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  1. Do you need buyers to sign up and maybe put down a deposit so you have a clear quantity of "first batch" to build ? I'm sure you'll get a decent bunch of us to do that.
  2. I wonder if the trigger mechanism can be modified to kind of a "short stroke" system to reduce the trigger pull length, like they do with maybe a Colt SAA or Winchester lever gun and clones where the geometry of the parts is modified such that they work the action with a shorter arc of movement for the shooter. I may not be saying it right, but you know what I'm referring to. I hope someone comes up with one for the Ruger (and/or S&W), or maybe they already did and my google foo didn't bring it up. Surely, I can't be the first one to think of something like this.
  3. If one's shooting style is to release the trigger finger all the way (I know, amateur rookie) then that wouldn't be a factor, right? I have a GP100-22lr and a S&W 617 and I don't feel the trigger travel is that different, except for weight of course. I shot the GP100-22lr in a rimfire match and the very tip of my trigger finger was bruised from hitting the sharp(er) edge of the Ruger trigger guard where it meets the frame by the grip, I do need to check my grip and trigger pull technique.
  4. DS10 speed loaders are the other option. https://ds10speed.wordpress.com/ Dave is a great guy too. The good thing about revolvers is that the ammo doesn't have to cycle the action so more ammo works well in revolvers than in semi-autos.
  5. On Michael Bane's Shooting Gallery, David Olhasso had a 9mm Super GP100 with "his own" extended cylinder release. I wonder if Ruger will make it an official accessory. His was more of a hook rising up a bit.
  6. I first want to say that I may have inadvertently violated forum rules by posting a website of a vendor. I am in NO WAY connected to that website/vendor. I've sent a note to the mods asking for forgiveness already. My intention was to purely suggest a way to lighten the chassis. Having said that, the silver thing is a non acoustic timer according to that website. They're a company out of Germany.
  7. If that ModShot chassis is "Swiss cheesed", maybe it'll save some weight ? no ? Kind of like this.
  8. Thank you for the offer, I will have to take a rain check. I wish I was going, I don't shoot at anything beyond local club matches yet. Hopefully some day
  9. Would you please post more picture of this It looks too good for just "spy shots"
  10. I'm sorry to revive such an old thread, which has already had a couple of lives. I did search and found this and one other thread for clean(er/est) powder. I'm looking to start reloading for light 38s, maybe 38 short colt and light/minor 9mm, all for revolver. From what I read in this thread and the other one, is that it is "Hodgdon Clays" that is clean(er) at light power loads. Any more latest comments/inputs will be appreciated.
  11. Reading all this I am struck with two thoughts, some of this may have already been said above in a different way, so I apologize for that: 1. Most "traditional" shooting sports that I knew of had some level of speed, accuracy rating, power factor, movement and strategy. It was such an equipment race, sometimes too intimidating. Oh, you can shoot with what you already own. Yeah, not entirely I'm really glad that MDs and ranges are allowing more and more sports that take away one or two or more of those factors away for shooters that were deterred by either of those. 2.
  12. It's next week in case anyone can accommodate a last minute opening in their schedules. Also, the match page on Facebook has been updated with some more information on prizes, raffle, etc.
  13. True, I was only trying to compare the price of it's competition. Hopefully, they come close in "real price".
  14. MSRP of $1549 is a little high, no ? The S&W 627PC lists on S&W website for $1289. Maybe they can package it with an additional cylinder for 9mm, like they did with the Blackhawk. Maybe also an optic adapter of some kind.
  15. Hi Everyone, The South Kent Sportsman's Club is once again hosting the Michigan State Steel Challenge. Here's the match info Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/360648268102304/ Here's the sign in link for PractiScore. https://practiscore.com/michigan-steel-challenge-championship/register
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