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  1. Nike Alpha football cleats work pretty well.
  2. I replace the screws with 4/40 socket head cap screws. That way you can use a larger hex wrench to cinch them down without stripping. Blue locktight if you want. I haven't lost any screws in years since I started doing this.
  3. The grip will fit in the ghost, no problem. Cr Speed is also a good choice.
  4. Surface prep with acetone or brake cleaner (non chlorinated) heat the grip and the tape, run a bead of super glue gel along the underside of the edge of the tape.
  5. I love them. Really well made, fits the hand like a glove and the right amount of texture.
  6. I also opted for multifocal lens implant. Technis Symfony. I had them done last September and it's just fantastic. I see better now than I did when I was 20. 57 now. No more glasses.
  7. I experimented with it in 38 Supercomp. It took 13.6 grains to make 169 major with a 124 grain bullet, and extreme spreads on the velocity were a little too wide for me. Also, it burns very hot and started eroding titanium comp baffles very quickly. On the up side: an absolutely stupendous amount of gas to run the comp, so it shot very flat and soft. Also a nuclear fireball and concussive noise.
  8. Very good to know. I may do that end of season.
  9. Follow up: Finally had a day with some sunshine here and took it out for a try. The diode cleaning thing did the trick. Very visible now. I do like the look of that 8" dot though. Hmm, do I want to dump another 600 bucks?
  10. Have a look at Randolph Engineering, Ranger Edge frames. Best shooting glasses I've ever had. Really well made.
  11. Ok I managed to get in there with an alcohol soaked patch on the end of a small allen key. It seems better under bright indoor lights. Outside this weekend will confirm it. Thanks for the assist.
  12. Great info gentlemen, thank you. So I've checked the battery route and even brand new Duracell are still dim. It's possible there may be a dust buildup on the diode. Hadn't thought of that. I will try to clean them and see what happens. Seems to me that last fall when these were installed they were brighter. Interestingly, I've gone through five regular cmores to get two that were decently bright. There does seem tbe a wide variance between supposedly identical parts/mudules. I should take a look at the Sig Romeo. At least I wouldn't have to dump more mo wt on a mount.
  13. I need to tap the collective hive mind on this. Can't find what I need in the search function. I have a 6" RTS2 on each of my open guns, recently converted to 9 major. They work great and provide a nice clean ejection path. Problem is that in bright sunlight they are just too dim, probably half as bright as my old 8" C-mores. This is very disappointing since I really like the compactness and the controls, and they were pretty expensive and not easy to replace (Canada). Of course I can switch them back to the old C-more but then I will have to deal with a narrower ejection path and the inherent problems therein. Is there another, brighter reflex sight that would fit the same scope mount or does anyone know if these things can be made brighter? Thanks all. R
  14. Liquid grip. I discovered this stuff a couple years ago and it's hands down (see what I did there?) the best product going IMHO. https://liquidgrip.com
  15. R.Elliott

    open cost

    Almost 9 bucks for us Canadians. It's brutal. I switched both of open guns to 9 major and couldn't be happier. Also, cfe is less than half the cost per round from the 3n38 loads I was using in supercomp.
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