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  1. The other way to skin this cat, and I think someone alluded/said this already is to see if the Glock trigger could be made "similar" to a 2011. Maybe single action, short(er) reset, hammer instead of firing pin, 70s (no firing pin block), etc. The glock action already does half (or more of) the work of cycling the slide, ejecting, rechambering the next round... the other part(s), to cock the hammer or firing pin, reset the sear or trigger bar, the trigger need not going that far forward, etc. needs to be engineered and executed. It may or may not have the trigger pull safety, it could be an "option" per taste, similarly the thumb and grip safety could also be an option, per shooter preference or sport. While we're at it, maybe think about a fixed barrel/sights The Laugo Alien seems like an interesting design, I want to see how that pans out.
  2. There are a few revolver shooters at the monthly steel match at South Kent Sportsman's club, which is about an hour or so from Lansing area. I think you may get a few to bite from there too. Please do keep us informed.
  3. Would you please elaborate, seems like you know more I want to know, I'm sure others are too.
  4. In one the recent ShootingUSA shows where they showed a steel challenge match, I did see Dave Olhasso shoot, what looked like to me an 8shot "franken-Ruger". I think its the new SRH 8shot with a longer custom barrel. So, I'm hoping they come out with one for the general market. I have a couple of screen grabs, but I don't know if it's ok to post here.
  5. Would help in transitions, but I digress
  6. Regarding comp performance (or lack of) on rimfires, there's a ton of opinions and I don't want to debate here, but I like this video from TK.
  7. There is a new comp, looks similar to the Allchin : https://www.magnumshooterssupply.com/Gallion-Advantage-Rimfire-Compensator-Kit-MAGcomp001.htm With the o-ring and gaskets, it should be easy to clock right.
  8. The match is this weekend. In case some of you haven't made plans and would drive up/down for the weekend and shoot with us.
  9. Did any of you get your Thanksgiving/Christmas rebate checks from Remington ? I didn't get mine yet, and I don't think I will
  10. Won't the slide and frame wear differently ? How critical is this ? Say you shoot equal amounts of both calibers, the frame is working twice as much as the slides. How does this uneven wear impact over time ?
  11. Hi Everyone, Just sharing the 2018 Michigan steel challenge information being hosted at South Kent Sportsmans Club, Dorr, Michigan from June 1, 2018 thru June 3, 2018. https://www.facebook.com/events/1614296285316410/ Here's a copy/paste from the link. Details: Match starts: June 01, 2018 @ 9:00 AM · Match ends: June 03, 2018 @ 1:00 PM Location: Southkent Sportsmans Club Dorr, Michigan Sign-ups: https://practiscore.com/michigan-championship/register Level II Steel Challenge, all 8 stages. Cash payout for division winners. $75 for first gun, $30 each additional. Juniors: $50 for first gun, $25 each additional. You may shoot two guns per flight. Staff shoot Friday morning starting at 9am with competitors shooting Friday afternoon, around 2pm, Saturday morning at 9am and around 2pm in he afternoon, and again at 9am Sunday morning. Lunch is included in match fee.... First gun for staff is free, but must pay for additional guns. You may only shoot a division once but may shoot the same gun in multiple divisions. Divisions Supported: Carry Optics (CO) Iron Sight Revolver (ISR) Limited (LTD) Open (OPN) Optical Sight Revolver (OSR) Pistol Caliber Carbine Iron (PCCI) Pistol Caliber Carbine Optics(PCCO) Production (PROD) Rimfire Pistol Iron (RFPI) Rimfire Pistol Open (RFRO) Rimfire Rifle Iron (RFRI) Rimfire Rifle Open (RFPO) Single Stack (SS) You must be a USPSA/SCSA member to participate. Please fill out a separate application for each division. No refunds for withdrawals after June 1st. A $10 fee will be charged for refunds. Once you've registered all of your entries we will set the match fee for payment. Hotel Rooms Blocked for Match Quality Inn in Hudsonville (616) 662-4000 https://www.choicehotels.com/michigan/hudsonville/quality-inn-hotels/mi309?source=gyxt
  12. Heard a guy tell another guy that he had an Ivory Johnson
  13. Did you look into Tactical solutions 22 upper, they also make mags for the 2011 for the 22. Just another suggestion/option. There is a group on Facebook called Rimfire Raceguns, you can look at the posts without joining. Have a look, there are a few 2211s on there, especially by Kurt Grimes. I've learned a few things on there, I'm sure you will too, that will help you in your eventual build. Do post your final build here for us to see :).
  14. Just saw this on Facebook, thought the guys here would know about this already.
  15. Does S&W sponsor any prizes/plaques, maybe for the big matches ? For $20 a plaque, they could very easily sponsor say 10 or 20 matches a year. This would grow the sport/division and they could sell more revolvers too, eh ? I heard Ruger sends a whole bunch of swag to the Ruger rimfire matches, even 10/22s as prizes.
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