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  1. Sprig

    Advantages and disadvantages of 155mm mags

    I found reloading to a 155 is the same for me as a 140. I also have found, assuming due to the 13 coil spring, they always feed even if the springs are older. Have had 170 springs bite me even when they were not due for replacement yet. Everyone has different preferences, you don't know if you need it or will like it till you try one .
  2. I use lube with a autodrive also, but very light amount. I load and shoot 10 times more practice ammo and i don't bother to remove the lube. Can say over 100k rounds fired this way without issues. Any ammo i case gauge gets rolled in a towel as gauging it , that takes off some lube but i haven seen a difference either way .
  3. Sprig

    SVI broken barrel lug..?!

    I know of 4 similar failures in our local area. AFAIK , all were repaired under warranty .
  4. Sprig

    So I ordered my Limcat Sabercat, now what?

    My 155's came with a 13 coil so have stuck with that , others may have different experiences .
  5. Sprig

    So I ordered my Limcat Sabercat, now what?

    Congrats ! I like to have a 155 or 2 in the mix. Coming from limited, i find them easier to load on the move than a big stick . If you got Johnny's new steel grip, you will need to shave a STI insert to fit it due to the front thickness of it .
  6. Sprig

    SVI wait time

    My last 2 were right at 15 months .
  7. Sprig

    Shielded Thumb Safety

    I don't have large thumbs so i had them reduced to about 1/2 the height they come and i never hit the slide .They are tall to begin with, taller than others i have seen and felt . Guys i shoot with that have larger hands or flintstone thumbs tend to have Johnny leave them at the taller point .
  8. Sprig

    Shielded Thumb Safety

    It's very positive on and off, at least it is on the 3 Limcats i own that have them. They are made to shave down and contour to you, all mine are a lot smaller than shown in the pics .
  9. Sprig

    Witnessed RDS Mounting Failures

    I witnessed a guy get hung up on a popper at 20 yards shooting CO . After delta - miked the rest of the stage , upon unload and show clear his DPP was sideways. One mount screw sheared off. Was a CZ platform, sorry that's all the info i have. My DPP are frame mounted , never a issue, yet " knocks wood " but some around the club say the bolt shears is more common on slide mounted optics . One CO guy at the club had his CZ mount drilled over sized and larger mounting bolts installed in it, he says that's the fix for slide mounted optics .
  10. Sprig

    New gun break in

    Did he know this was going to be used for minor ? I have to run a 7# and 6.0 gr of AC to get mine to cycle with minor . You should ask the builder what load and spring he recommends for minor .
  11. Sprig

    Springfield RO in 9MM

    I shot one when they 1st came out and was in this same dilemma, i called them and asked and they told me but sorry, i can't remember what the factory weight was . If no one can help, give them a call .
  12. Sprig

    WAC/AC temp sensitive?

    Never noticed it either , seems pretty consistent .
  13. Sprig

    Primers choise

    I use CCI SRP, always have .
  14. Sprig

    1911 single stack extractor question

    I use a plastic automotive door tool from harbor freight to remove them. It's like a plastic pry bar with tapered ends.I just apply a bit of tension on the end while pushing back into the hole and they slide out. I can't see ever needing to hammer one out .
  15. I started right out with a 1050, glad i did . Have 2 now and one has a autodrive , it takes the chore out of loading and more time for shooting . Add a RF100 and Bullet feeder, bench time will be drastically reduced .