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  1. The EntirelyCrimson is secure, those springs are stiff , takes some strength to pull it .There are some cheaper 3d printed out there, not sure if they are as secure, never tried them .
  2. Yes, is handy on a 1050 when i switch powders .Been kicking myself for not getting one earlier , i switch to load minor and major of the same caliber, it is definitely worth the money .
  3. I played with the RL1100 at nats, it is very nice and a lot smother than either of my 1050's were new. 1st thing i thought while cycling it was , ' this thing isn't going to spill powder loading 9 major " . The plate didn't have the snap like the 1050's do without the aftermarket mods . Messing with it in person sold me on the updated crank system, it is a lot beefier than the 1050 . I also talked to the rep about the updated swage, i bent mine and he said i prolly won't be able to bend this one . If no hurry for another press right this minute, i'd wait .
  4. Yes, i had it happen, iirc i got it out pretty easy, was a few years back. Installed a new bolt and even when cleaned the threads and used locktight, it came loose again. They get loose and then break so i installed the locking system from Level 10 Innovations and never had any more issues .
  5. All my buddies that shoot 38 use Mr Shooters Brass Marker . It was out before the DAA, not sure how they compare but seems to work well for them. http://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1515-A
  6. I have several 140 , 155 and 170 MBX mags . What i found with new out of the package, the feed lip dimensions are not consistent . Some are gtg right out while others need adjusting to fit MY guns . Every gun is different . Different grips and mag releases very also. You need to find what your gun requires and adjust the mags to it. As far as guts go , i have some that run perfect with MBX followers and others don't so changed to other manufactures followers. I see different shapes of MBX mags depending on how old they are , at the top with dimensional changes . Some springs seem need to be adjusted with proper angles and straightened out while others don't . Find what works for your gun with your mags, there is no one answer, some trial and experimentation is required if you are not in the ' they work perfect out of the bag ' club . Load mags 4 days a week with a Uplua , 140, 155 and 170, can't say it ever caused a issue . ETA , this is how i set mine, not sure if everyone does this angle but i never have nose dive issues with any mags that are set like this .
  7. To echo what others have , shielded left side safety saved my hand . I ran the Swensons profiled the way i preferred before Limcat came out with their own. Most will work but most are sold large so you can profile them to your liking .
  8. Sprig


    This, i have one that is looser than i like but accuracy is still excellent so not doing anything with it.
  9. 29 re-loadable in a mbx 170 but can start with 30 + 1 if want to . When the springs are new i can't fit the 30 but after a bit of use it works.
  10. DAA use to send you a 5% off code if logged in added stuff to your cart but did not buy it. Took a day or two for it to come iirc. They also send a discount for your birthday if have a account with it in there, other than those may need to wait for a holiday sale , they seems to have some discounts around the big holidays .
  11. I have 3 that end with AD , frame mounted and no issues with a lot of use. A couple of Friends shooting CO are sending them back constantly for repairs , i hope they get these issues sorted.
  12. Very nice ! It's awesome when the long wait is finally over from a custom builder and you get it in hand .
  13. After a period of time i actually had to bed a aftec to add more tension, even with new springs it was doing exactly as you are describing . Atlas has a vid someplace on doing it. It does take putting it in a vice and taping with a hammer. Sounds barbaric i know but i tried the the tool made to adjust regular extractors and it did nothing, tried wedging it and applying pressure in the vise, no dice but tap with a hammer did it . It did not take much when i did bend it, i am talking could just see it move slightly and has been normal since. If you have not tried new springs might do that 1st before trying to bend it.
  14. You are not to picky . If my match ammo will not drop in and sit flush it goes in the practice box. Not a issue for myself as i shoot 10 times more practice ammo than match .
  15. Owning 3 open major Limcats for a long period of time , over the years my issues have been at high round counts with weak or broken extractors . Other than those , i have no issues . I average 1200 rounds a week and I kinda expect everything to wear out or brake eventually shooting major . Having many open limcat shooters locally to me , most other issues i see are mag related. I learned how to tune the mags to the guns early on and don't have any mag related issues. I see most of those issues with new , inexperienced shooters . Once they get the mags set , sometimes they do send everything in for adjustments, they seem to run normally . I have also witnessed most the major builders guns stop for one reason or another . It's like others have said before, the gun, mags everything is a system, they need to work together for reliability , with any builder .
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