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  1. Coming from limited i was use to reloading 140's so i stuck with them on the belt in open. I have 170's to use on the start . Also will use a 155 at times . I shot a outlaw steel match with 60 + round stages and running with 4 loaded 170's on the belt was terrible , i can't see doing that in regular matches with 32 round stages . But it's what you practice with as other have said that will make the difference in the end .
  2. The Pt grip with fit the STI block with modification . You need to knock the pins out , pull out the part that fits the trigger guard and file as needed . The PT block has a different shape or thickness to it vs the STI . While i don't own a E2 grip, if it fits the STI block, i would assume it can be sanded / filed to fit and release better , like the modification for the PT grip. It's been over a year since i modified the STI block for a PT grip so i can't remember the exact differences but it's doable .
  3. APW does excellent chrome finish, and it holds up . They did a 3 gun pistol for me that has been dumped in i cant recall how many different boxes, in & out of a kydex holders a million times and still looks new .
  4. I have been using MBX in a Limcat open with a EVO grip for a while , they need adjusted like most do, to your gun. I tossed the springs right away and run TTI, no issues . Same mags run in the Limcat grip and the PT classic .
  5. Having fired both the perfect sight h bar and the tracker, the perfect sight h bar was flatter shooting. Both were shot with 180 xtreme hp over n320 @ 1.18 . These were friends guns that i shot , i never tried one in a match, just messing around on the range .
  6. Sorry for the late reply, was prepping for a out of state match and was away . The Limcat grip uses a standard mag release , they supply a Dawson with their grips on a build. Unsure if they send one with the grip alone. I found due to the thinner grip , i would hit the release unintentional with a extended button on it. I ended up swapping it for the Dawson IDPA length release and i took that one down even more to prevent a accidental mag drop, especially weak hand . The roundness feeling of the front , to me, the Limcat feels more rounded than the SVI signature grip .
  7. I have both, the Limcat is thinner than the SVI as well, not sure what else you want to compare ?
  8. The Limcat is thinner and lighter than the EVO. The texture is not abrasive on the limcat compared to the EVO or the regular PT classic rough texture . The EVO is larger in the hand compared to the classic and the classic is larger than the Limcat if that helps .
  9. Looks correct to me, check out the vid to. Maybe someone else has had them come out and will post about it but if not, contact DDA, they are great .
  10. This vid shows the tension and how they go in, if it is correct, i'd contact DAA
  11. Can you post a picture of how the insert is installed ? I have several, used for years and never had a insert come out. Either it's installed incorrectly or something is broken. Is this 1 pouch or all of them doing this ?
  12. Yes, be sure to clean with brake clean or acetone to remove all oil and old loctite , i use the red also.
  13. I used the Dawson flat SS in 2 of the PT classic , it fit almost perfectly with minor blending IIRC , it's been a while . https://dawsonprecision.com/mainspring-housings-sti-2011-heavy-steel-by-dawson-precision/ What housing is that ?
  14. Having 4 DPP , one was not as bright as the 3 . I switched batters etc and ended up sending it in with a description of the issue. It appeared the last few higher settings were not there. When revived it back from them, it's as bright as the others. Work order said replaced module IIRC. Best to compare it to another and go from there .
  15. I found reloading to a 155 is the same for me as a 140. I also have found, assuming due to the 13 coil spring, they always feed even if the springs are older. Have had 170 springs bite me even when they were not due for replacement yet. Everyone has different preferences, you don't know if you need it or will like it till you try one .
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