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  1. Was on a frame mounted open gun.
  2. I sent a RTS2 back that had a cracked lens. I asked how much for repair and within a few days i had a tracking number from them. I thought was kinda fast but when it arrived it was a reconditioned optic that looked and functioned brand new at no charge. They are awesome .
  3. Sport pistol and VV N320 . I found the N320 cleaner . YMMV
  4. When i have questions about things like this, i start with asking the builder.
  5. Fed, Speer , blazer all seem to be the most consistent for myself so those are my choice for matches .
  6. I had a similar issue with a aftec , i ended up running only 1 spring and it solved the problem .
  7. This a a volunteer sport for the most part, at most local clubs . Without volunteers we have nothing . At least where i am at .
  8. still using the Lyman. works great .
  9. I had my RF dialed in for CCI but when changed brands to FED or WIN i had to play with adjustments to get 99% reliability . With the EC adapter , zero adjustments between brands with a 100% reliability rate . Best thing out for a RF .
  10. I used them with 7.1 autocomp and were flat but no piercing. I use them with 7.8 3n37 and look normal. Both with 124 JHP and both loads were 172 PF . YMMV
  11. I know a guy that can't sleep at night if his comp is dark, it has to look like new . I wipe the gunk and re oil after every practice ( 400 rounds ) . If shot a local 100-150 or so, i leave it till 400 mark, may add oil . Full grip off break down and deep clean at 3k .
  12. Work great, most i shoot with use them in 38sc and 9 major .
  13. I broke one in the exact same spot . I sent it to them asking for a exchange . Their reply was ' we need to send this for testing ' , never got a replacement . Good luck
  14. ^^^ This . I ran chrono for a level 2 sectional and there were 3 open shooters that shot for no score with TTI 4 mm on 170 mags . If want to use those it's best to check before heading to a major .
  15. I tried some of this and it seems so fine it's leaking out of the dillon powder slide. It also seems to drip out of the funnel on the upstroke . Has anyone had this issue on dillons ? Been loading autocomp for the last 2 years and never had this type of leakage , nor with any other powders I've tried .
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