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  1. Sprig


    This, i have one that is looser than i like but accuracy is still excellent so not doing anything with it.
  2. 29 re-loadable in a mbx 170 but can start with 30 + 1 if want to . When the springs are new i can't fit the 30 but after a bit of use it works.
  3. DAA use to send you a 5% off code if logged in added stuff to your cart but did not buy it. Took a day or two for it to come iirc. They also send a discount for your birthday if have a account with it in there, other than those may need to wait for a holiday sale , they seems to have some discounts around the big holidays .
  4. I have 3 that end with AD , frame mounted and no issues with a lot of use. A couple of Friends shooting CO are sending them back constantly for repairs , i hope they get these issues sorted.
  5. Very nice ! It's awesome when the long wait is finally over from a custom builder and you get it in hand .
  6. After a period of time i actually had to bed a aftec to add more tension, even with new springs it was doing exactly as you are describing . Atlas has a vid someplace on doing it. It does take putting it in a vice and taping with a hammer. Sounds barbaric i know but i tried the the tool made to adjust regular extractors and it did nothing, tried wedging it and applying pressure in the vise, no dice but tap with a hammer did it . It did not take much when i did bend it, i am talking could just see it move slightly and has been normal since. If you have not tried new springs might do that 1st before trying to bend it.
  7. You are not to picky . If my match ammo will not drop in and sit flush it goes in the practice box. Not a issue for myself as i shoot 10 times more practice ammo than match .
  8. Owning 3 open major Limcats for a long period of time , over the years my issues have been at high round counts with weak or broken extractors . Other than those , i have no issues . I average 1200 rounds a week and I kinda expect everything to wear out or brake eventually shooting major . Having many open limcat shooters locally to me , most other issues i see are mag related. I learned how to tune the mags to the guns early on and don't have any mag related issues. I see most of those issues with new , inexperienced shooters . Once they get the mags set , sometimes they do send everything in for adjustments, they seem to run normally . I have also witnessed most the major builders guns stop for one reason or another . It's like others have said before, the gun, mags everything is a system, they need to work together for reliability , with any builder .
  9. have one of his on a 1050 on the front , works perfectly .less hassle than the mbf in 40 to set up, was running in 10 minutes .
  10. Having shot all the combos you listed, i have the H bar w/ turbo comp in all of mine. The extra weight up front is very well balanced on mine with a steel grip and their magwell .They are so flat i get accused of shooting minor on a regular basis . Flat doesn't mean much to me as it does to others , but a predicable dot return is the most important . I haven't shot the new designed stormcat yet but probably will get to soon enough .
  11. Coming from limited i was use to reloading 140's so i stuck with them on the belt in open. I have 170's to use on the start . Also will use a 155 at times . I shot a outlaw steel match with 60 + round stages and running with 4 loaded 170's on the belt was terrible , i can't see doing that in regular matches with 32 round stages . But it's what you practice with as other have said that will make the difference in the end .
  12. The Pt grip with fit the STI block with modification . You need to knock the pins out , pull out the part that fits the trigger guard and file as needed . The PT block has a different shape or thickness to it vs the STI . While i don't own a E2 grip, if it fits the STI block, i would assume it can be sanded / filed to fit and release better , like the modification for the PT grip. It's been over a year since i modified the STI block for a PT grip so i can't remember the exact differences but it's doable .
  13. APW does excellent chrome finish, and it holds up . They did a 3 gun pistol for me that has been dumped in i cant recall how many different boxes, in & out of a kydex holders a million times and still looks new .
  14. I have been using MBX in a Limcat open with a EVO grip for a while , they need adjusted like most do, to your gun. I tossed the springs right away and run TTI, no issues . Same mags run in the Limcat grip and the PT classic .
  15. Having fired both the perfect sight h bar and the tracker, the perfect sight h bar was flatter shooting. Both were shot with 180 xtreme hp over n320 @ 1.18 . These were friends guns that i shot , i never tried one in a match, just messing around on the range .
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