between two guns I have over 20K rounds through and no sign of springs weakening.
  3. Vampire's Kiss was pretty cool. Nicolas Cage at his absolutely most bizarre. And very funny and dark.
  4. Taking it out AND then taking it completely apart. I took it apart the first time to swap out the trigger guts for the Grayguns kit and felt pretty unsure of myself at first. However, there's a ton of videos on YouTube on how to take it all down and put it back together. Coming from a 19/2011 world it looked more complicated at first, but it really isn't. Once you do it a few times you can almost do it with your eyes closed.
  5. It only takes a minute or two to break a 320 down to the small bits. Maybe twice that to put it all back together. It's not really a big deal.
  6. I have an X5 with Legion grip on it and an X5 Legion. Roughly 20,000 rounds split between the two of them with zero malfunctions. Very reliable guns so far.
  7. I had two crack, one a Bedell the other made locally. Both sti slides.
  8. Another thing to consider is that faster burning, higher pressure loads with autocomp or cfe will definitely Shorten the life of your slide. Last one for me was a slide broken almost in half (Bedell Open gun) using cfe. Autocomp and cfe are pretty much interchangeable.
  9. 2.8 gr Clays under 147 gr Blue Bullet @1 09" oal (Sig X5 Legion) makes 130 power factor. Nice soft load.
  10. Metal contracts in the cold, parts get tighter, lubricants get thicker. Try some Mobil 1 motor oil, 5W20 or some such. See if that runs better.
  11. It kind of depends on a few things; load, grip, personal preference. I find with the heavier 147 coated bullets the 12 lb spring works fine-ish, whereas with a 124 grain bullet I tend to prefer the 14lb spring. It's just faster and flatter. If you have a strong consistent grip you might like to stick with the 14. It really flattens the gun out a lot but just know that if you go that way you won't be able to rock a soft grip. Particularly the weak hand.
  12. I'm in Canada were everything is ten rounds. Production Optics seems to be gaining in leaps and bounds here, in spite of the magazine limits. I think the eyes thing is a big part of it, especially where about five months of the year is indoor shooting in crappy indoor light. Also, I think many are looking at it as almost an Open Light division, where you can shoot quite a bit faster without having to drop 14 grand on an Open gun. I actually got cometely out of Open and went to Production Optics (Prodopen?). It's definitely a lot less hassle for me.
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