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  1. I tried some of this and it seems so fine it's leaking out of the dillon powder slide. It also seems to drip out of the funnel on the upstroke . Has anyone had this issue on dillons ? Been loading autocomp for the last 2 years and never had this type of leakage , nor with any other powders I've tried .
  2. buddies shooting the federal Syntech had failure to fire while all other ammo worked normal in their guns . All said had solid primer hits without a bang. Odd considering lots use their primers when loading their own, maybe the primers were not seated all the way , idk .
  3. Yeah it does , WIN SRP at brownells are $1600 for 50k . With fees at PV they are $1440 delivered
  4. Powder Valley is still less on everything i checked .
  5. Tooth brush style scrubber brush with some hoppes and its all gone .
  6. 1050 With a M7 drive running 9 with a lee regular sizing die, redding competition seat die and the original Dillon crimp die . When loading 40 it's similar but the lee U die for sizing, this works for me. The 9 lee U dies shaved brass , the dillon size die busted pins to often , the dillon 40 size die wouldn't get the bulge out no matter what i did . Like said above , learn your system . The m7 stops if there is a issue with primers not coming out ( don't have this issue any more ) idk how the ammobot detects a issue at the swage station but the M7 will stop if there is a problem.
  7. Tighten in the up position is correct, if tighten in the down position it will clunk when the alignment pin come down, i don't know why but that is the way it is .
  8. I made something similar. In the winter i leave it under a heater in the back room at work , in the summer set in the sun. Both work well. Never have water spot issues, possibly because of the type soap used ?
  9. That's pretty crazy. Been loading at 7.2 or more for the last 75k rounds or so , no issues but am 1.175 . What is your OAL ?
  10. Not sure about non-satin stainless but my build sheet says - Pistol Finish: Stainless Finish (only on stainless materials)
  11. If get one of the kits , will have about everything you can think of to try, and are cheap . https://www.amazon.com/s?k=gopro+accessories+kit&crid=2KJRBPFH59W23&sprefix=go+pro+acc%2Caps%2C339&ref=nb_sb_ss_sc_4_10
  12. On a hat i use the head strap with the center strap removed. Fast , easy to take on and off .This way am not walking around with the cam on all day, slip it on before coming up to shoot, when done toss it in the rang bag .
  13. 1800 for 9 major and index at 2 , dwell at 1 . Was actual 1600 rph with those settings iirc . This was reliable without flinging powder everywhere . Just sent everything in for 3500 upgrade, hope to get it back soon to try brass at 3500 .
  14. Mark 7 is on sale even after their recent price drops https://www.markvii-loading.com/specials.html
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